Venom (Character)

Real Name: Eddie Brock

First Appearance: Web of Spider-Man 18 (September 1986) as Eddie Brock. Amazing Spider-Man 300 (May 1988) as Venom (First Full Appearance)

Powers: He has Spider-Man-like powers as long as the symbiote is attached to his body.

Affiliation: Formerly Sinister Six

Love Interest: Deceased Ex-Wife, Anne Weying (She-Venom)

Enemies: Spider-Man, Carnage

Did You Know: In Spider-Man, The Animated Series, Venom was voiced by Hank Azaria; the same voice who does many beloved Simpsons characters such as Moe and Apu.
A Little History
Eddie Brock was your average journalist whose job was to cover local stories for the newspaper he worked for. A little down on his luck, he turned to write an inaccurate story of murder. Eddie’s life had turned around, and he began living life on cloud 9. That is until Spider-Man exposed him as a fraud.

The stories that he was writing were untrue, and Eddie became the laughingstock of the paper and was fired.  To make matters worse, his wife, feeling disgraced, left him.

Around this time, Spider-Man began wearing the black Symbiote costume. The more Spider-Man continued to wear the costume, the more he realized that it was consuming him. He researched a way to remove it, and through his research, he realized that the costume was hyper-sensitive to loud sounds. Looking to remove it, he made his way to a church, stood by the bell, and waited for it to chime.

Upon chiming, the now weakened and removed Symbiote crawled down the walls of the church, looking for a new host. It found Eddie Brock, who had been their confession of his sins and begging for forgiveness.

To say the fit was perfect would be an understatement. Eddie Brock was everything that the Symbiote was looking for, and the two of them formed the creature known as Venom.