Rumors Reveal Sam Wilson’s Role in the MCU Following ‘Captain America 4’ – He Is Ready To Lead


We know that ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ was stuck in a development hell for quite some time. The movie was supposed to be released this year but after early test screenings proved to have overwhelmingly negative feedback, the flick was scheduled for a massive round of reshoots.

Not much is known about the overall plot of the movie except that Sam Wilson will be tasked by reuniting the Avengers by Thunderbolt Ross and will face several high-profile threats down the road.

This is Wilson’s first standalone movie as Captain America and despite somewhat mixed reactions to the fact that he is assuming the mantle of Captain America, fans are excited to see what will happen to the character in the MCU once the movie is released.

During his Discord AMA, notable leaker and insider Alex Perez revealed what the plans are for Sam Wilson in the MCU, and as you would expect, he is ready to assume the leadership of the Avengers:

h: What can we expect Sam Wilson’s role to be in the future post-Captain America 4?

Alex: One of the leaders of the Avengers.

h: What would you say is your most anticipated aspect of Captain America: Brave New World?

Alex: What the governments of the world have been doing for the past few years with their superhuman projects.

Now it’s been speculated that Wilson will lead the Avengers with one more character, the speculations are mostly centered around Carol Danvers being one of the leaders, or Wong, who is increasingly becoming an extremely important character in the MCU.

We still don’t know the Avengers roster of the next few phases, but we’re bound to find out before ‘Avengers 5’

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