Rumors Reveals What ‘Blade’ Movie was Like Before Being Stripped Down To “Blade Just Killing Vampires”

Mahershala Ali Comments on Blade Were Working On It Thats the Best I Could Tell You

The upcoming ‘Blade’ reboot is certainly one of the most exciting MCU projects due to several reasons. Plenty of fans are elated with the fact that the comics’ most notable vampire slayer is making a grand return to the big screen.

The original ‘Blade’ trilogy was so successful at one point it saved Marvel from bankruptcy and plenty of people believe that it was that movie that pawed the way for the rest of the MCU.

When Mahershala Ali approached the studio with the idea of rebooting ‘Blade,’ he probably had no idea just how difficult the process would be. The movie was originally supposed to come out in 2023, but the release date was pushed all the way to 2025 (so far) due to Ali not exactly being happy with the script. The project faced numerous rewrites.

Then a few months ago Michael Green was hired to do rewrites and they are aiming to conserve the “R” rating under any means necessary, something that Demange stated even several months ago.

Now the latest round of rumors reveal what the movie was supposed to be like before the latest round of corrections. It was period piece that involoved Lilith with an army of vampires and her wielding Ebony Blade.

Now it seems that the movie is reduced to Blade just killing vampires, as the shooting is finaly ready to commence in Mexico.

I’m honestly fine with this. I’m fine with Blade just being Blade and a relatively simple plot, there’s no need to introduce other characters, Midnight Sons, deal with Ebony Blade lore etc, in Blade’s debut MCU movie. It’s not like Marvel Studios is taking care of their other characters introduced during the phase 4, they are notably ignoring most progress made since ‘Endgame.’

These rumors allign with something that we’ve heard from Kit Harington, allegedly Black Knight was supposed to appear in the movie, but he revealed in his recent interview that there are no such plans, at least no plans that he is aware of.

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