Rumors: Sony Allegedly Working on R-Rated Spider-Man Movie

Rumors Sony Allegedly working on R Rated Spider Man Movie
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The idea of an expanded Sony’s Spider-Man universe began in 2013, with plans to launch spin-off films, including one centered on Venom, following ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2.’ However, due to the film’s disappointment, Sony abandoned these plans and collaborated with Marvel Studios in 2015, and since then, Spider-Man has been one of the main characters in MCU.

However, despite SSU movies generally receiving mixed to bad reviews (looking at your Morbius), the SSU continued and now has plenty of live-action and animated projects in development focusing both on Spider-Man’s supporting character and his villains. The only thing that SSU is ironically missing is Spider-Man himself.

According to some rumors that are making rounds, Sony is developing an R-rated Spider-Man movie. The rumors were shared by CanWeGetSomeToast and The Streamr on X.

I’ll admit the R-rating seems a bit surprising considering that not even ‘Venom’ is rated “R,” but there are plenty of alternative versions of Spider-Man that would fit the profile, primarily Spider-Punk, and the rumors also point in the direction of the movie revolving around him.


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But before these rumors are either confirmed or debunked, we can look forward to ‘Madame Web’ the newest installment in the SSU. What’s interesting is the fact that Spider-Man was allegedly supposed to appear in ‘Madame Web’ before it was decided that the movie would be set in its own stand-alone universe, and all references to the character were purged from the movie. Some rumors also point out, that this was because the movie got the timeline wrong, and some characters initially planned for the movie couldn’t realistically show up in the movie due to it taking place in 2003.

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