20 Strongest Versions of Spider-Man (Ranked)

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Spider-Man is, without a doubt, one of the most popular superheroes ever created. This web-slinger was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko 1962 and debuted in Amazing Fantasy #15. The character underwent several changes through the years, and many versions of the character were introduced to the audience.

As Spider-Man from the Earth-616 is probably the most famous one, many people tend to think of him when this superhero is mentioned. But, through infinite Earths and alternate realities, there are numerous Spider-Man’s swinging and crawling. Have you ever wondered who is the strongest one? If so, in this article, you can find out what we think are some of the strongest versions of Spider-Man.

#Spider-Man (Earth-616)

616 2

Spider-Man from the Earth-616 is well-known and the most famous version, and that’s why I have decided to pinpoint him first, as many of the characters below are ranked in comparison to this version of the famous web-slinger.

Peter Parker, a high-school student attended a General Techtronic public exhibition where he got bit by an irradiated spider. Soon after being bitten, Peter started to experience weird symptoms regarding his senses, reflexes, and agility. When he came to terms with the fact that he has superhuman abilities like wall-crawling, web-slinging, spider-sense, and enhanced strength, he decided to use those abilities to help people. After his uncle, Ben, was murdered, Peter realized that with great power comes great responsibility, and he was not going to waste his.

Through his career of fighting villains and protecting others, Spider-Man has encountered many enemies like Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Lizard, Electro, and many more. Most of the time, he came victorious, and that says a lot about his abilities and strength. However, further, on the list below, there are 20 other Spider-Man versions, with some being somewhat weaker and some stronger than Earth-616 Spider-Man. So, with no further ado, let’s get to it.

20. Spider-Girl

spider girl

We’ll start this list of the strongest Spider-Man versions with Spider-Girl. May Parker is Spider-Girl that first appeared in What If #105. She is Peter and Mary Jane’s daughter. Due to her father’s genes, she gradually began gaining Spider-Man abilities. Even though her strength can not be measured with the grown-up versions of this superhero, her spider sense is very advanced and powerful.


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Her senses are even more enhanced than her father’s, as she can determine exactly from which direction the danger is coming and the source of it. That means she can register whether her enemy or threat is something she has already encountered or not. Spider-Girl is also considered by Avengers as a reserve member.

19. Spider


This Spider-Man version is one of the major characters in Marvel 1602, a series written by Neil Gaiman. Peter works as Nick Fury’s assistant in London, and he had to change his name from Parker to Parquagh because of it. So, when Peter Paraquagh is bitten by a spider, he becomes aware of his abilities and styles himself as a masked vigilante who brings criminals to justice. Peter named himself “Spider.” His powers are quite similar to the Earth-616 Spider-Man. The only difference is that he is slightly weaker than the Earth-616 version and was short-lived as Morlun killed him and absorbed his essence.

18. Spider-Ma’am

spider maam

This Spider-Man version was born when Peter Parker forgot his lunch and never got bitten by a radioactive spider. On Earth-3123, Aunt May, being always worried and protective towards Peter, went on Peter’s field trip to ensure he’d have food, but the Spider bit her.

When she learned that she has Spider-Man abilities, she began using them to earn money for the family. Even though she did not intend to become a crime fighter, when a villain Leap-Frog appeared, she stepped in and defeated him. On some occasions, she also decided to sacrifice herself in order to keep her husband and Peter safe. Her strength is comparable to that of the original Peter Parker, but due to her age and constitution, she is lower on this list regarding overall strength.

17. Dr. Aaron Aikman

Edge of Spider Verse 3 01 836x1300 1

On Earth-31411, Dr. Aaron Aikman volunteered to be a part of the experiment where he underwent a procedure in which his genetic code was combined with the spiders’. To properly exploit his abilities, he had to construct a mechanical suit for himself. His main enemy was supervillain Redeye. Aikman’s abilities include superhuman strength and the ability to leap far in the distance. His main trait, however, is having a Spider-Armor. With the suit’s help, Aaron can shoot web, cling to walls, and has rocket boots.

16. Spider-Punk


Spider-Punk has just begun to gain more popularity in recent times, as he first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #10 in January 2015. Hailing from Earth-138, this version of Spider-Man finds himself entangled in a brutal conflict with Norman Osborn, a nefarious villain who controls the United States and uses the Thunderbolt Department for his terrible purposes.

Spider-Punk was a fan of punk-rock music, and he actually killed Osborn by hitting him with his guitar. He used the power of punk and rallied the Spider Army to put an end to corrupt tyranny.

15. Spider Moon-Man


Spider Moon-Man comes from a parallel universe where humans have successfully established their settlement on the moon. This version of Peter has his home in New Lunar York. There are also other familiarities with the Earth-616 Spider-Man. Spider Moon-Man’s strength can be compared to the Earth-616 version, but he did not really get the chance to test all his capabilities as he was killed by Morlun.


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14. Webslinger

7265660 web slinger

This special version of Spiderman appeared in Avataars: Covenant of the Shield #2, where characters rely mainly on swords and sorcery. It is probably one of the most original takes on Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe.

This Spider-Man counterpart is interesting as he didn’t get his powers by being bitten by a spider in the lab like most Spider-Man versions. He gets it from the Widow of the Web as a reward for his fascination with spiders. The only condition was that he never used his powers for his personal interest. However, he defied the Widow of the Web’s condition by using his powers to save his uncle’s life. Because of it, Widow of the Web cursed him and transformed him into a monstrous spider-like creature.

13 . Takuya Yamashiro

Takuya Yamashiro 29 from Marvel27s 616 Promotional 1

Marvel leased its beloved hero to the Japanese entertainment giant Toei in the 1970s, and Toei went on to create one of the most outlandish interpretations of the character. This version of Spider-Man has strength, speed, and stamina, and a Spidey-Sense, which is more of a guiding voice than a danger alarm. Takuya can call a huge robot, Leopardon, to his help whenever he likes, and that gives him a great advantage when he is in the battle against his enemies.

12. Miles Morales

Spider Man Miles Morales

Miles is from Earth-1610, where Peter Parker is dead. He is also called Spinn Spider-Man or Kid-Arachnid. Miles was bitten by a spider as well and got his abilities. Even though he is somewhat similar to Earth-616 Spider-Man, he has a set of abilities of his own, like Bio-Electrokinesis and his ability to turn invisible. Miles eventually comes to Earth 616, where Peter acts as his mentor. This version of Spider-Man lately gained much popularity recently.

11. Spider-UK

spider uk

Spider-UK first appeared in Edge of Spider-Verse #2 and comes from Earth-833. His real name is Billy Braddock and is basically a fusion between Spider-Man and Captain Britain. Spider-UK is portrayed as an important character because he is a member of both the Captain Britain corps and the Spider Army. If we take into account his abilities and strength, Billy has Spider-Man abilities like Earth-616 Spider-Man, and it is estimated that he can lift around 10 tons.

10. Spider Assassin

Spider Assassin 29 29

This version of Spider-Man first appeared in Spider-Man Vs. Wolverine #1. This inhabitant of Earth-8351 opted to use more deadly tactics to fight crime and is interesting because he had a different approach toward fighting his enemies than the ‘friendly neighborhood’ Spider-Man that we are used to. It can be said that he is icier, and more dangerous than other Peter Parkers. This version of Spider-Man is later recruited to help battle Morlun and put an end to his misdoings.

9. Spider-Man Noir

SMNOIR2020001 Ron Lim 1

As you can probably guess from his name, Spider-Man Noir has a dark black suit that enables him to move around by night more stealthy. Spider-Man Noir is from Earth-90214 and first appeared in Spider-Man Noir #1 in 2008.

This version of Peter Parker was born during the Great Depression. He got his powers during his attempt to confront the evil Goblin, who he blamed for killing his uncle Ben. This version got his powers when he got into contact with an ancient artifact that had connections to a spider god.

8. Six-armed Spidey

Peter Parker 29 from Spider Man 2099 Vol 2 6

After facing difficulties in his life, and after some tragedies, Peter Parker takes a substance that he hopes will destroy his superpowers, only to end up with four additional arms. In order to treat his new condition, Curt Connors used the DNA of Morbius to provide him with an antidote. Before the antidote was developed, Morbius was killed and Spiderman was left with six arms which increased his agility and strength. 

7. Spider-Wolf

Peter Parker 29 from Amazing Spider Man Vol 3 11

Spider-Wolf comes from Earth-13989 and has only appeared once in Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 3) #11. Even though his appearance was not long-lived, he demonstrated some decent powers. His abilities are similar to those of Earth-616 Spider-Man, with the addition of being able to transform into a werewolf. This gave him even more physical abilities.


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6. Superior Spider-Man


Superior Spider-Man first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #697. This version of Spider-Man has Otto Octavius being the ‘Superior’ Spider-Man after Peter Parker’s death. He decided to use Peter’s body and his own mind. He also made some modifications to Spider-Man’s suit using high-tech modifications.

Otto was basically fueled with rage and envy because of all the times’ Peter had defeated him as Doctor Octopus. So, his main goal was to be a better and more powerful version of Spider-Man than Peter. Although powerful, this Spider-Man version was not long-lived.

5. Zombie Spider-Man


Marvel Zombies had a different approach to the well-known Marvel characters. Many superheroes are infected, and they do possess their original abilities, but they also develop hunger and thirst for humans. Spider-Man was also infected, and he was more dangerous than many other versions as he did not feel pain. This version also accessed the Power Cosmic, a great power source that was primarily used by the Silver Surfer and granted Peter powers like energy channeling and teleportation.

4. Spider-Man 2099


This Spider-Man version first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #365. His real name is Miguel O’Hara, and he is a scientist who worked in Alchemax, where he experimented with genetic procedures. As he was being forced to experiment on himself in order to cure himself, it led him to his genetic code being spliced with the spide’s DNA.

O’Hara gained superhuman strength and the ability to leap very far. He is also capable of moving so fast that he can leave the body decoy behind him, thus confusing his opponents in the process. This Spider-Man version can also communicate with others using telepathic abilities and also has canine teeth that secrete paralyzing venom.

 3. Ghost Spider


Ghost Spider is from Earth-11638 and appeared first in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38. What makes this version of Spider-Man stand out from the rest is the fact that he built a machine that lured Spider-Man from other Earths in order to absorb their abilities. This enhanced his abilities, but during a conflict with Spider-Man from Eart-616, he was unsuccessful in absorbing his powers and got trapped in hell instead.


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Thanks to Dr. Banner’s assistance, he managed to escape and gained demonic abilities in the process. As his soul was combined with the spirit of vengeance, Ghost Spider had the abilities of Spider-Man and Ghost Rider.

2. Spider-Hulk


Spider-Hulk is one of the most powerful iterations of the Spider-Man character. We get to see this version in the Immortal Hulk: Great Power series. Bruce Banner and Hulk have detached themselves from one another, so the Hulk found Peter Parker as his new human host. This basically meant that Peter Parker had all his spider abilities, the Hulk’s strength in addition to it, and that says a lot.

As it goes without saying, this version is a combo between Spider-Man and the Hulk, and he also has problems controlling his temper. When this version of Peter Parker gets mad, he turns green and out of control.

1. Cosmic Spider-Man

cosmic spider man

In my opinion, Cosmic Spider-Man is the most potent iteration of the character. In his Acts of Vengeance arc, Peter absorbed Enigma Force which enhanced his powers immensely. His powers and abilities were so enhanced, and his power was considered so potent that he earned the title of Captain Universe.

This Spider-Man version fought many powerful opponents and managed to defeat all of them. For example, the Grey Hulk could not withstand Cosmic Spider-Man’s punch. Cosmic Spider-Man had many extraordinary abilities such as matter manipulation, invulnerability, flight, and spider senses far greater than any other Spider-Man version.

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