Rumors That ‘Blade’ & ‘Thunderbolts’ Are Cancelled “Not True”

Rumors That Blade Thunderbolts Are Cancelled Not True

MCU has quite a bit of projects lined up for the next several few phases. Most of the productions have been difficult in the last half a year or so due to the ongoing strikes that affected not only the superhero adaptations industry but the industry as a whole. In recent months, some of the projects were rumored to be canceled, such as ‘Wonder Man,’ and earlier today, a box office analyst EmpireCity Box Office, came out with a statement that Marvel Studios is not continuing its work on ‘Thunderbolts’ and that the highly-anticipated ‘Blade’ movie is in jeopardy of being canceled as well. 

Next to nothing is known about the ‘Blade’ movie besides the fact that Mahershala Ali proposed the project and will be playing the titular vampire hunter. The movie was originally supposed to come out in 2023, but the release date was pushed all the way to 2025 (so far) due to Ali not exactly being happy with the script. 

As far as ‘Thunderbolts’ go, the movie was supposed to introduce a task force of anti-heroes and former criminals that will be part of a group of individuals similar to DC’s Suicide Squad. The rumors that the two projects were canceled were shocking, and Daniel Richtman fired back that those rumors were simply not true.

 ‘Blade’ movie is in a worse position when it comes to both projects as it’s been in development hell for quite some time now, and there isn’t an obvious place for Blade as a character to be included in the MCU in a vital role. But the ‘Thunderbolts’ project is supposed to feature characters important for the future of the Multiverse, and the movie itself was supposed to round up Phase Five of the MCU as the final project in the phase. To put it simply, ‘Thunderbolts’ is too important to be written off. 


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We will have more definitive news when the strikes are over, but it doesn’t seem likely that ‘Thunderbolts’ will get canceled anytime soon. 

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