‘Wonder Man’ Still on the Road to Be Released Even Amidst Cancellation Rumors


One of the upcoming projects in the MCU that fans were often buzzing about was ‘Wonder Man.’ Wonder Man is a Hollywood satire featuring Williams as an actor-turned-superhero in Tinseltown. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will star as Simon Williams (Wonder Man,) alongside Ben Kingsley, Demetrius Grosse, and Ed Harris. But the recent rumors started by Joanna Robinson on the podcast ‘The Watch’ claim that ‘Wonder Man’ is all but canceled. 

This isn’t as surprising considering that many MCU projects are in danger of at least being significantly reworked. The latest shock came when the studio announced that ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ would undergo major overhauls because the studio found the original concept of the soft reboot boring. Instead of honoring the comic material, the writers were going more in the direction of procedural legal drama, focusing on Matt as he tries to take on a group of rouge policemen. 

But, regarding ‘Wonder Man,’ little was known about the project, and Joanna claimed that the series is “all but canceled.” Now Alex P. a well-known leaker on X, published that the series is still scheduled to come on due to being connected to other MCU projects. 

He also addressed ‘Ironheart,’ a miniseries that was supposed to be released by the end of the year but was pushed into 2024 due to the AFTRA strikes that affected the whole schedule and prevented the series from being completed on time. 

Alex P. naturally didn’t elaborate on how the ‘Wonder Man’ project is related to other MCU projects, but we do know that the comic version of the character had ties to both Scarlet Witch and Iron Man, both of whom are at this point considered deceased in the MCU, following ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and ‘Multiverse of Madness.’ 


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In the comics, Simon Williams, inheriting his father’s munitions factory, faces financial ruin due to competition with Tony Stark. Attempting embezzlement on his brother’s advice, he’s caught and coerced by Baron Zemo to infiltrate the Avengers as Wonder Man. Transformed into an ion-powered being, he initially plans to betray the Avengers but ultimately sacrifices himself to save them. Presumed dead, his brother becomes the Grim Reaper, seeking revenge. Wonder Man was connected to the Scarlet Witch as a love interest

Only time will tell which rumors are correct. As far as the situation stands currently, Wonder Man is still scheduled to be completed and released. 

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