Ryan Coogler Reportedly Set Direct One of the Most Important Upcoming MCU Projects

Ryan Coogler Reportedly Set Direct One of the Most Important Upcoming MCU Projects

In November 2022, Coogler and Feige were reported to have discussed a potential third Black Panther film. By January 2023, Wright indicated that a third film was being considered, suggesting that the cast and Coogler needed time to regroup before beginning work on it.

Now, already a year has passed and everything points in the direction of Coogler officially signing on to direct the threequel.

This of course wasn’t officially confirmed yet, but we’re sure it’s going to be announced any day, at least according to most recent rumors. In addition to the ‘Black Panther 3’ announcement, Coogler is also set to direct the upcoming ‘X-Men’ Live-action reboot.

This does make sense, as Coogler is possibly one of the best in-house directors that Marvel Studio currently has. The themes in Black Panther and other films by the director resonate well with those in the X-Men franchise. Additionally, the director’s skill in handling ensemble casts is a boon.

Coogler is currently working on several upcoming MCU projects, ‘Eyes of Wakanda’ anthology animated series canon to the MCU, and ‘Ironheart’ there’s no reason not to add two more big productions to his name.

Once again touching on the theme of the ‘X-Men’ live-action project, recent rumors pointed in the direction of the studio wanting to hand the project over to POC and someone who can juggle humor and drama really well, and once again Coogler fits the bill perfectly.

Next to nothing is known either about the ‘Black Panther 3’ or the ‘X-Men’ live-action project, so there’s really nothing more specific that we can go on.

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