Upcoming ‘X-Men’ Live-Action Reboot: Plot, Cast, Release Date & Everything We Know So Far

Heres When We Can Reportedly Expect X Men To be Introduced to the MCU

In March 2019, Marvel Studios regained the film rights to X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool after Disney’s acquisition of Fox for $71.3 billion.

These characters are planned to be integrated into the MCU. In October 2020, the ‘X-Men’ and ‘Fantastic Four’ films were rebranded as “Marvel Legacy films” on Disney+. Notably, Patrick Stewart already reprised his role as an alternate Professor X in ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ and Kelsey Grammer returned as Beast in ‘The Marvels’. ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ will bring Deadpool and Wolverine, portrayed by Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, respectively, into the MCU continuity. Now it’s quite obvious that we are getting closer to the reboot as months pass, so we decided to cover everything we know about.

The studio is reportedly looking for a balance between drama and comedy

Next to nothing is known about the plot of the upcoming project, but we do know that the studio’s search for the writer has intensified in the last few weeks. Ideally, some fans voiced a desire for Beau DeMayo to be reinstated as the writer taking into account how successful ‘X-Men ’97’ show has been, but that is likely not going to happen.

Recent reports state that the studio is looking for a person of color to direct the film. The movie is supposedly going to be female-oriented and will include lesser-known characters to the X-Men rooster, some previously unseen in live-action.

The thing with this scoop is that it’s not exactly as specific as we would like it to be. MCU projects almost always have a decent balance of humor and comedy, and arguably most of the projects released in recent times have been female-orientated, something that feels pushed no matter how open-minded and progressive you are.

Michael Lesslie is currently in talks to write the movie.

None of the cast has been confirmed so far

Despite some reports stating that X-Men from Fox’s live-action franchise will reprise their roles, this is extremely unlikely to happen. The truth of the matter is, that the project is so early in development that we have no scoops or rumors that hold any merit or were even remotely confirmed by the official sources. A week ago, rumor circulated that Keke Palmer was cast in the MCU in an undisclosed role, and considering that both she and fans would love her to play Rogue, this hasn’t been confirmed.

Some time ago in an interview Iman Vellani disclosed that she would like to be a part of X-Men, given her newly appointed origin in the comics. If you are unaware, sometime after ‘Ms. Marvel’ project has aired her comic book origin was changed as well. Following death and resurrection, Kamala is no longer Inhuman but a full-fledged mutant, so she expressed interest in being a part of Marvel’s most notable mutant group.

It’s going to be a long time until we get the movie

Last but not least, is the release date. MCU is set to introduce two new teams to the MCU during phases 5 & 6, Fantastic Four and Thunderbolts, so the cinematic universe is a bit crowded at the moment. It stands to reason to assume that the X-Men will have to wait for the rumored MCU reboot that will arrive in ‘Secret Wars’ to be introduced. This was also confirmed by recent rumors that state that just because ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ will heavily address mutants, that doesn’t mean that we will get the reboot soon. It’s likely going to be some time before we hear official announcements, or anything concrete regarding the project.

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