Nova – Sam Alexander: Bio, Origin & History

Sam Alexander Nova

Real Name: Sam Alexander

First Appearance: Marvel Point One #1 (November, 2011) 

Powers: Utilizes Nova Force, Flight, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability, Telekinesis, Energy Projection, Can Survive In Space

Affiliation: New Avengers, Nova Corps, Avengers, New Warriors

Did You Know? Sam Alexander is the second most famous Nova behind Richard Rider

A Little History

Created by the legendary Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness and first appearing in Marvel Point One #1 in 2011, Sam Alexander’s version of Nova didn’t get his own series until almost two years later.

Hailing from Carefree, Arizona, Sam Alexander lives with both his mother, father and his little sister, Kaelynn. Growing up, Sam’s father told him stories of his life as a member of the Nova Corps. He told him stories of traveling the cosmos bring law and order to planets in need. He told him stories of interstellar battles with unbelievable creatures. And he told him stories of power beyond imagination. Rather than believe him, however, Sam thought his father to be a drunk and simply passed his stories off as, well, stories. 

One day, while Sam was coming home from school he inadvertently hurt himself. As a consequence, Sam was taken to a hospital. While at the hospital, and after he had awoken from his sleep, Sam was confronted by both Rocket Racoon and Gamora. The two confirmed that the stories that his dad had told him were, in fact, true and that it was his destiny to follow in his footsteps. With this knowledge in hand, Sam placed his father’s Nova helmet on his head and was immediately bestowed the power of the Nova Corps. 

Not quite a Nova but in tune with who he now was, Sam made his way to the moon where he confronted Uatu, The Watcher. Uatu told Sam of an alien fleet of Chitauri who, although hadn’t done anything yet, had been suspiciously looming about. Sam returned to his new friends, Rocket and Gamora and the two instructed him to go and scout out the Chitauri. He learned that the Chitauri had plans to invade the Earth and, with his newly found powers and abilities, Sam made every effort to stop them. 

Of course, he was able to and with his first battle won and helmet by his side, became the new Nova. 

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