Please Don’t Let The Scarlet Witch Television Series Follow This Story

Scarlet Witch TV Series with Vision

It should come as no surprise that a rumor is circulating that Vision will appear alongside Scarlet Witch in the upcoming Scarlet Witch TV series.

If we think about it, the inclusion of Vision makes sense. The two characters have a history as long as the Nile. In their time together, they fell in love, got married, created children, and had more twists and turns that the 1960’s Chubby Checker dance craze.

They have been a part of some of the most bizarre and convoluted stories in Marvel’s long history. For example, their children. Yes, children. A robot and a human had children. The two are a by-product of her mutation creating an environment for which a human could become pregnant from a robot.

If it sounds fucked up, it’s because it is.

I don’t imagine that a Scarlet Witch and Vision series will focus too much on her pregnancy. I say this for a few reasons, the two most important being that the show will be one of the first Marvel shows on Disney’s streaming service and that Marvel doesn’t need to rehash one of the dumbest stories in history.

It’s true.

These aside, the rumour does lead us to wonder exactly how Vision will appear in the series. 

Let me explain

If the rumours are true, the show will take place after Infinity War. If you remember, spoiler alert, at its conclusion, Vision died and was left a useless pile of technology. In fact, he didn’t die just once in the film but was the only character fortunate enough to die twice. Once from Thanos. Once from the aforementioned Scarlet Witch.

It begs the questions, how and why does he return?

If my opinion matters for anything, a simple twist of the Time Stone and every character to have “died”, including Vision instantly comes back. Of course, this is the simplest way of resurrection but Marvel doesn’t historically do simple. 

Either way, I’ve been a big fan of Scarlet Witch for years and am excited to see more of her no matter what capacity.



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