Scarlett Johansson to Introduce Another Marvel Superhero as Her Secret Project Is Reportedly Revealed

Scarlett Johansson to Introduce Another Marvel Superhero as Her Secret Project Is Reportedly Revealed

Scarlett Johansson was previously announced as the producer of the top-secret Marvel project, which should be the first project where the actor serves as the producer. When ‘Black Widow’ was released in July 2021 in theaters and on Disney+ simultaneously, Johansson filed a lawsuit against the company, which was settled two months later. Although we won’t see her in the role of Natasha Romanoff anymore, we will eventually watch the MCU project she will produce alongside Kevin Feige.

The latest reports indicated that Scarlet Johansson is currently involved with Disney+ working on a top-secret project. The hint came from Courtney Baker, a creative executive at Marvel Studios, who recently updated her LinkedIn profile to reflect new developments or roles within the company.

Now according to Giant Freaking Robot the project in question is a live-action show focusing on Blonde Phantom. It’s unclear whether Scarlett will play the Blonde Phantom or whether she will be involved with the show only in a creative sense.

However, given the Multiverse nature of the current phase, it’s quite likely that she will start in the main role.

If you’re not familiar with the Blonde Phantom, that’s because the character was never exactly widely popular among the fans, which is something that fans already criticized as the “show no one asked for.”

“The Blonde Phantom” is a fictional superheroine featured in Marvel Comics, originally appearing in ‘All Select Comics’ #11 in 1946. Created by Stan Lee and Syd Shores for Timely Comics, she is known for her crime-fighting exploits during the Golden Age of Comic Books in the 1940s. Louise Grant, originally from Hoboken, New Jersey, worked as a secretary for private detective Mark Mason. Inspired to aid him in solving cases, she adopted the guise of the Blonde Phantom, wearing a black domino mask and a striking red evening gown while combating crime at night.

Athletic and skilled in martial arts, she also carried a .45-caliber pistol. Her character bore similarities to Superman and Lois Lane, as Mason admired the Blonde Phantom but not Louise. Throughout her adventures, she faced various adversaries, including gangsters, monstrous villains like Baron Frankenstein, and criminal magicians.

Blonde Phantom is really similar to Black Widow when it comes to her modus operandi, and she was also subsequently quite often a supporting character in She-Hulk’s adventures.

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