Scott Henderson

Scott Henderson
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Scott Henderson

Scott Henderson, like my brother and I, is from Winnipeg and it is an absolute honor to write an article about him.

At a young age, Scott Henderson became fascinated with art. This fascination, of course, grew from his desire to create comics out of his favorite shows. As he aged, he became increasingly aware as to just what he wanted to do. With this realization in hand, he enrolled at the University of Manitoba and began working towards his Fine Arts Degree. A few short years later, he graduated with that same degree. From this point forward his path was set and he continued to work at his passion…creating comic books.

In the beginning, and to gain some experience, he began as a digital colorist for other comic books. This experience led him to gain an understanding of just how the industry worked. Eventually, like all great creators, he started to venture out to create his own books. This venture took him to developing and bringing to fruition the book entitled The Books of Era.

Given the Opportunity

As with all great creators, he began to collaborate with other creators and artists, one of which being David A. Robertson. During his time with Robertson, he worked on the acclaimed title, 7 Generations: A Plains Cree Saga. Over the next number of years, Scott would produce many of his own books. These included Betty, The Chronicles of Era, and Fire Starters.

A Sample of his Greatness

Recently, Scott was nominated for the prestigious Eisner Award. His nomination was for his work on A Blanket of Butterflies. It brings me great pride to tell you a little bit about Scott. As mentioned, not only is he a fellow Canadian, but he hails from my home province of Manitoba. His work gives a true representation of the talent our province has, and I hope that you take some time to check it out.

  • The world needs more heroes and I intend to give it to them. Now, I'm not talking about comic book superheroes, although that would be amazing. No, I'm talking about people like you and I who need to take control of their life and make a difference in the lives of others. This is my mission in life.