Sentry vs. Ares: The Most Brutal Marvel Comic Fight Analyzed

Sentry vs Ares The Most Brutal Marvel Comic Fight Analyzed

For decades now, Marvel Comics has captivated fans all over the world by creating memorable stories within the pages of each comic. There’s never a shortage of grand battles to choose from, thanks to the numerous super-powered beings available. Two of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe are Ares and Sentry. So it only makes sense that a battle between the two of them would be of epic proportions, right? In the comic Siege #2, these characters met in a battle that ended brutally.

Norman Osborn enlisted the help of void-possesses Sentry and Ares, God of War, to bring the plan of overtaking Asgard to fruition. Ares found out about Norman Osborn’s treachery and decided to stand up to him. This resulted in one of the most brutal fights in Marvel Comics of all time and resulted in the God of War being “torn apart” by the strongest incarnation of Sentry yet.

Whether showcasing cosmic battles of epic proportions or dark alley fights to stop criminals, the fights in the comics are always intriguingly illustrated to create iconic moments for fans of all ages. Marvel comics have characters who are supremely powerful, and when these powers are used in a fight, the results are often brutal.

Siege #2 Battle Synopsis: Sentry’s Brutal Defeat of Ares

Apart from his powers and abilities, one of the things that make Sentry so omnipotent is his much more out-of-control other half Void. You can’t have the Sentry without the Void. Ever since acquiring his powers, Sentry has in vain tried to suppress or get rid of the Void but never succeeded. He’s attempted everything, from merging with him, forgetting he exists, to throwing him into the sun.

That said, let’s get into the events of Siege #2.

In this story, we see Sentry finally accepting his dark self, the Void, and he merges with the entity. This creates a being far more powerful than all his past incarnations. This merged Sentry is said to be arguably the most powerful superhuman on Earth.

Norman Osborn convinces other characters that Asgard poses a threat to Earth. He forms his version of the Avengers, called the Dark Avengers, to attack the planet. He also enlists the help of Sentry, who is now the evil version of Void, as well as Ares, the God of War. On the other side of the war are Thor and his allies, the real Avengers (mighty, new, and secret). 

As Norman Osborn’s Avengers lay siege on Asgard, Ares discovers that Osborn had lied about the danger Asgard posed, and as such, he does what he’s best at and tries to take off Osborn’s head. He would have succeeded, but then Sentry intervenes. This is where the brutal fight begins.

Sentry ares fight

With a powerful blow, Sentry knocks away Ares across the entirety of Asgard. Ares is stunned because he thinks they are friends. However, Sentry, who was possessed by the Void, attacked again, knocking Ares down.


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Ares realizes his mistake in thinking Sentry is his friend. He evades Sentry’s follow-up attack and swings his axe, which connects to Sentry’s stomach. Ares pulls away the axe, showering the vicinity in Sentry’s golden “blood.” Ares pulls away, but Sentry doesn’t even flinch.

Sentry erupts in a burst of photokinetic energy, slamming Ares into a building. Even onlookers are shocked by the impact. Ares emerges from the rubble and once again swings his axe at Sentry, but it doesn’t connect this time. Sentry easily evades it and counters with an elbow to Ares’ face.

sentry rips ares in half

Sentry grabs the axe away from Ares and holds him by the neck. As the others look on, Sentry tightens his grip on Ares’ neck and grabs him by the legs. He proceeds to pull apart the god of war, his guts flying out everywhere.

It was a gory scene that was witnessed by the Avengers present and the world since the siege was being aired on live television. This is largely considered to be one of the most brutal fights in Marvel Comics’ history.

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