The Top 10 Most Feared Shang-Chi Enemies Of All Time

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The Top 10 Most Feared Shang-Chi Enemies Of All Time

After months of speculation, Marvel finally, and officially announced that they are working on a Shang-Chi movie. While the character has been around for a very long time, very little about him is known to the masses. A little while back I wrote an article addressing his history and everything that led him to becom who he now is. Hopefully that cleared the air on who Shang-Chi is. 

As good as the article was (I can use those words because I’m biased towards my own work), it didn’t reference any of the many Shang-Chi enemies. In fact, I felt a little incomplete as a result, So, to finish what I started, I created a list.

Here are The Top 10 Most Feared Shang-Chi Enemies Of All Time.

10. Si-Fan Cyber Ninjas

Si-Fan Cyber Ninjas

The Si-Fan Cyber Ninjas are a group of highly trained ninjas. As such, they are often deployed by various high-profile villains to do their bidding. In once such instance, Kingpin sent out the Ninjas to prevent the X-Men and Shang-Chi from acquiring Zheng Zu’s Eilxir

And which Elixir?

The one that gives its user the ability and youth if someone half their age.

Of course, like most bands of ninjas, they failed but that’s not the point. No even close. 

What’s the point, you may ask? The point is that the Si Fan Ninjas are as deadly as they are many. 

9. Mandarin

Marvel Mandarin

Even though he is mostly known as an enemy of Iron Man, Mandarin is a formidable foe to whoever dares face him. 

This includes Shang-Chi.

Mandarin has in his possession ten rings that grant him immeasurable power. Each of the rings is worn on a different finger and each allows him to do something different. Just a few examples include the mental control of others, projection of lightning blasts, matter disintegration, and matter manipulation. 

But it isn’t just his power that makes him formidable. Mandarin also possesses a genius-level intellect thereby making him one of the smartest characters in Marvel. 

8. Ghost Maker

Ghost Maker

Ghost Maker was born in the Soviet Union. He was trained in martial arts by his father who also happened to be a high-ranking officer in the K.G.B. 

Ghost Maker first encounter Shang-Chi during an attack on a Sussex Military camp. During one of their battles, Ghost Maker was exposed to raindrops that contained death-dust. As a result of the exposure, Ghost Maker was left as nothing but a skeleton. Thought dead, he was brought back to life by a cult known as Snakeroot. His resurrection, however, didn’t matter as he was once again brought down by Shang-Chi. 

Although not initially considered to have any special powers, it is now thought that Ghost Maker is incapable of dying. 

7. Darkstrider 


When he first appeared, Darkstrider was the leader of a clan of ninjas known as the Warlords of the Web. His men, the Warlords of the Web, sought to assassinate Moon Sun, the leader of a circus. Moon Sun enlisted the help of Shang-Chi and together they were able to defeat Darkstrider.

Although tales were told of Darkstrider’s origin, no two tales were the same. Some told a tale of a man hired to destroy Moon Sun’s circus, while others told of a man who’s wife died as a result of seeing the creatures in the circus. No matter which story was true, one thing remained the same…he was a fierce ninja with a vendetta against the circus. 

6. Shadow Slasher

Shadow Slasher

As a villain obsessed with proving himself better than our hero, Shadow Slasher is one of the most feared Shang-Chi enemies of all time. 

Their initial encounter, saw Shadow Slasher offer up a battle challenge to Shang-Chi. Sensing danger for everyone else involved and around, Shang accepts and the two begin brawling in a park. The battle is long and filled with Shang-Chi gaining the upper hand, Shadow Slasher fleeing and returning, only to see Shang-Chi once again gain the upper hand. At its conclusion, Shadow Slasher was defeated and handed over to the authorities.

Like Shang-Chi, Shadow Slasher is a skilled martial artist whose use and understanding of weaponry is rivaled by few.

5. Razor-Fist

Razor-Fist Marvel

Although there have been multiple incarnations of Razor-Fist, each has one thing in common…each i some of the most dangerous Shang-Chi enemies in existence.

The first Razor-Fist was an assassin who, after being beaten in battle by Shang, was inadvertently shot to death by a guard. The following two were created by Dr. Doom. Although they were independent of one another, they put on a charade that saw them claim to be one. 

No matter which version we look at, each received their name from their lightning-fast punches. The speed in their punches came as a by-product of their extensive martial arts training. Each also possesses peak-level human conditioning. Finally, their hands have been replaced by a setof giant steel blades. 

4. Moving Shadow

Moving Shadow Marvel

After Shang-Chi failed to live up to his expectations, Zheng Zu conceived another child. That child turned out to be Moving Shadow. 

Moving Shadow has not only embraced everything his father has taught, but he is also loyal to a fault. As such, when he was ordered to kill Shang-Chi, he left to do so without question. Unfortunately, he lost to him in battle and at its conclusion, was ironically killed by the man who had sent him to kill in the first place, Zheng Zu.

3. Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun

First appearing in Marvel Special Edition #16, back in 1974, Midnight Sun has gone on to become one of the most important Shang-Chi enemies. 

Different from his other children, Midnight Sun is not the biological child of Zheng Zu. Instead, he was a child from a small African village that Zheng Zu used as his headquarters. When his enemies attacked the village, Midnight Sun was left with permanent injuries and no parents. Noticing that he did not cry over what happened, Zheng-Zu took the boy in and raised him as his own.

2. Cursed Lotus

Cursed Lotus

Fah Lo Suee is the daughter of Zheng Zu and half sister to Shang-Chi. She is the leader of the criminal organization, Oriental Expeditors, has flooded the market with drugs and other narcotics, and most importantly, her endeavours have put her in constant battle with her brother.

As the daughter of Zheng Zu, Fah Lo Suee has access to the Elixir of Life. With it, she has the youth and abilities of a woman half her age. But that’s not all. Through her actions and words, she can hypnotize nearly any man she looks at.

1. Zheng Zu

Zheng Zu

The most famous of all Shang-Chi enemies, Zheng Zu is also the most controversial. Before he became Zheng Zu, he was known as Fu Manchu. Sadly, Fu Manchu, for as important to Shang-Chi’s history as he is, is a racial blemish on the character.

If you want to learn about that, check out my article on the History of Shang-Chi.

Zheng Zu is Shang’s father. He is ruthless, violent, and the controller of unimaginable wealth and power. More than that, he conceived Shang-Chi only to train him to become the world’s foremost assassin. In the world of Shang-Chi, none are as dangerous or important as Zheng Zu.

And that’s it. The Top 10 Most Feared Shang-Chi Enemies Of All Time. What do you think? Who would make your Shang-Chi enemies list?



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