Shazam vs. Superman: Who Would Win in a Fight?

superman vs shazam

DC powerhouses. These are the words that come to mind when we consider Shazam and Superman, two of the greatest characters to ever grace comic book pages. Superman is a Kryptonian whose unique physiology grants him supernatural powers when he’s exposed to a yellow sun. On the other hand, Shazam is a young boy named Billy Batson who was mystically empowered by Gods to receive incredible powers. Shazam and Superman’s powers are somewhat similar, but who’s more powerful? Who would win in a fight between them?

Superman is stronger than Shazam and would win a fight against him. Superman is physically more powerful, faster, and more durable, and the current version of Superman has even more versatile powers. Yes, Superman is weak to magic, but his overwhelming invulnerability, Shazam’s lightning might slow him down at best without progressing to further damage.

This article will analyze both Shazam and Superman’s powers and abilities, pitting the two heroes against each other to determine who’d be the likely victor if they ever fought. So, keep reading for this and much more.


Billy Batson was given his powers by a wizard who ordered him to call out the name “Shazam,” and he was struck by lightning, giving him limitless powers and abilities.

The power of Zeus allows Shazam to cast various mystical spells. At first, he wasn’t good at using this particular power. However, after learning how to cast precise spells from the Book of Champions, he became quite adept at it. He now has a better understanding and control of magic.

Who Gave Shazam His Powers Billy Batsons Transformation Into Superhero

As most avid fans know, one of Superman’s greatest weaknesses is magic, but not in the literal sense of the word. Magic isn’t so much of a weakness, more like something he doesn’t have any special defense against the effects of magic. In his comic book history, magic usually stomps Superman as he’s always at a loss for what to do.

So, in a fight between Shazam and Superman, Shazam could cast spells to give himself an edge. We’ve seen this before in the miniseries Kingdom Come where Shazam calls down his magic lightning to strike and hurt Superman repeatedly.

Point: Shazam (1:0) Superman

Living Lightning 1
Shazam displays the power of lightning, which he can control using magic.


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Thanks to the power of Achilles and Zeus, Shazam is one of Marvel’s most indestructible beings. He is virtually invulnerable to all types of physical injury. His resistance to physical injuries has been described to be at par with beings like Superman, however, without the weaknesses.

This means Shazam is one of the hardest DC characters to take down. Arguably, he’s only vulnerable to the lightning bolt that transforms him. Superman displayed this in Kingdom Come when he grabbed Shazam and let his own lightning bolt strike him.

On the other hand, Superman is an equally challenging opponent to defeat thanks to his nigh invulnerability. Even some of DC’s other powerhouses have found it hard to physically injure the Man of Steel, as he is so aptly named.

However, Superman isn’t completely invulnerable. For one, green Kryptonite weakens him greatly, and if he’s exposed to it for too long, he could die. Superman’s powers come from the yellow sun. As long as he is exposed to the yellow sun radiation, only a few things in the universe can hurt him.

green kryptonite 1

So, this round goes to Superman.

Point: Shazam (1:1) Superman


Shazam gets his intelligence thanks to the wisdom of Solomon. Solomon was the third king of United Israel, and in the Bible, he is blessed by God with supernatural wisdom, the like of which is unimaginable. Thanks to the blessings of Solomon, Shazam has instant access to a wide array of knowledge.

This also grants Shazam superhuman clairvoyance allowing him to turn disadvantages into advantages and providing him with counsel in times of need. It also grants him perfect memory and knowledge of war tactics.

Superman is no slouch when it comes to intellect. The yellow sun also grants him a genius-level intellect, as evidenced by the way his dog Krypto became intelligent under the yellow sun. Superman also has the mental ability to filter out the information his enhanced senses receive and focus on a single detail. He can also absorb large amounts of information rapidly without forgetting.

superman intelligence

This round is tight, but I’ll have to give it to Superman because Billy Batson is still but a child, so he’s bound to think and act as one despite having the wisdom of Solomon.  

Point: Shazam (1:2) Superman


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Shazam is one of the strongest characters in the DC Universe. This is thanks to the blessings of Hercules, which grants him incredible superhuman strength. He was once able to stalemate Superman while arm wrestling and also matched Eclipso-possessed Superman. He’s also matched Wonder Woman in strength, and though he never does it, he could surely juggle planets.

Superman, on the other hand, is best known for his superhuman strength. His level of strength varies throughout his history in the comics. When he debuted in Action Comics #1, he was strong enough to lift a car. However, by the Silver Age (1956-1970ish), he could move planets and lift the equivalent of 2 million tons.

superman strenght

These insane powers were reduced greatly during 1985’s Crisis on Infinite Earths. Nowadays, Superman’s strength is usually dependent on how much yellow solar radiation his cells absorb. He can’t lift planets, but he still has superhuman strength.

Though Shazam could use some form of mystical spell to cancel out Superman’s strength (I think), I have to give this round to Superman lest I face the wrath of Superman fans out there!

Point: Shazam (1:3) Superman

Superman lifting
Superman displays his strength.


Both Shazam and Superman are considered speedsters as they have access to impossible speeds. Shazam can move as fast as a lightning bolt which is at least 270 000 miles per hour. On the other hand, Superman is able to reach light speed, and this impossible speed translates well to combat as well. Superman, even though he doesn’t have access to Speed Force, managed to beat Flash in a few races. With everything said, it’s obvious that Superman is faster than Shazam.

Point: Shazam (1:4) Superman


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Shazam vs. Superman: Who Wins?

Superman wins. Even though both Superman and Shazam can be considered to be top-tier powerhouses in the DC comics, Superman takes this one. He is faster, more durable, stronger, and more intelligent than Shazam, and he is able to do everything better than Shazam. Yes, Superman would likely be weak to Shazam’s magic, but it wouldn’t be enough to give him an edge in a fight!

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