Snyder Was Extremely Close To Directing the Wolverine Movie, Would Still Like To Do It Along With Elektra & the Dark Knight Returns

snyder directing marvel movies

Zack Snyder’s DCEU was praised for many things, first and foremost being bold, but it was also more often than not criticized. Both for the choices of actors and for the creative freedoms he took with the source material.

Now speaking to Happy, Sad, Confused Snyder revealed that he doesn’t plan on stopping, despite DCEU being largely rebooted there are still quite a few comic book movies he would like to do.

In the interview, Snyder revealed that he was closed to directing the Wolverine movie, but is still open to it stating that he could “for sure do that.” The only difficulty would be to find the right actor, something I think we can only agree with.

He also surprisingly revealed that he would like to adapt Elektra to live-action, the notable female character already appeared in live-action projects, Elektra’s solo movie was so bad it almost derailed Garner’s entire career. Snyder also commented that he is always ready to direct ‘The Dark Knight Returns.’

Elektra is like, well, Elektra Lives Again really is the is the movie for me. Because it’s Lynn Varley and Frank Miller and the whole – it’s like yeah, that would be, and that book is beautiful… The Dark Knight Returns is the only real comic book movie I would do tomorrow if I could get a chance to do it, yeah. Oh, it has [to be] comic accurate, 100%.

The director is currently recovering from perhaps the worst release of his career. Recently released ‘Rebel Moon – Part 2: Scargiver’ is the lowest-rated movie he ever directed, with the whole film series being the lowest-rated overall.

While the ‘Rebel Moon’ series was panned by critics as Snyder’s worst work (yes, worse than Sucker Punch), it seems that the filmmaker’s collaboration with Netflix is still strong, as it has recently been confirmed that Snyder’s other project with the streaming service will premiere this year! We’re talking about an anime-style streaming series titled ‘Twilight of the Gods,’ and it has been confirmed that the project will be released on Netflix in Fall 2024.

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