Could It Be? Has Someone Found The Title To Star Wars Episode IX?

Star Wars Episode Nine

Internet leaks? No way. Not in this day and age. It seems that rabid Star Wars fan, hacking guru, and Reddit user daviebaby8666 has unearthed some Star Wars information that will surely set the Internet on fire. Through careful investigation, a little probing where he probably shouldn’t have been, and a will to succeed, he has found out the potential title to Star Wars Episode IX.

Star Wars: Episode IX – Balance of the Force.

Star Wars Episode IX Balance of the Force

Certainly an interesting title choice for the movie. 

Where are we?

Last we saw, Luke had become one with the force, Rey developed her Jedi abilities quicker than any before her, Snoak was dead, Kylo Ren had taken over the First Order, and the Resistance was fleeing. Balance of the Force, while not completely giving away the happenings of the movie, should elude to the fact that at its conclusion, the galaxy will be in perfect symmetry. 

What’s more interesting than the title itself is actually the Star Wars words. Pay particular attention to the color of the words. Purple. They are purple. Perhaps this is an innocent choice of color and it means absolutely nothing. But perhaps, it is the exact color that occurs when Red (Sith) and Blue (Jedi) are mixed together. 

Thus far the new trilogy has followed a fairly similar path as the original trilogy. Empire has a stranglehold on the galaxy. Rebels find reluctant soon-to-be Jedi. That Jedi trains and overthrows the Empire. However, it would be a dramatic departure if instead of the First Order falling at the hands of the Resistance, that the two combined and lived in harmony. 

It has already been made clear that Rey and Kylo Ren share a bond. Maybe this bond was some clever foreshadowing of the events to come?

Time will tell how accurate daviebaby8666 and his unearthing of the title will be. With numerous Star Wars celebrations on their way, the trailer is sure to drop and actors will start speaking about it. Even Anthony Daniels, C-3P0, has said that big things are on the horizon.

Star Wars movies are always a big deal and Episode IX will be no different. With Disney now at the helm, expect more information sooner than later. 



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