Steppenwolf vs. Thanos: Who Would Win in a Fight?

thanos vs steppenwolf

Thanos and Steppenwolf are two of the most powerful beings in their respective universes. Both of them are cosmic warlords who have shown just how powerful they are in their entire runs in the comics. This only makes us wonder who would be the victor in a fight between Steppenwolf and Thanos.

Thanos would win in a fight against Steppenwolf as he is superior to the New God in terms of physiology, strength, intelligence, and durability. While Steppenwolf is powerful in his own right, Thanos has augmented his power to insane levels using bionic enhancements, genetic alterations, and mystic enhancements.

In this article we will have a look at some of these characters’ powers and abilities, comparing them to see who the more powerful character is. We will, later on, see who’d come out on top if the two ever met in battle.


One of the most powerful physiologies in the entire Marvel Universe belongs to Thanos. His alien physiology has granted him victory over some of the most powerful beings in the multiverse.

Thanos is an Eternal. Eternals are a race of super-powered beings created by the Celestials. This gives him immense strength, speed, durability, and immortality. Thanos is also afflicted by the Deviant gene which also grants him the power to synthesize cosmic energy. Combine these two and he becomes a supremely powerful being.

Astral Regulator Thanos

Additionally, the Mad Titan has enhanced his powers through bionic enhancements, genetic manipulation, and mystical enhancements. The Nova Corps branded him a Category 1 Life Ender, being categorized as a cosmic-level threat. Throw the Infinity Gauntlet into this equation and you have one incredibly powerful being.

Steppenwolf on the other hand has New God physiology which makes him a phenomenally powerful being. New Gods have evolved greatly becoming beings of evolutionary perfection and genetic stability. This is because of taking on the powers of other Gods and using the Source which is believed to be the ultimate foundation of the Universal Expression of Energy.

Steppenwolf is a great Apokoliptian general and is, therefore, more powerful than most New Gods. He is stronger, faster, and smarter than most beings in the DC Universe. As an Eternal/Deviant hybrid who has enhanced his powers using bionic, genetic, and mystical means, Thanos wins this round.

Point: Thanos (1:0) Steppenwolf


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Steppenwolf is incredibly strong thanks to his New God physiology. This is further amplified by his Electro Axe, surpassing Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg. He was able to bend an Atlantean helmet with one hand easily. He could easily fling three horses with their Amazon riders on top and even when restrained by at least eight Amazons almost grabbed the Mother box.


His strength extends to his legs which makes him able to jump incredible distances. His strength is only surpassed by Superman and Darkseid. He can lift up to 10,000 tons.

In the Marvel Universe, Thanos is highly regarded as one of the strongest characters. His strength level was already immense as an Eternal/Deviant hybrid and the bionic and genetic enhancements only served to make him stronger. His first step toward boundless strength came after his first encounter with Mistress Death. After being killed by Adam Warlock, Mistress Death resurrects Thanos with new and enhanced powers.

Thanos’ strength level is rated at Class 100 which he can easily lift close to 100 tons. However, the full limits of his strength are boundless. He’s been able to go toe-to-toe with supremely strong beings like Thor and Hulk. Thanos wins this round because his strength seems to have no limit.

Point: Thanos (2:0) Steppenwolf


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Even in his youth, Thanos was considered a genius of his kind. His incredibly long life allowed Thanos to augment his intelligence to insane levels making him possibly the smartest being in the entire Marvel Universe. This genius intellect is usually on display with the convoluted plans he comes up with to conquer worlds.

He’s up to par with all technological and scientific developments across the multiverse. Even during his time with Mistress Death, he spent limitless time gazing into the Infinity Well to learn the secrets of the galaxy. Aside from the Watchers, he’s arguably the most knowledgeable being.

Steppenwolf is also a smart warlord. His vast knowledge seems to come from the experience much more than intellect. He’s an expert tactician relying on his tactics more than he does on his Parademon forces and his power. For example, he only attacks Earth again after the Mother Boxes alert him of the death of the Old Gods and Superman since the planet lacks defenders powerful enough to defeat him.

He’s also an expert leader as he is Darkseid’s herald and second in command. He has millennia of experience invading and conquering other worlds. Thanos takes this round.

Point: Thanos (4:0) Steppenwolf


Thanos has superhuman levels of durability making it almost impossible to kill him. He’s one of the few beings who can wield the Infinity Stones and he even survived with no harm holding the Space Stone and Power Stone in his hand.

After Black Adam killed him, Lady Death grants him the ability to resist injury to a much greater degree rendering him nigh-invulnerable. Remember he was already impressively resistant to injury even compared to some of the other Eternals.

Infinity gauntlet

Thanos’ durability is so great he has withstood planet-destroying attacks without any visible harm, tanked hits from Thor who has the Power Gem augmenting his strength, withstood blasts from the powerful Silver Surfer at point-blank range, and withstood blasts from Odin and Galactus.

Steppenwolf is also incredibly durable and this is only reinforced by his armor which transforms him into an almost invulnerable being. Some of Steppenwolf’s feats of invulnerability include only being slightly affected by blasts from Cyborg’s arm cannon and withstanding blows from Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

However, his durability does have its limits. Superman’s heat vision incinerated his durable armor and skin. Even his horn was broken apart by Superman before the other was broken by Darkseid who merely stepped on Steppenwolf’s severed head.

Thanos wins this round thanks to Lady Death augmenting his durability and him improving it with bionic and genetic enhancements.

Point: Thanos (5:0) Steppenwolf

Steppenwolf vs. Thanos: Who Wins?

In an all-out battle between Steppenwolf and Thanos, the latter would win. As a New God, Steppenwolf is incredibly powerful but he doesn’t compare to Thanos who is an Eternal/Deviant hybrid which makes him supremely more powerful. In addition to this, Thanos used bionic enhancements and genetic alterations to make himself more powerful. 

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