Steppenwolf: Bio, Origin & History


Real Name: Steppenwolf

First Appearance: New Gods #7 (March, 1972)

Powers: Superhuman Strength, Speed, Stamina, Reflexes, and is invulnerable to most attacks. On top of these, because he is a God, he is immortal.

Affiliation: Hunger Dogs

Enemies: Superman, Wonder Woman, The Highfather

Love Interests: N/A

Did You Know: Steppenwolf is the Uncle to Darkseid

A Little History

An elite soldier in the army of Darkseid, Steppenwolf has been terrorizing the DC Universe since 1972.

He is one of the New Gods and his sister, Heggra was once the ruler of Apokolips. Because he was her brother, he “earned” a quick promotion to the Commander of her army.

During Heggra’s time as ruler, her son Darkseid made a simple suggestion that the army of Apokolips should invade the peace-loving planet, New Genesis. Complying with her son’s wishes, Steppenwolf, Darkseid, and their army traveled to New Genesis and launched an attack on the planet and its leader, The Highfather.

Amid the altercation, he accidentally killed The Highfather’s wife. Her untimely death leads to an all-out war between New Genesis and Apokolips. Darkseid granted him command of the Dog Cavalry to aid his conquest of New Genesis, however, the ensuing battle saw The Highfather kill Steppenwolf.

Shortly after these events, Darkseid killed his mother, Heggra and became the ruler of Apokolips. He did so because, on top of his desire to rule, Heggra had killed his wife. After assuming the throne, Darkseid had him resurrected and made him the military leader of Apokolips.

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