15 Strongest Versions of Aquaman (Ranked)

Strongest aquaman versions

Aquaman is one of the most iconic DC superheroes ever created. Throughout his long history in the comics, he was on the receiving end of many jokes as his powers were considered “lame”. Aquaman is so much more than merely talking to fish, he is among the most powerful characters that have complete mastery of water. With that being said, Aquaman has many other alternate versions some were arguably stronger than others and in today’s post, we’re going to learn a bit more about the character itself and his many renditions. Let’s take a look at our list of the 15 most powerful versions of Aquaman.

15. Bizarro Aquaman 

Bizarro Aquaman
First appearance: DC Super Friends  #18 

We start our list with Bizarro Aquaman. Naturally, due to their highly unstable physiologies, this version of Aquaman is considered the weakest. Bizarro Aquaman is weaker than his normal counterpart and has severely decreased intellect when compared to the original version. This places him at number 15 on our list. 

14. Aqualord

First appearance: JLA: Destiny #1

Aqualord is Elseworlds equivalent of Aquaman. He is also a part of a Khouriga Edjem’s terrorist organization. Despite being an equivalent of Aquaman his aquatic powers are not so potent. He has moderate abilities in terms of water manipulation and has an absence of leg fins which in turn most definitely makes him inferior when it comes to underwater agility and survival. As far as powers go, Aqualord comes nowhere near as the standard version of Aquaman.


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13. Arthur Stone – Aquaborg 

First appearance: Superman/Batman  #60

The first mash-up on this list, and another powerful one. Aquaborg is an amalgam between Aquaman and Cyborg and a member of Justice Titans, which partially gives him the abilities of both characters. Aquaborg has all the standard powers and abilities associated with Atlantean physiology as well as the power to manipulate water in almost any way imaginable.

However, looking at Cyborg’s side, he also has access to enhanced cybernetic durability, strength, movements, and intelligence. Aquaborg has the potential to be extremely difficult to kill due to his natural Aquaman’s durability and invulnerability and Cyborg’s enhanced cybernetic regenerative abilities. 

12. Arthur McKenzie – Mariner

First appearance: Challengers of the Fantastic #1

Arthur McKenzie is, as you can imagine, an amalgam of Marvel’s Namor and Dc’s Aquaman. They pretty much have the same powers so this amalgam doesn’t give him any extra advantage when compared to some other amalgams, for example, Aquaflash.

11. Kingdom Come Aquaman

Kingdom Come Aquaman
First appearance: Kingdom Come #2

Some Kingdom Come versions of our favorite superheroes tend to be more powerful and more seasoned than their original versions. Kingdom Come Aquaman belongs to the category of “stronger with age”. Arthur Curry gives up his Aquaman duties and passes them down to his protege Garth in order to assume his position as King of Atlantis. Kingdom Come Aquaman has all the standard powers and abilities of his regular version enhanced by years of experience.

10. Sea King Aquaman 

Sea King Aquaman
First appearance: Justice League Vol 2 #23

Imagine an evil version of Aquaman, this is essentially who Sea King is. Sea King is a vital part of the Crime Syndicate (the evil equivalent of the Justice League). Sea King and the rest of the Syndicate migrated to Prime Earth after the destruction of his Native world, but there’s a catch though.


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Sea King Aquaman didn’t make the trip, he managed to breathe in a single breath after stepping out of the portal and promptly collapsed, dead on the spot. However, this doesn’t make him weak or anything as he has all the standard Aquaman powers and wields a trident. He has superhuman strength, senses, mastery over water, and the ability to affect sea life telepathically. 

9. Marella Earth 2 Aquawoman 

Marella Earth 2 Aquawoman
First appearance: Earth  #18

Although she hates being referred to as Aquawoman, Marella is exactly that. Little is known about her except for the fact that she once ruled over Atlantis as a queen. She was eventually captured and imprisoned in stasis in the Black Basement of the Arkham Command Center. She was eventually located and freed when Batman needed help to combat Darkseid’s forces.

After their victory, she resumed her duties as queen of Atlantis with a parting promise to answer the summons whenever she is needed. As far as her abilities go, Marella is pretty powerful. Like all Atlanteans, she is incredibly strong, fast underwater, and quite mobile. Like Aquaman, she can also utilize hydrokinesis. 

8. Emperor Aquaman 

Emperor Aquaman
First appearance: Flashpoint Vol 2 #1

Flashpoint tells us a story of what would happen to Aquaman if he never learned about compassion and love from his father. As a consequence of his ruthless upbringing and several unfortunate events that involve Amazons and Wonder Woman, Orin will wage war against pretty much everybody but primarily against Princess Diana. He manages to sink Europe which totals to around 60 million casualties. 


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Emperor Aquaman has all the standard powers and abilities of Aquaman with the addition of being ruthless which gives him an extra edge in battle. Still, going by the fact that he managed to sink an entire continent, this version might be slightly stronger than your average Aquaman. 

7. Aquaflash

Appearance The Multiversity Guidebook #1 – Maps and Legends Earth 32

Our next version of Aquaman has some terrifying powers and the potential for cosmic levels of destruction. Imagine what would happen if we were to combine Speed Force and supreme mastery over water? You get Aquaflash that’s what you get. This rendition of Aquaman and Flash dubbed the Aquaflash has all the powers of both heroes. Which roughly translates to mind-boggling speeds, energy manipulation, electricity manipulation, water manipulation, and ultimate water mastery.

6. Dragonson

First appearance: Appearance
New Super-Man & the Justice League of China #20 – Seas of Change Part One

Dragonson is a member of the Justice League of China serving as a Korean Aquaman. As a former descendant of King Munmu Dragonson was in large part unaware of his powers. He was a student with artistic inclinations but one day, while attending his classes at the local university he was apprehended by the secret police of the Korean Government’s Workers Party. The reason? He was modifying TV to gain access to American animated shows. He was arrested and brought in for questioning, of course, those questioning methods involved torture.

Under great pressure and physical load, his metahuman powers manifested Cryptids were summoned and tried to protect him. With their help, he managed to escape his captors.

As far as his powers go, Dragonson is pretty powerful. He has the most standard abilities as his Western counterpart with few added bonuses. He can control aquatic Cryptids, and he can create a portal that leads to a fabled dimension from which all Cryptids come from. Dragonson would easily be near the top of this list if only he didn’t have one glaring weakness. His powers mostly stem from the bone relic of King Munmu. If he is separated from the magic sword his powers disappear quickly and leave him defenseless.

5. Kaldur’ahm

First appearance: Brightest Day #4

Jackson Hyde spent most of his young life avoiding getting into the water. He was aware that as soon as he breaks the surface of water his body undergoes certain changes that are not quite human. When he finally managed to find out the truth of his unhuman origin, a Black Manta, his biological father struck and killed his adoptive father. He was saved by Aquaman who later took him under his wing.


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Aqualad has several interesting abilities for starters he transforms into an amphibious aquatic creature when in contact with water, he can control electricity as he has power similar to eels and he can moderately control water, not to the extent that Aquaman can though.

4. Ramon Raymond

Ramon Raymond
First appearance: Just Imagine: Aquaman #1

Ramon Raymond is Earth 6 Aquaman, his backstory is quite unique as he is not Atlantean royalty at all and his powers stemmed from an accident. Ramon was a marine biologist and environmentalist and during one of his many expeditions, he was exposed to a substance that gave him the bizarre ability to transform his whole body into the water. His new powers were christened in the fire as he needed to protect his girlfriend soon after learning of his ability.

Ramon took on the mantle of Aquaman and a vigilante as well. Ramon does not have a standard set of abilities like Arthur Curry does, his powers are mostly limited to hydrokinesis and transformation into water. What makes this version powerful however is the ability of self-sustenance while in his aquatic form.

3. Aquaman One Million

Aquaman One Million
First appearance JLA #23

The Aquaman of the 853rd Century is rightfully in our top 3 most powerful Aquaman versions. Let me explain why. Besides having all the standard powers and abilities of old-fashioned Aquaman there are several additions related to him being basically a more evolved type of being due to being alive in the 853rd century.

He is way smarter than regular Aquaman, his physiology is further enhanced, he is near invulnerable and has at his disposal or technological advances of his century. There is one peculiarity when it comes to this rendition of Aquaman, he can’t communicate with marine life.

2. Anna Curry Aquawoman

Anna Curry
First Appearance Batman: The Drowned #1

On gender reversed Earth -11 Anna Curry was the female equivalent of Aquaman. She was the leader of Atlantis during her time and famously clashed with Batwoman, a gender-reversed version of Batman. This ultimately led to her death. When we compare the powers of both Aquaman and Aquawoman, there are no differences, Aquawoman is identical when it comes to physiology and powers to her male counterpart which explains why she is so high up when it comes to ranking.


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1. Arthur Curry Aquaman 

Arthur Curry Aquaman
First appearance: Adventure Comics  #229

The original Aquaman had humble origins and upbringing. He was a son of a human Tom Curry a modest lighthouse keeper who fell in love with Atlantean royalty, a woman named Atlanna. Seemingly Arthur Curry was a regular boy until his superhuman powers started to manifest. First to appear are superhuman strength and superhuman speed, then the ability to communicate telepathically with marine life appeared. Still, his mother was silent, she decided to keep the secret of his origins until her death.

On her deathbed, she admitted to Arthur that he is Atlantean royalty. His father Tom did his best to educate him and train his powers as best as he could. And speaking about his powers there are many. Aquaman is technically amphibian, all of his senses are extremely enhanced when compared to other humans. He is heat-resistant and durable and it takes a lot longer to tire him than the average human. He is a proficient user in various forms of water manipulation, in fact, “proficient user” sells him short. He is a master of everything water-related and everything related to marine life. 

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