15 Strongest Versions of Flash (Ranked)

strongest flash versions ranked

The Flash is one of the most iconic and powerful characters to ever grace the pages of DC comics. The most popular ability that the Flash has is well, running really fast. This is however not all and it only scratches the surface of this incredibly powerful character. The mantle of The Flash has been carried by numerous figures throughout the character’s history and arguably, some versions were more powerful than others. In today’s post, we’re bringing you the 15 strongest versions of Flash ranked by their unique abilities. From being able to manifest objects made out of pure energy to achieving Omni-presence, let’s take a look at our list.

15. Tanaka Rei

Tanaka Rei
First appearance: Legends of the DC Universe: Crisis on Infinite Earths

We start our list of the greatest Flash versions with Tanaka Rei. Tanaka Rei is the Flash from Earth-D. His standard abilities include those that all Flashes share like enhanced and accelerated healing, enhanced senses, the ability to run very fast, the ability to phase through objects, and such. He is neither the most powerful nor the fastest among Flashes, still, he deserves the spot on this list due to being able to single-handedly power Cosmic Treadmill during the evacuation efforts on Earth-D.

14. Jay Garrick

Jay Garrick
First appearance: Flash Comics #1

Jay Garrick is objectively the slowest flash when we compare the speeds the other versions managed to attain, still it doesn’t make this version of the Flash any less powerful than the others. Jay Garrick has all the standard abilities of the Flash and in addition, he is an expert combatant able to hold his ground among the most powerful characters such as Black Adam. He is also an expert in swordplay and proficient at throwing his winged helmet, which over the years became a sort of trademark of his.


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13. Avery Ho

Avery Ho
First appearance: The Flash Vol 5 #3

Avery Ho gained her powers in a bizarre way after being struck by lightning. At first, she struggled with her new-found powers but eventually made peace with them and this in turn resulted in a world of possibilities. Most notably, Avery is able to phase through objects due to vibrating really fast. This allows her to simply make physical boundaries invalid.

She is neither the fastest, nor the strongest Flash version on this list, and this is expected considering this version is somewhat younger than other versions of this list.

12. Sela Allen

Sela Allen
First appearance: The Flash Vol 2 #146

Sela Allen is the Flash of the 23rd century and the living embodiment of Speed Force. While she was trapped in a medical stasis. A permanently slowed down state by Cobalt Blue, she was able to interact with the physical world by manifesting as Speed Force.

This was done of course through great difficulties but required an enormous power at Sela’s end. As for the rest of her abilities, most notably she is the embodiment of the Speed Force and with that, she has the standard set of abilities that most Flash versions have.

11. Danica Williams

Danica Williams
First appearance: Batman Beyond Unlimited #13

Danica Williams managed to tap into the Speed Force before she or anyone near her were aware of it. She started her life as a child of a transportation engineer at S.T.A.R. Labs. She loved running and was of course on track to become a celebrated track star. What made this impossible was the fact that she suffered from a medical condition resembling asthma and one undiagnosed medical condition related to her mental health.


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What nobody at the time knew, the voices Danica heard were actually previous Flashes, as she was able to tap into the Speed Force. The voices she heard led her to save a man’s life one day. This was the day her powers awakened.
She had no trouble controlling and mastering her abilities, and most notably she mastered the ability to run on air molecules. Her father designed the suit for her after she came clean to her family about her newfound power.

10. Jonathan Fox – 1 Million Flash

First appearance: Flash Special #1

As the Flash of the 27th Century, John Fox has all the standard abilities of prior Flashes, but he also has some aspects unique only to him. As a more advanced form of a human being, he is capable of greater telepathic abilities, he is smarter, stronger, and more biologically advanced than his predecessors.

9. Bart Allen – Kid Flash

Bart Allen
First appearance: The Flash Vol 2 #92

A grandson of Barry Allen, Bart aka Kid Flash was blessed with incredible abilities connected to the Speed Force but due to that he also aged rapidly. He has all the standard abilities that all Flash versions possess with a couple of additions unique only to him. Let’s start by saying that Bart is an incredibly gifted hand-to-hand combatant, his connection to the Speed Force enables him to always be one step ahead in a fight. His powers are not only limited to his physical abilities as he is gifted with photographic memory as well.

8. Reverse-Flash

Reverse Flash
First appearance: The Flash Vol 4 #40

Reverse-Flash is not only one of the most powerful Flash versions, but he is also one of the most dangerous supervillains to ever grace the pages of DC comics. Eobard Thawne, Professor Zoom, whatever you want to call him managed to create his own version of Speed Force – a negative Speed Force.

This gave him enhanced speed, reflexes, stamina, agility, and strength among other things, and allowed him to run toe-to-toe with other speedsters. He also has the ability of cosmic awareness, phasing through dimensions, hypnosis, and reality alteration.

7. Future Flash

Future Flash
First appearance: The Flash Vol 4 #30

Future Flash was created for the sole purpose of killing Barry to correct the wrongs that happened as a consequence of tampering with the Speed Force. Future Flash is a broken man, that lost everything, in addition to being the ultimate embodiment of the Speed Force he is also a man driven by anger and sadness.

Trained by Batman, Lady Shiva, and Ra’s Al Ghul which makes him even more lethal. Besides embodying the Speed Force, Future Flash is capable of accelerated healing, he is able to slow down his aging, and can manipulate energy to the extent that new objects can manifest. He also has a moderate ability to manipulate Vortex Creations.

6. Barry Allen

Barry Allen
First appearance: Showcase #4

What can be said about Barry Allen, the current flash that already isn’t known to the general populace? Barry, like all Flash versions of this list, is capable of tapping and making use of the Speed Force. He is also easily the fastest Flash. What makes him stand out is the fact that he is basically the creator of Speed Force. While his creation of the Speed Force and mastery in all ways through which you can manipulate it doesn’t warrant him the number one spot, it definitely secures him among the top 6 strongest versions.


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5. Wally West

Wally West
First appearance: The Flash #110

Even though Barry Allen created the Speed Force Wally West is the one who discovered it and is the Flash responsible for creating many techniques associated with it. His other notable achievements include, but are not limited to: running for two days without stopping to recuperate eat, drink or sleep (this certainly speaks about his incredible stamina).

He once described himself as having a punch as powerful as a white dwarf star, he managed to escape the black hole threatening to devour him. He can run so fast that he managed to turn lava into the sand beneath his feet. However, I think his most notable achievement is perfecting various ways through which other Flashes can utilize the Speed Force

4. God of Death Flash

God of Death
First appearance: Justice League Vol 2 #44

This version of Flash is among the most powerful since it’s an aspect of death, a primordial force, or whatever you call it, that no one can escape from. God of Death Flash came into existence when Black Racer and the Flash merged in order to defeat Darkseid. Is there anything more powerful than death combined with speed force?

This version is so powerful due to being immortal and having a touch capable of killing almost anything, even Darkseid himself due to the powers of the Anti-Life equation.

3. Mobius Chair Flash

Mobius chair flash

Wally West was declared worthy of the powers of the Mobius Chair and hence was allowed to sit upon it. This of course resulted in Flash becoming more powerful than ever since he practically gained all the powers that Dr. Manhattan has as well as keeping his classic Flash powers. The consequence? His mind works at speeds higher than thoughts can travel.

This is actually the most powerful aspect of this version of Flash, the fact that he possesses nigh-omniscience, the ability to see all timelines and all events, and gather all knowledge at once about both past, present, and future events at the same time. The abilities of Mobius Chair are almost exclusively mental in nature as it gifts the users with near-unlimited intellect potential, however, it can also be used to move planets, create holograms, and project energy and energy constructs.

2. The Red Death

The Red Death
First appearance: Dark Days: The Casting #1

This sinister version of the Flash is a product of the fusion between Batman and the Flash. It’s also among the most feared villains ever seen in the DC universe. After numerous Robins lost, Batman went insane and decided to adopt more severe tactics for fighting crime thus The Red Death was born.

What makes Red Death extremely dangerous is the fact that it has Batman’s intellect combined with Barry Allen’s powers of manipulating the Speed Force. Most notably, Red Death has the ability to manifest objects through sheer force of will and Speed Force. One other dangerous ability is Chronokinesis, which means that Red Death can alter and affect time which always leads to unforeseen and dangerous consequences.

1. Kingdom Come Flash

Kingdom come flash
First appearance: Kingdom Come #1

Kingdom Come Flash is often considered to be a merged form of all Flashes which would make it the strongest flash there is. On a more confirmed level, however, Kingdom Come Flash is none other than Wally West. This version of Flash mastered the Speed Force he moves constantly as a blur which gives him a type of omnipresence throughout the physical world. Not only is Kingdom Come flash omnipresent, but it also has omni-awareness due to his mind and body being the ones with the Speed Force.

And that would be all! If you’re interested in more top lists, you can always check out our list of the strongest Ghost Rider versions and greatest Superman versions of all time

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