15 Strongest Versions of The Thing (Ranked)


Benjamin Grimm aka the Thing is one of the most iconic Marvel characters ever created. Best known as a member of the Fantastic Four, Ben Grimm was an ordinary human before he was exposed to overwhelming levels of cosmic radiation that transformed him into the instantly recognizable rocky superhero we all know and love today. Throughout the long history of the character’s existence, the Thing spawned dozens of alternate versions, and in today’s post, we’re going to take a look at some of the most powerful ones. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 15 strongest versions of the Thing!

15. Dragonfly 

First appearance: What If? #6

Most of Ben’s mutations stem from the fact that he was bombed by radiation. But what would happen if he could control what happened to him and if his powers were a result of his wishes? He would grow wings that’s what! In What If? #6 the old origin story is playing out again but instead of being transformed into a monstrosity, Ben gains wings.

This was the result of his former profession as a pilot, he always wanted to fly and his subconscious translated this into his new powers. This version of Thing is more agile and flexible as well as capable of flying

14. Blackbeard

First appearance: Exiles (Vol. 3) #4

Doctor Victor Von Doom was the inventory of the infamous Time Platform which he used to travel to the past. In one instance he managed to trap the Fantastic Four in it. This resulted in them being trapped in the 18th-century Caribbean Sea during the golden age of piracy. The rest of the team struggled to find their way out of this time trap, and they eventually succeeded. Ben Grimm however wasn’t as interested in this prospect as the rest of the team.

He decided to stay and live as a pirate taking on the identity of Blackbeard. Blackbeard made a name for himself as a fabled pirate captain roaming the seas in a constant fight against slavery. When it comes to abilities, Blackbeard has all the standard powers of the original Thing while being significantly weaker. 

13. Mister Grim

First appearance: Fantastic Four (Vol. 3) #47

Mister Grim is Earth-11113’s the Thing. He has powers nearly identical to the original Earth-616’s the Thing. What makes this version of Ben unique is the smoother appearance of his otherwise rocky and jagged skin. 


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12. It

First appearance: Fantastic Four: House of M #1

Fantastic Four: House of M story presents us with a scenario in which Ben is the only survivor of the accident, he is still transformed but at the price of his intellect. We see Ben being taken in by Dr. Doom and he becomes a member of Fearsome Four.

What’s interesting is that even though It is intellectually challenged he still had the capacity to understand what Dr. Doom was doing to him and managed to betray him. This version of Thing is as strong as any but it ranked lower on our list due to having severe intellectual limitations. 

11. Rex Majestos

First appearance: Astro City

In the Astro City comic book anthology, Ben Grimm is not a freak result of a cosmic radiation incident instead he is Rex Majestos and heir to the throne of Monstro City. His powers are basically the same but instead of being a freakish rock-like creature, Rex Majestos is more akin to a dinosaur.

10. Count Crag

First appearance: Avataars: Covenant of the Shield #2 

Count Crag is an inhabitant of the medieval equivalent of Earth called Eurth. On Eurth Count crag serves as a member of Four Fates along with Lord Nimbus, Lady Aqua, and Prince Morningstar. Four Fates are the equivalent of the Fantastic Four and this makes Count Crag an alternate version of Thing. Count Crag shares both his appearance and his abilities with Earth-616’s Thing. 

9. Four-Armed Thing

First appearance: Challengers of the Fantastic #1

On this Earth Ben Grimm served as senator, he was also a founder of Challengers of the Fantastic, a group that was seemingly a mashup of Fantastic Four and Challengers of the Unknown (DC). Thing got transformed into a Four-Armed Thing during the battle with Galactiac after the transformation Galactiac briefly assumed control of Thing.


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This transformation was however a temporary one and his extra arms eventually disappeared. Ben, however, saw the use of having two extra limbs and he wanted to invent a device that would allow him to control his transformation into the Four-Armed Thing. When it comes to extra abilities, this version has non. It has all the standard powers and abilities attributed to Thing, the only peculiarity that gives him an extra edge over other versions is the fact that he has two extra arms.

8. The Thing’s Second Mutation

At one point Reed and Sue ceased their duties as leaders of the Fantastic Four since they wanted to focus on their family life and raising Frankling Richards. This resulted in Thing being appointed as the new leader of the Fantastic Four. His first order of duty was to appoint new team members, among them was Sharon Ventura a talented wrestler which was at the time Thing’s love interest as well.

They were both exposed to cosmic radiation, this was the second time for the Thing and further mutations led him even further away from his human form. The most notable thing about his second mutation was that it was even more drastic than the first one and result in him becoming a bulkier and stronger version of his former self.

7. Cyborg Thing

First appearance: Marvel #4

Our next version of Thing is truly terrifying. Cyborg Thing inhabits Deviant-controlled earth. He was an ordinary human slave that was consequently mind-controlled, mutated, and equipped with cybernetic parts.

Cyborg Thing served as a gladiator in the arenas killing for the entertainment of others. Cyborg thing has classic Thing powers and abilities but can be considered as a slightly more powerful version due to being enhanced by cybernetic parts.

6. The Thing 

First appearance: Fantastic Four #1

The original version of the Thing was the result of being exposed to cosmic radiation that happened while he was still an astronaut and USAF test pilot. Reed Richards was to blame for the accident that change Benjamin’s life forever. After that fated incident, Ben found himself being turned into something more akin to rock than a human being.

His human physiology was replaced with a crystalline substance that was extremely durable, bulky, and strong. His abilities include super strength, super stamina, and incredible sensory adaptation. Despite being incredibly difficult to harm due to his rock-like skin, it’s important to note that the Thing is unable to age in this form so he is basically immortal as well. 

5. Benjamin Storm Hot Rocks 

First appearance: Infinity Wars #4

Benjamin Storm also known as Hot Rocks is naturally a merger between Human Torch and the Thing. In this reality, Ben and Reed were brothers, and one day during experimenting with the earth’s gravitational field in a rocket they were exposed to cosmic radiation as well.


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This resulted in Reed getting powers of Mr. Invisible and Invisible Woman and Ben getting powers of the Thing and Human Torch. The two were properly dubbed “Terrific Two”. This version of Thing has all the standard powers and abilities of Thing with the addition of being on fire all the time. 

4. Reuben Storm Wonderful One

First appearance: Secret Warps: Iron Hammer Annual #1

We already had Terrific Two on this list, and now it’s time to mention Wonderful One. Wonderful One is a merge of Hot Rocks and Mister Invisible that are in turn merged versions of Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and The Thing.

What makes Reuben Storm incredibly powerful is the fact that this version of Thing (if it can even be considered that) has powers previously attributed to Hot Rocks and Mister Invisible.

3. Ultimate Thing Earth 1610

First appearance: Ultimate Fantastic Four #1

This version of Thing was the result of the tragic incident that happened during N-Zone Initiator testing in the Nevada Desert. Ben Grimm found himself in the area while backpacking and decided to drop by and visit his old school friend Reed Richards who he hasn’t seen in years. Victor Van Damne decided to tinker with the machine and the end result was the malfunctioning that bathed everybody present in overwhelming and massive amounts of energy.

The first hit of energy transformed him into the Thing and the second time he was exposed to energy while being struck by an alien weapon resulted in his rocky exterior falling off and his energy-made body materializing. As Ultimate Thing, Ben possesses two forms, energy form, and crystalline rock form. His new energy form has all the powers that are usually attributed to his rocky form, like superhuman reflexes, senses, strength, stamina, and durability with some additional new powers like being able to phase through force fields.

2. Angrir the Breaker of Souls 

First appearance: Fear Itself #3

Ben Grimm was used to combating various effects that mutations left on both his body and his psyche, but the next version on our list wasn’t the result of mutations, it was a result of possession. Angrir the Breaker of Souls was the result of Ben Grimm becoming possessed by one of the seven spirits of Cul’s long-lost servants, Angrir.

This version of Thing was powerful enough to face Red Hulk and Spider-Man. His new powers included newfound hand-to-hand combat affinity, and invulnerability to poison, radiation, and fire in addition to his standard already amazing set of abilities.

1. Infinity Thing 

First appearance: Avengers: Forever (Vol. 2) #1

Infinity Thing is the result of Thing’s merge with Infinity Stones. Along with new looks and new cosmic powers, Infinity Thing has a different personality as well. The transformation happened while the Thing ventured out into deep space to find a way to resist the Black Skull, what he found was Infinity Stones instead.


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The merger resulted in Ben acquiring powers attributed to the infinity stones, most importantly he has the ability to alter reality and fly. Which is unusual for his rocky body. His appearance now has a crystalline quality replacing his usual orange rocky appearance. Infinity Thing is cold, calculated, and lethal if he needs to be. 

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