10 Best Superheroes with Telekinesis in Marvel & DC (Ranked)


There are a lot of recurring abilities in the world of comic books. Some, like flying, are easily measurable, whereas others like telekinesis aren’t. What I mean is that if you are a superhero who can fly, you can soar through the skies like a bird… nothing more and nothing less. However, if you are one of the many superheroes who have telekinesis, there are varying levels of power that you can possess. Some can only move small objects while others can move entire cities. 

These superheroes are the definition of power. Not only can they move cities, but they also strike fear into any who oppose them. Rightfully so. If I encountered someone who could move a city, I’d probably run away screaming like a small child. For this list, it’s the ones who can move cities that I’m interested in. But who are they?

List of top 10 superheroes who have telekinesis:

10. Mento


If there’s any of my superheroes who have telekinesis that are a borderline superhero, it’s Mento. 

Mento is the creation of Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani. He first appeared in 1964 on the pages of My Greatest Adventure #91.

A wealthy man who sought nothing more than to win the heart of Rita Farr, (Mento) Steve Dayton worked diligently to transform himself into a superhero. To become a superhero he commissioned the devolvement of a helmet that would give him psionic abilities. So as he would be the only one who could wear the helmet, he had it custom made to only fit his head. Once a superhero, he was able to attract the attention of Rita. As a result, the two married and quickly adopted a son. 

Tragically, Rita was murdered. Her murder prompted an endless search for her killers. What nobody foresaw was that her death affected Steve. 


Her death, coupled with the effects of his helmet Steve slowly began to go insane. 

No matter what his mental state was or is, Mento is an extremely powerful telekinetic. As such, his inclusion on this list of superheroes who have telekinesis was as easy as taking a sip of my morning coffee.

9. Dr. Strange

Doctor Strange Comics

Even though he’s a household name now, the character of Dr. Strange wasn’t always this way. Instead, Dr. Strange was a character that most identified with a group of people and a way of life.

What way of life?

Dr. Strange became synonymous with the hippie movement. 

Here’s why.

Not only did the pages of Sr. Strange books mimic a euphoric high, but the content inspired the readers to study Eastern mysticism, religion and philosophy. Strange’s books became a living and breathing metaphor for the age that they lived in. Was Dr. Strange a popular character? If weighed by the movement he aimed to please, then yes he absolutely was.

Dr. Strange represented a large number of things. He presented his readers with subjects that were gaining popularity outside of “normal” circles. The Occult. Black Magic. Time Travel. Dimensional Possibilities. Mysticism. Alternate Realities and Existences. His books and their euphoric undertones were designed to mesh perfectly with an acid trip and the Occult. Dr. Strange rose in popularity because he provided readers a dimension of life that wasn’t typically brought up for conversation at the dinner table.

And he’s one of my superheroes who have telekinesis.

8. Cable


Cable was created by Rob Liefeld and debuted in New Mutants #87 back in 1990. Most Liefeld characters from the early 1990s were adorned with big guns, big muscles, more pockets and pouches than any one person could ever need, and almost always had a history littered with technology and time travel. Cable perfectly personifies this.

Cable is arguably one of the most powerful mutants who hail from the future. Not only is he an incredible telekinetic but as a result of him carrying the techno-organic virus (a mutant form of cancer), his full power is never used. 

And why?

Cable has to use a portion of his power to keep the virus from spreading. Yep. That’s right. Cable’s power is capped because if he were to use it all, he’d most likely die.

Cable is one of the better mutants to come out of the 1990s comic book craze. Aside from being incredibly powerful, because he’s from the future and knows how things turn out, he has the upper hand in any battle he enters.

7. Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter first appeared in DC Comics back in 1955. His first story explains that he was inadvertently caught and teleported to Earth by Dr. Erdel. Once on Earth, he explained that he was from Mars, was a scientist on his home planet, and went by the name of J’onn J’onnz. 

Martian Manhunter’s list of powers is long. Of them, some of his more notable are shapeshifting, invisibility, phasing, superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability. He also possesses regenerative powers, flight, telepathy, enhanced senses, and, of course, telekinesis. Martian Manhunter is so overpowered that when enemies face-off and against him and Superman, they often focus their attention on him.

Martian Manhunter is arguably the most powerful member of any team that he’s on. I’d even be willing to say that should he and Superman decide to fight to the death, it would be Martian Manhunter who’d walk away as the victor. It’s no wonder that he’s a part of my superheroes who have telekinesis countdown.

6. Dr. Fate

When you are a superhero who can do practically anything they want, being a telekinetic isn’t all that impressive. 

First appearing in More Fun Comics #55 back in May of 1940, Dr. Fate was created by the legendary Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman. 

As a trained Sorcerer, Dr. Fate has cemented himself as one of the most important and powerful characters in DC Comics. His power is augmented by the Helmet of Fate. With it, he can turn himself invisible, has telepathy, can fly, is able to control anything that can be magnetized, can travel through time, can erase memories, is resistant to most damage and immune to most disease, is immortal and invulnerable, can teleport, manipulate reality, levitate, cast illusions, and project mystical bolts, he can phase through objects, doesn’t age, has superhuman attributes, and is incredibly intelligent. 

Dr. Fate isn’t your average superhero. In fact, comparing Dr. Fate to average superheroes is like comparing a high-end scotch to a $10 bottle of whiskey. It’s insulting. Dr. Fate is so beyond average that he rarely appears in the same comic book panels with them. 

5. Emma Frost

Emma is one of the most powerful mutants in Marvel. Aside from her impressive telekinetic abilities, she has the ability to control the minds of others, manipulate their thoughts and actions, and do most other things Charles Xavier can do…albeit, not on the level he can do it. Emma is so important to the X-Men that when the Phoenix Force once again came looking for a host, she was one of the five chosen. Unfortunately, because she has spent decades cementing her importance in the history of the X-Men, Emma is both feared and revered by her peers. 

And why?


They fear who she is and what she’s capable of, and live in awe of her status as a respected member of the X-Men. 

She’s is also one of a few mutants with a secondary mutation. Her secondary mutation allows her to transform her body into a diamond-like state. When in this state, she’s practically invulnerable. There is a catch to this, however. While in her diamond form, Emma cannot use her telepathic abilities. 

4. Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards

If you look at Franklin’s childlike exterior, it’s hard to imagine that he’s one of my superheroes who have telekinesis. After all, children generally aren’t written as characters who can move things with their minds. Instead, they’re either depicted as helpless or not mature enough to do too much.

This, however, doesn’t apply to all child characters.

Franklin Richards has the ability to warp existing realities and create new ones as he sees fit. He’s also able to jump through time and cause entire universes to collapse into themselves. On top of both of these, he’s also able to move objects and beings, large or small, with his mind. 

Franklin is an extremely powerful telepath. Since debuting in comic books over 50 years ago, he has taken down Mephisto, made Galactus his Herald, created multiple pocket dimensions, and caused flowers to grow from the Mad Celestials.

If this all makes it seem like Franklin can do anything he wants, it’s because he can…and he does.

3. Raven


On top of her impressive list of abilities, Raven is a formidable telekinetic.

What are her powers, you ask?

First and foremost, she’s an empath. This means that she can sense and alter the emotions of other beings. If she wanted you to feel sad, mad, or happy, she could. Raven is also able to heal those around her by absorbing their pain.

Raven is able to astrally project a dark cloud that takes the form of a bird. This dark cloud is known as her Soul-Self. Once projected, the Soul-Self can travel long distances, telepathically communicate with Raven, ingest and absorb solids and energy, and act as a shield. If she wanted to, Raven can also become one with her Soul-Self. If she decides to do this, she’s able to teleport herself and others short distances. With it, Raven is also able to fly.

As the daughter of Trigon, Raven is able to manipulate, control, and generate shadows and darkness. In addition, she can control time, energy, and emotions. She’s also able to project bolts of energy, create fireballs from her cloak, and amplify one of the Seven Deadly Sins (Pride). Lastly, although uncontrollable, Raven has a degree of precognition.

Although her telekinesis is only a small portion of what she can do, it’s nonetheless a very important portion.

2. Scarlet Witch

Of all the superheroes who have telekinesis, none are arguably as infamous as the Scarlet Witch. Not only did she nearly destroy the entire mutant population, but she’s also one of a few beings in Marvel known as Nexus beings. 

Nexus Beings are extremely rare beings in the Marvel Multiverse. So rare, in fact, that only one exists in, and two cannot take form in the same reality. Each Nexus Being is viewed as the mystical cornerstone of their reality and the entirety of the Multiverse is held together through them. Their power allows them to alter time and space itself. Because they’re so powerful, they’re watched over by some of the most powerful cosmic entities in existence.

When Wanda first appeared she was a mutant capable of changing the probability of events happening. Over time, however, she learned that she could also rewrite worlds and realities however she saw fit. The most famous example of this is the 2005 crossover event House of M. In it, she changed reality so that mutants and not humans were the dominant race. 

1. Jean Grey

Jean Grey

Of all the superheroes who have telekinesis, none are arguably as famous as Jean Grey. 

As a mutant, Jean is one of the most respected and feared characters in the Marvel Universe. Her power set grants her telepathy, mind reading, telekinesis, and the ability to create telekinetic weapons. Jean Grey is also a powerful empath. As an empath, she can feel the pain of others and causes others to feel the pain they’ve inflicted. Like most mutants, Jean wasn’t born with her powers. Instead, they appeared later in life.

Although she was an extremely powerful mutant, the height of her power wasn’t reached until she bonded with the Phoenix Force. Once bonded, she went from a powerful mutant to one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy. Suddenly, she was able to devour planets and bring entire civilizations to their knees. The one drawback of Jean Grey, if there’s one to be named, is that due to her constant state of death and rebirth, she’s become the definition of a trope.

And that’s it. The best superheroes with telekinesis. What do you think? Who would make your superheroes who have telekinesis list?

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