‘Superman & Lois’ Season 3 Ep 2: Recap & Ending Explained

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Welcome to the ending explained for Superman & Lois’ second episode of season three. Last week, the season started with a bang as we’ve seen that not all is alright in Smallville, no matter how much its residents are trying to get back to normal. A local high school is infected with black mold, and Lois is on the verge of discovering that something is seriously wrong with her health. 

Jordan’s rebellious streak is showing, which can be quite dangerous when it comes paired with incredible superpowers. Oh, and we’ve discovered that Bruno Manheim and Intergang will be gracing our screens as villains this season. As for episode 2, let’s see how it all played out

Lois is keeping her health condition a secret from her family 

Lois Breast cancer screening

The episode starts with Lois undergoing various breast cancer diagnostic tests. This is quite a shock since, only a few days ago, she hoped that she and Clark would welcome another addition to the Kent family. Clark is oblivious to what is actually going on. The fact that doctors suspected pregnancy because of some other symptoms she experienced went over his head. We also learn that school is closed at the moment because the city is dealing with black mold. This was the reason for the brief argument that George and Lana had at the Kent boys’ 16th birthday party. 

Sarah tries to normalize Nat’s life on a different earth 

Nat is still dealing with being stranded on alternative earth (well, for her, at least). In the last week’s episode, we saw that Sam’s attempt to bond with his “granddaughter” turned into a recruitment speech for D.O.D., which neither Nat nor John Henry took very well. 

Sarah is trying to pull her out of a funk by advising her to pursue a special boy she had feelings for back home. And as it turns out, they also manage to track him down on this earth. They discover that the boy in question lives in Metropolis and is having a party tonight. 

Sarah is likewise dealing with boy troubles, but the boy in question is Jordan Kent. After his confession regarding his feelings, the friendship between the two is strained and uncomfortable. 


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Chrissy, Lois, and Clark are a step closer to figuring out how Henry Miller got released from jail

In the last week’s episode, Clark fought with Atom Man, Henry Miller, who made his appearance despite being jailed, and this time he was packed nicely with a set of fresh new superpowers whose origin Clark needs to figure out; otherwise, he has much bigger problems on his hands. Anyway, Henry Miller was released from prison because of a brain tumor diagnosis, and the release was granted to him by the same judge that previously denied him release three times.

Onomatopoeia appears again, with deadly consequences for George 

Onomatopoeia 1

Lana is dealing with the aftermath of the Black Mold problem when she receives a phone call from George. He sounds frantic and panicked and is trying to explain something to her since he realizes he is in incredible danger.

We realize that he is being confronted by Onomatopoeia, one of the villains we’ve seen working with Bruno Manheim in the last episode, and before George can explain himself. He mentions the “pride of Smallville.” He is killed by Onomatopoeia. Lana witnessed everything over a phone call and was disturbed by the sounds she heard.  

Afterward, Kyle Cushing investigates the body and determines that George was killed by gunshots to the stomach but fails to locate any bullets. Just like Superman failed to locate the bullets when Henry Miller was killed in front of him by Onomatopoeia because the villain uses sound waves to injure humans, and as we can see, she can even use them to emulate gunshots. 

The judge that released Henry Miller got into a business with a bad crowd 

Lois and Clark made their way toward the judge that released Henry Miller. Losi and Clark explained to her what kind of damage she caused by releasing him since not only did he live for months after release, but he also gained superpowers and cost Metropolis millions of dollars in damage. 

The judge obviously knows something as she is visibly shaken and nervous, but she is stopped from revealing anything by a group of intimidating men who make their way to her office and usher Lois and Clark out in an attempt to cover the tracks of whoever ordered the judge to release Henry from prison. 

Intergang henchman

Afterward, Judge Reagan attempts suicide out of fear of what will happen when her connection to Henry Miller comes to light. Clark, now as Superman, manages to track down Bruno Manheim and his goons. Manheim neither denies nor confirms his connections with Henry Miller and his newfound superpowers. However, makes no attempt to hide the fact that he is basically untouchable, and no matter what Lois and the system throw his way in regard to accusations, nothing sticks. 


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Lana and John Henry Irons are trying to figure out what George’s parting words meant 

Lana visits John Henry Irons to pick up Sasha but realizes that the girl lied to her, and instead of watching the movie at Nat’s, the two are at a party in Metropolis. 

John doesn’t let a perfectly good dinner go to waste and invites Lana to dinner. Lana is in a terrible place; she just got divorced and witnessed a murder over the phone, so she appreciates the company. The topic of George comes up, and Lana mentions that he talked about the pride of Smallville right before he died. She remembers these words are on the town seal, and she and John go to check it out to see whether there is some other meaning to George’s last words. 

Lana and John Henry Irons USB

Behind the town seal, they find a USB drive, and just when they are about to check it out, Onomatopoeia appears again with her sonic powers that are capable of breaking glass and even causing small-scale earthquakes. Lana recognizes the sounds that Onomatopoeia is producing, but sadly, it’s too late. 

Onomatopoeia disables both John and Lana, and while they are writhing on the ground due to sounds, the villain takes the USB drive after destroying the laptop and leaves, leaving them somewhat unharmed.

John Henry Irons attacked by Onomatopoeia

Bruno Manheim reveals that he is sick of his community being ignored 

Bruno Manheim reveals to Clark that the part of Metropolis he was in charge of was ignored by pretty much everyone, so it eventually turned into “suicide slums.” Since it was ignored by the law, system, and superheroes, he decided to take things into his own hands and clean up the mess. He used ruthless methods, but he owed nothing to nobody. He likewise accused Superman of not really making any change, he saves lives, yes, but he failed to save countless lives that Bruno saw destroyed by the policies that ravaged his part of Metropolis.

Bruno Manheim

Clark is forced to cut the conversation short since he needs to save Judge Reagan from jumping off the roof. Lois also tries to talk her out of it and reveals to her that she knows what it feels like to be afraid and face something uncontrollable. She reveals to her that she has cancer, an aggressive one, and due to his superhuman hearing, Clark overhears this as well, despite Lois trying to keep it a secret as long as possible. 

Lois and Clark are figuring out how to proceed after her diagnosis 

Back at home, Lois finally comes clean about her current health status. She reveals to Clark and the boys that she has stage III inflammatory breast cancer, which is highly aggressive and difficult to treat. Clark is shocked but puts on a brave face for Lois, and the boys are stunned into silence. 

Meanwhile, Bruno Manheim is once again in his underground laboratory. We can see that Henry Miller is once again alive but acting like an animal. Bruno orders his doctor to inject something into his veins, possibly the same substance that gave him superpowers and brought him to life. 

Bruno Manheim and onomatopoeia

Onomatopoeia delivers the USB drive to him, revealing that John Henry is somehow alive. 


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To see how things will play out with Lois’ health and Bruno Manheim, we’re going to have to wait for the next Tuesday when the third episode of Superman & Lois season 3 airs on CW. 

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