‘Superman & Lois’ Season 4 Casts Douglas Smith in the Role of an Iconic Character

Superman Lois Season 4 Casts Douglas Smith in the Role of an Iconic Character

‘Superman & Lois’ is often touted as being one of the best CW’s superhero-based shows. This is why even following CW restructuring after many projects were written off, ‘Superman & Lois’ managed to score its season 4 renewal just weeks prior to the season 3 finale. Although unofficially a part of Arrowverse, the show managed to distance itself from other CW’s similar projects that were regarded as straight-up bad in the last few years, especially looking back at the disappointing Flash finale.

A few months ago it was confirmed that Season 4 would be the show’s last, even though the viewership remained steady, it wasn’t nearly enough to justify a high CGI budget. Season 4 is set to return with fewer episodes, with much of its main cast missing and a much smaller writers team. But the show must go on and so one iconic character will reportedly appear in the show. According to TVLine Douglas Smith has been cast as Jimmy Olsen.

In the show, Jimmy is going to be portrayed as an extroverted 20-something known for being the “life of the party” at work. Despite working alongside Clark, he struggles to break through Clark’s reserved demeanor. Unaware of Clark’s secret identity as Superman, Jimmy remains determined to befriend him.

If you’ve been following Arrowverse you’re probably confused since a different version of Jimmy Olsen debuted in ‘Supergirl’ portrayed by Mehcad Brooks. It’s important to take into account that ‘Superman & Lois’ showrunners decided to distance the show from the Arrowverse, and following the show’s second season finale it’s been explained that ‘Superman & Lois’ actually takes place in a different universe while Arrowverse takes place on Earth Prime, so to put it in simple terms, Mehcad Brooks’ Jimmy Olsen doesn’t exist in ‘Superman & Lois’ universe and vice versa so the characters aren’t even remotely connected.

As far as Douglas Smith goes, it seems like this version of Jimmy will be much younger than we expected so the fans already started theorizing that he will appear in flashbacks.

Douglas Smith’s acting career began at a young age, with his first role as Malvolio in a school production of ‘Twelfth Night.’ He later appeared in films such as ‘Blast from the Past’ (1999) and television series including ‘CSI’ and ‘The X-Files.’ He gained recognition for his role as Ben Henrickson in the HBO series ‘Big Love’ and appeared in Brandon Cronenberg’s ‘Antiviral.’ His most notable roles are in projects like ‘Terminator Genisys,’ ‘Vinyl,’ and ‘The Alienist.’ In 2019, he joined the cast of ‘Big Little Lies’ and received a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination. Smith also reprised his role in the second season of ‘The Alienist’ and appeared in films such as ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ and ‘The Swearing Jar.’

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