‘Superman & Lois’ Season 4: Not All Writers and Cast Members Expected to Return Following Budget Cuts 

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‘Superman & Lois’ is often touted as being one of the best CW’s superhero-based shows. This is why even following CW restructuring after many projects were written off, ‘Superman & Lois’ managed to score its season 4 renewal just weeks prior to the season 3 finale. Although unofficially a part of Arrowverse, the show managed to distance itself from other CW’s similar projects that were regarded as straight-up bad in the last few years, especially looking back at the disappointing Flash finale. 

The show revolving around a different take on Superman, starring Tyler Hoechlin, was renewed for one more season but at significantly fewer episodes than previous seasons, going from 13 episodes to 10 and, according to Deadline, with fewer cast members and a much smaller writers team. 

This isn’t as surprising; some budget cuts were needed if Superman is expected to suit up every episode. This costs quite a lot of money when special effects are concerned, and prior to the renewal, the studio wasn’t sure whether the current viewership could justify the higher budget the series was getting. 


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Only four of the 12 Season 3 series regulars, Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch, Michael Bishop, and Alex Garfin, are coming back, and the team of writers was slashed from eight to five, which is a drastic change and something that fans might be worried about. Adam Mallinger, one of the writers, commented on his “layoff” on X. 

In the last few episodes of ‘Superman & Lois’ Lex Luthor was introduced as the next big villain Superman and Lois will have to face. Season 3 ended on a high note when Clark was forced to fight against Doomsday, loosely adapting the famous “The Death of Superman” storyline. The future of the show looks promising as far as the narrative goes. We’re still wondering however how the budget cuts will affect the story and production altogether. 

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