‘Superman & Lois’ Season 3 Ep 12: Recap & Ending Explained: Lex Luthor Is Back!


Welcome to the ending explained for Season 3, Episode 12 of ‘Superman and Lois.’ The twelfth episode, titled “Injustice,” brought a lot of problems for the Kent family. First, Lex Luthor was released from prison, and he has a lot of scores to settle with Lois, who is apparently single-handedly credited with him ending up in prison for 17 years. Also, Jordan is acting out, bringing his family into the spotlight by using his powers in an inconsiderate and extremely public way. 

There’s also the matter of Bizarro Superman that was transformed into a rabid beast underneath Metropolis, and it seems like Luthor plans to use him for his less-than-innocent goals. Before we give everything away, let’s see how the episode played out. 

Jordan is almost outed by his own fault 

The episode starts showing the aftermath of Lois’ double mastectomy, as she struggles to accept her new body and come to terms with her confidence again. Her day is about to get a whole lot worse since Lex Luthor is getting released from prison, and her old colleague Janet contacts her regarding Jordan. In the 10th episode, Jordan exposed himself after he saved George Dean Junior and Sarah from dying in a car crash, and he brought unwanted media attention to himself. Lois’ friend wants tips on the story before she publishes it, much to Lois’ dismay. 

Jordan is doing nothing to dispel the rumors. On the contrary, he talks around his school about how the “anonymous” savior is a hero and someone to be respected. Sarah is shocked and proceeds to tell her mother all about it. Knowing how hard it is to keep Kent secret in such a small town, Lana lets the Kents know what Jordan has been talking about, which results in Jordan being banned from using his powers and forced to hand over his suit. 

Lex Luthor is out of prison, and he is coming for Lois 

This episode also fully introduced Lex Luthor, who was previously only referenced. We know that he was framed by Peia and Bruno Mannheim for the murder of Boss Moxie and spent 17 years in prison because of it, allegeldy innocent. He is out for revenge and starts walking from prison to Smallville on foot. 

We get a glimpse into Luthor’s backstory and his time in prison. He is a despicable human with psychopathic tendencies that managed to rule the house even while behind bars. We see Luthor trying to “buy” the electric shaver from one of the prisoners. The prisoner named Ottis laughs in his face and asks for 50 thousand dollars for it.

Luthor threatens that he better cave in, or bad things will happen to him. If Ottis accepts Luthor’s offer, he has plenty of opportunities later. If he declines, he will suffer like the rest of his group that laughs at Luthor. 

The prisoners remain adamant and make fun of Luthor. However, he still has connections outside, and he manages to blackmail the prison warden by holding his family hostage, using his goons on the outside. 


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The next night, the prisoners that made fun of Luthor are beaten savagely, and Luthor is seen as a person who rules the place by manipulating the Warden. Luthor can also be seen enjoying fancy dinners in prison while using Ottis as a chair. 

Jordan defies Clark, and it’s only a matter of time before his identity is out 

As Luthor is making his way toward Smallville, so is the tornado. The locals are surprised by a storm as nasty wind is rising up in Smallville, forming a gigantic tornado. Clark shows up at the scene and flies into the heart of the storm in an attempt to use his freeze breath to chill the air currents inside the tornado in hopes that the storm will dissipate. 

Jordan joins him, despite being told that he is forbidden from using his powers. Jordan starts using his freeze breath to help out Superman, and the storm soon vanishes, and the tornado dissolves. Instead of running off from the stare of the prying words, Jonathan starts taking photographs with people that witnessed the whole affair. Minutes after the incidents, social media is flooded with images of Jordan in his costume, designed to protect his identity. 

Clark and Lois are beyond pissed, watching as danger rises around their family. Same Lane is doing what he can to dispel the rumors, but not even the D.O.D. can stand against the power of the internet. To make matters worse, Lois’ friend published the article, and it gained quite a lot of traction. 

Clark and Lois argue with Jordan, and he explains that he is sick and tired of living how they tell him to live. He wants to be recognized but is not aware of the consequences. While leaving for his room, Jordan uses his powers against Clark, and Clark warns him not to do this ever again.

At the same time, George Dean Junior figures out that the “Smallville” Samaritan probably lives in Smallville and might even be someone that both he and Sarah know. 

Lex Luthor wants Lois Lane to retire or else 

All of Metropolis is holding their collective breaths in front of LuthorCorp, where Lex Luthor is expected to make his first appearance after being released from prison, but he never makes it there. Instead, he is in front of the Kent house, making threats to Clark and Lois. 

Luthor blames Lois for everything that happened to him, despite him being involved with numerous criminal activities and being a psychopath. Lois apologizes, but it’s not enough. Lois, with “her words,” took 17 years from his life.

His daughter was 14 when he left for prison, and now she doesn’t even want to talk to him anymore. 

Luthor doesn’t want to read Lois’ words ever again. He threatens Lois to retire from the Smallville Gazette or else. He makes several thinly veiled threats, but Lois ultimately chooses not to retire and lets Clark know this. 


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Luthor discovers Bizarro Superman under Metropolis 

After departing the Kent house, Luthor is picked up by his loyal servant Ottis, who takes him to the site of Mannheim’s former laboratory, where he experiments on Bizarro Superman and criminals alike to find a cure for Peia’s condition. 

Ottis tells Luthor that Doctor Hook briefed him on the experiments and assured him that the “thing is alive.” 

And alive it is, Luthor and Ottis come across Bizarro Superman, living in the darkness of the collapsed tunnels and eating rats. He looks terrible, a twisted version of Superman brought down to its most base instincts. 

As Bizarro starts chewing on a rat, he is alerted to the presence of Luthor and Ottis and attacks both of them, with Ottis seemingly dying and Luthor’s fate unknown.

How Luthor plans on using Bizarro, we’re going to have to wait and see next Tuesday when the ‘Superman & Lois’ final episode of season 3 airs.

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