Superman’s First Appearance Just Became the Most Expensive Comic Book of All Time After Being Sold for Eye-Watering Sum


It’s a known fact that there are some rare and valuable comics out there, just ask anybody in the business and you will learn that, depending on the condition, age, demand, and rarity some of them can go for a couple of millions.

Superman’s first appearance ‘Action Comics’ #1 released in 1938 already held a few of the records in the market, and now it broke one more, previously held by….’Action Comics’ #1 released in 1938.

During the first session of Heritage Auctions’ latest four-day Comics & Comic Art Signature® Auction on Thursday, a graded CGC Very Fine+ 8.5 copy of an issue from the Kansas City Pedigree was featured. This particular issue, showcasing Superman’s first flight, is considered one of the world’s finest copies, with only two other unrestored issues grading higher. The issue was sold for $6 million.

The old record stood at $5.3 million in a private sale, topping the previous record held by Spider-Man’s debut issue, Amazing Fantasy No. 15, which sold for $3.6 million at Heritage Auctions in September 2021.

The $1 million threshold was broken back in 2010 with, you guessed it, with the sale of ‘Action Comics’ #1. We actually had the opportunity to discuss that historic sale with Vincent Zurzolo, who broke the record.

Being the first person to ever sell a comic book for a million dollars was one of the coolest accomplishments in my career. How did it start? A young client who had done very well for himself inquired about a high-graded copy of ‘Action Comics’ #1 (the first Superman). 

We started talking price and seeing what we could work out. We talked about some very big numbers. The next part of the puzzle was sourcing the book. We had sold a really high-grade copy years before and went to the owner and offered him a hefty profit. He took some time to think about it as he wasn’t looking to sell. 

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