Top 10 Supervillains and Superheroes Who Use Shields


Perhaps you think the shield is a little outdated? Perhaps you think it isn’t as useful as its sharp and pointed counterpart? Or perhaps you just don’t see the use for it? Whatever the reason for hating on it, know that there are a least 10 comic book characters who disagree with you. The shield is as important as anything found on the battlefield. It’s capable of saving a life, taking a life, and ensuring that its user goes back home unscathed. Its history is as long as the history of humans and the below characters each know this. So, the question is who are they? To answer this, we’re going to have to consult our list of the 10 best supervillains and superheroes that use shields.

10. Guardian

First appearing in Star-Spangled Comics #7 back in April of 1942, Guardian is the creation of Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. Upon first glance and now aware of the time period he was created in, you might think that Guardian is a copy of Captain America. And if you think this way, I can’t say that I disagree with you. After all, Guardian was created just over a year after Captain America. It only makes sense that DC would want to capitalize on his success.

As a former police officer, like Captain America he is exceptional in hand-to-hand combat and proficient in shield use. Unfortunately, that’s where their similarities end. Unlike Captain America, Guardian didn’t participate in a supersoldier experiment nor did he become the leader of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. No matter. For the purposes of this list, Guardian is one of the superheroes who use shields. 

9. Black Knight 

Black Knight Origin

Rumors have been floating around that say Black Knight is coming to the MCU. And you know what? I’d cheer if he did. Black Knight wields the Ebony Blade and with it, is incredibly powerful. Not only is the blade incapable of causing harm to Black Knight, but it’s also able to absorb energy, cut through practically anything and deflect energy. 


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As good as the Ebony Blade is, however, a sword without a shield is like watching a football game without defense. Don’t worry though. Black Knight carries a shield. And why? Simple. It’s there to protect him when protection is needed, push enemies back if they get too close, and act as a weapon should he lose his sword. 

8. Patriot

Origin of Patriot Elijah Bradley

Patriot (not the Golden Age of Comics version) is a recent addition to the world of comics. This version, Eli Bradley, first appeared alongside many other popular characters in Young Avengers #1. Eli, different from his ancestors, does not possess any superpowers. This is primarily because many of his ancestors took part in the Super Soldier program.

To compensate for this lack of power, Eli uses Mutant Growth Hormone pills. With the pills, his heightened strength landed him a spot on the Young Avengers. Shortly after he joined the Young Avengers, fellow member Kate Bishop gave him one of Captain America’s. With the shield, he immediately became one of the superheroes who use shields.

7. Taskmaster


Anthony Masters is different than most other costumed characters in Marvel. Rather than being given incredible power, having power appear in the teenage years, or receiving power from a failed experiment, Masters was born with photogenic reflexes. His photogenic reflexes allow him to perfectly duplicate anything he sees.

Rather than using his reflexes for good, Masters used them to get rich and train some of the worst people that Marvel has to offer. Taskmaster has one of the most iconic looks in comics. In addition to his skull master and white outfit, he also carries around a sword and, you guessed it, a shield.

6. Red Guardian

Red Guardian

Created as a foil to Captain America, Marvel Comics gave the world the Red Guardian. Although there have been multiple Red Guardians, the most widely-known version is Alexei Shostakov. Alexei is the former husband of Black Widow, an acclaimed pilot, and a KGB Agent. 

Shostakov was hand-selected Nikita Khrushchev (the Soviet Premiere) to become the Red Guardian. Before he could assume the identity, however, his past had to be cleared up. To do this, his country faked his death and wiped his records. Now thought dead, Shostakov was trained to be the Soviet Union’s most deadly countryman. 

5. Major Victory

Major Victory Origin

If it looks like Major Victory is holding Captain America’s shield, it’s because he is. Therefore, Major Victory is one of the greatest superheroes who use shields. Major Victory (Vance Astrovik) hails from the future where, along with Charlie-27, Yondu, and Martinex, founded the original Guardians of the Galaxy. He is a mutant who possesses psychokinesis.


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As a mutant with psychokinesis, he is able to project concussive blasts that affect his enemies at the synaptic levels of their minds. Vance received Captain America’s shield after he successfully went on a mission in search of it. Once it was found, he created a costume that paid homage to Steve Rogers and took the name Major Victory. 

4. Wonder Woman 

Very few characters in DC use shields, but the ones that do are some of the best in comics. Point in case, Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is one of the three pillars that DC built its world around. She is the original female superhero and set the standard for what female superheroes become. She is brave, strong, intelligent, and a leader. 

Of all the weapons that Wonder Woman has wielded over the years, aside from the Lasso of Truth, none are as impressive as her shield. Her shield has allowed her to stand toe-to-toe with some of DC’s most powerful villains. It’s allowed her to command the respect of any who oppose her. And it’s allowed her to become of the most respected heroes in all of comics. 

3. Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson Captain America

Sam Wilson deserves to be included as one of the superheroes who use shields because, well, he was handpicked to become Captain America by none other than Captain America himself, Steve Rogers. As Captain America, Sam needed a shield … and a shield he got. 


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What makes his version different from Steve’s is twofold. First, Sam stood for justice at any cost. This meant breaking the law from time to time to ensure that truth prevailed. Second, Sam still possessed his ability to use birds. Yes, Sam literally had eyes all over the world watching the Earth’s every move. 

2. Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes Captain America

The fallout of the Civil War left the world torn apart, the superheroes wondering who they could trust, and Captain America dead. With Captain America dead, readers all over the world wondered who and what would become of the character. The question was quickly answered after Tony Stark revealed that Steve’s dying wish was for Bucky to take over for him.

For any who don’t know, Bucky’s Captain America was the complete opposite of Steve’s. Unlike Steve who rarely used extreme measures, Bucky used them almost all the time. This small change defined his Captain America all the while instantly making Bucky a fan-favorite character all over the world…a place where he’s remained ever since.

1. Captain America

Captain America

If it comes as any sort of a surprise to you that Captain America is on this supervillains and superheroes who use shields list, you probably aren’t a fan of comic books. Captain America is the only hero that is referenced time and again as a shielded hero. In fact, all characters who use them are modeled after him. 

Captain America’s shield hasn’t always taken the same shape or form. It first began as a triangular design, then was changed to the disc that most know it as, and even became a piece of technology attached to Steve’s arm. Steve has control over the shield that many only dream of. Most impressive, what he can do with it often defies the laws of physics. What I’m saying is that any superheroes who use shields list isn’t a list if it doesn’t include Captain America. 

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