Wonder Woman Anatomy: 10 Things That Make Her Special


It would be an understatement to say that Wonder Woman is simply one of the most iconic female superheroes. She is also one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC universe overall. Originally known as Princess Diana, Wonder Woman hails from the Island of Themyscira, inhabited by a tribe of immortal Amazonian women. During her birth, she was bestowed with gifts of beauty, strength, courage, truth, mastery over animals, and speed. But those gifts are not the only things that make her such an amazing character. Let’s see what some of the things that make Wonder Woman special are.

1. Wonder Woman can breathe in space

We’re aware that Wonder Woman is an extremely durable being; she seemingly doesn’t age at all. She is resistant to diseases, poisons and other human calamities due to the blessings of Demeter bestowed upon her. But did you know that Wonder Woman can breathe in space as well? During the golden age, her earrings had magical powers that provided her with an endless supply of oxygen. Briefly, she used them as mini-grenades as well.

2. She can teleport as well

Even though it’s not among her primary means of moving around, Wonder Woman occasionally has teleportation abilities. It’s “occasional” since her teleportation powers come from Caduceus. Caduceus is a special staff that belongs to Hermes. Of course, Wonder Woman is able to use it because of Hermes’ blessing. Usually, Caduceus is useful to Hermes during the transportation of souls.

3. Wonder Woman frequently holds back in combat

In some instances, Wonder Woman admitted that she is so incredibly powerful she needs to hold back her strength. In some versions, it’s the bracelets that moderate her strength output. In any way, it’s obvious that Wonder Woman is far more powerful than she shows in most scenarios. Her personal philosophy revolves around avoiding excessive force and killing if possible.

4. She has reality-altering abilities

With the power of the World Forge, Wonder Woman is strong enough to move stars and use that momentum to travel through time. Besides phasing through time, she is also able to shrink planets, restore memories and perform many other mind-blowing feats. Wonder Woman also has the ability of both precognition and retrocognition which allow her to see future and past events.

5. Her Lasso of Truth is strong enough to destroy planets

Lasso of Truth is one of the most powerful weapons in fiction in general and has mind-boggling powers. It’s mostly connected to various magical abilities related to telepathy, soul manipulation, and destroying corruption. In some instances, however, Wonder Woman used the Lasso of Truth to manipulate celestial bodies.

She managed to move an entire planet with her Lasso, and if that’s not impressive enough, she even lassoed the sun itself. Being forged by Hephaestus, the Lasso of Truth is completely indestructible and has the potential to stretch itself infinitely. Although it’s important to mention that the more the lasso stretches the less efficient it becomes. Along with using Lasso of Truth, Wonder Woman is known to use weapons made out of pure energy.


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6. She can manipulate souls and have telepathic abilities

This is once again related to her Lasso of Truth, a good amount of her powers come from her god-level gear. The lasso is most famous for forcing evil-doers unlucky enough to be ensnared by it to speak the truth. But that’s not all, her Lasso allows her to manipulate minds, and souls and translate every language. In some instances, she was even capable of biological manipulation with it.

7. Her shield can absorb an extreme amount of heat

There are many powerful shields in fiction, and Wonder Woman’s shield, like the rest of her gear, is not an exception. Wonder Woman managed to absorb the full might of Doomsday’s heat vision and remain unscathed throughout the ordeal. Her shield can also be used to deflect bullets and as a weapon. Her original Amazonian shield was lost however and she replaced it with a new one.

8. Wonder Woman can speak to animals and control them to some extent

Aquaman is not the only DC Superhero that can talk to animals. This next special power comes from her blessing that relates to mastery over animals. Wonder Woman was seen communicating with animals in a couple of instances and one time she managed to command crows to distract Superman.

9. Wonder Woman is a skilled diplomat

One of the most emphasized personality traits that Princess Diana has is her great capacity for empathy and insight. Due to Athena’s blessing, Wonder Woman is among the best Justice League tacticians and leaders. It’s also understood that her heightened mental abilities allow her to master almost any skill that she decides to try. She is fluent in several languages and has complete mastery of several combat skills.

10. She can utilize God Wave, but only in short bursts

Wonder Woman can in some instances use the God Wave, a powerful primordial wave of energy. God Wave is responsible for the creation of both gods and super-powered beings in the DC universe. Wonder Woman can use these leftover remnants of God Wave to greatly enhance her powers, but there’s a reason why she doesn’t do that all that often.

The sheer force of God Wave has the possibility to render her insane, only a few beings can utilize the might correctly. Due to that, she avoids using it as much as she can, only calling for it in moments of necessity.

And that would be all, Wonder Woman’s mostly indestructible gear is only part of her special abilities. Naturally, being an extremely powerful Amazonian, Wonder Woman is capable of feats displaying great strength. She can survive in the harshest of environments, she has extreme durability, is practically immortal, and has magical abilities that allow her to manipulate space, time, and souls.

It’s obvious why Wonder Woman can stand up to the biggest villains DC has to offer and why she is considered a true force to be reckoned with.

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