Surtur vs. Thanos: Who Is Stronger and Who Would Win in a Fight?

Surtur vs. Thanos Who Is Stronger and Who Would Win in a Fight

Marvel Universe is home to a variety of characters of non-human origin. Some are gods, some aliens, and some are weird cosmic entities, but what most of them have in common are insane levels of power. Today we’re going to compare one of the most infamous Odin villains, Surtur, better known as a Fire Giant, and Thanos, who pretty much clashed with everyone and is famous for his ruthlessness and his obsession with death. If it ever comes to a fight between Surtur and Thanos, who is more powerful and who would win. 

Surtur would win in a fight against Thanos because he is, in theory, more powerful. Surtur has significantly fewer feats than Thanos but is often noted for being more powerful than Thor and at around the same level as Odin the Skyfather. Surtur is also more durable than Thanos and likely has more physical strength. Thanos could win, of course, in the scenario in which he has Infinity Gauntlet; in all other instances, Surtur wins more often than not. 

Now that we’ve given you the answer, it’s time to analyze why the fight would play out the way we concluded it would. We’re going to analyze the powers, abilities, strength, speed, durability, and other aspects of both characters so you can see why we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Surtur is a Fire Giant composed of a living flame that powers 90 % of his powers. His might was often described as having the potency of thousands of burning suns, and he can also manipulate vast quantities of cosmic energy. Surtur’s destructive potential was often described as being able to surpass both Thor and Odin, and his comic book track record shows it, as Odin and Surtur were evenly matched on more than a few occasions. 

Surtur fire powers

Surtur creates powerful magma blasts. Can he levitate, alter himself on a molecular level and travel through dimensions, although his powers are uniquely connected to Asgard. Surtur’s notable weaknesses are cold, naturally, and magic, which means that he would be quite weak against extremely powerful spellcasters

Thanos is not a pure Eternal. He was born with Deviant Syndrome, which gave him access to levels of power unimaginable to normal Eternals. Thanos is a force of nature capable of manipulating several forms of energy and elements, and he is known to dabble on occasions with magic and curses. Thanos has a variety of offensive and defensive powers. He can blast his enemies with disruptor eyes beams and form powerful force fields around himself.

Thanos Energy blast vs galactus

He is a telepath capable of manipulating souls and insanity and is quite skilled in mind manipulation. Thanos has plenty of powers and abilities besides his notable use of the Infinity Gauntlet, and his energy blasts were enough to blast Galactus off his feet. 

This is a tough one. On one hand, we have Thanos, who has more versatile powers and is able to abuse, to an extent, Surtur’s great weakness, which is magic. But Surtur’s abilities are more destructive in nature as he can, with his fire blast and roast an entire universe. Both get the point in this case, Thanos for versatility and Surtur for potency. 

Points: Thanos(1:1) Surtur


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Strength and stamina 

Surtur has unlimited strength. There’s no question about it. He is a being composed of living flame, and therefore normal physical barriers mean nothing to him. If it’s needed, Surtur can also utilize his telekinetic abilities to manipulate, lift and levitate extremely heavy objects. In regards to stamina, Surtur’s body doesn’t produce fatigue toxins, and he can further empower his energy store via Eternal Flame.

Surtur wrestles with Thor

It’s often said that Surtur’s physical feats far surpass those of Thor, who is notable for being among the most powerful Asgardians

Thanos has more strength at his disposal than your average Eternal due to having deviant genes. His exact levels are often incalculable, but Thanos can generally lift up to 100 tons, and his hits can unleash great might. It is also possible for Thanos to use various enhancements in terms of magic and implants to increase his physical potential.

Thanos punches through War Machine

Thanos also doesn’t get tired easily. He produces fewer fatigue toxins than average humans and filters them much more easily, which allows him to fight for a truly long time without feeling the effects of fatigue. He can fight for days or even weeks, exerting himself. 

Both Thanos and Surtur can lift insane weights and are able to blow a hole with their fists through a Celestial, but since Surtur is elemental in nature and a giant at that, he is likely much stronger than Thanos and has much more stamina. This point goes to Surtur. 

Points: Thanos(1:2) Surtur


Surtur doesn’t need to rely on his speed because he has plenty of other skills and abilities at his disposal. He can teleport and travel through dimensions. He does have superhuman speed, but not exactly what you would expect a mythical entity to have. Surtur can move at speeds up to 700 miles per hour, and her reflexes and reaction times are vastly improved to those of a regular human, or Asgardians for that matter. 

Surtur speed

Due to his unique physiology, Thanos is also superhumanly fast, being able to reach speeds up to 700 miles per hour despite his bulky frame. Thanos, like Surtur, moves gracefully in combat. Being able to react at superior speeds and land blows faster than the human eyes can follow. Like Surtur, Thanos can teleport and open portals. 

Thanos catches Iron Heart

Both Thanos and Surtur seem to be equal in speed, so the point goes to both. 

Points: Thanos(1:3) Surtur


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Surtur is immortal, and there are only a selected few things that can hurt his flaming body. His weaknesses are cold and magic, which Thanos can use to imprison him, but he wouldn’t be able to eliminate him for good. Characters much more powerful than Thanos couldn’t deal with Surtur significantly for extended periods of time. His flame is unextinguishable. 

Surtur durability

Thanos has everything needed to be extremely durable and downright invulnerable. He has special physiology that provides him with durable skin. He has been banned from dying (on one occasion), and he has a rapid healing factor capable of repairing even the most severe damage imaginable. Thanos is also highly immune to some forms of elemental and magic-based damage. 

Thanos durable

Both Thanos and Surtur would be difficult to injure, but Surtur seems to have more longevity due to Eternal Flame. The point goes to Fire Giant. 

Points: Thanos(1:4) Surtur


Surtur has been around for a long time, and due to this age, he managed to accumulate a lot of ancient knowledge related to magic and arcane wisdom. Still, his knowledge is probably tied mostly to Asgardian affairs, and he understands little beyond his own sphere of influence. 

Thanos is known far and wide to be in the company of super-geniuses in Marvel Comics. His intellect is his most dangerous weapon, and Thanos stands behind some of the most brutal, evil, but brilliant plans in existence. Ever since he was a child, Thanos has been interested in science and the occult. He was able to invent new technologies, new races, and new planets.

Thanos Intelligence

He often experiments on his victims and constantly plans to dominate an entire universe. The freaky thing is he often comes dangerously close to amassing all powers inside the Universe.

There’s hardly a character out there that would be able to win a point in the intelligence category when going against Thanos. This one goes to Mad Titan

Points: Thanos(2:4) Surtur

Combat Skills 

Surtur is a master warrior and a swordsman, his most notable weapon being the Sword of Doom which is made out of so far unknown metal. The sword has incredible power, enabling the manipulation of mystical energy, breaking dimensional barriers, and weakening even Odin’s abilities. Both Loki and Morgan Le Fay have utilized the sword’s power to perform extraordinary feats, such as turning Thor into a frog and affecting the health of Asgardians. Combined with the Eternal Flame, the sword’s potency is amplified significantly.

Surtur with twilight sword

Thanos doesn’t have to stoop to using his physical abilities often due to the various destructive powers he has at his disposal, but he is known to be among the greatest armed and unarmed fighters in the Marvel comics. This is because he started training at a really early age and has millennia of experience fighting. Thanos is especially dangerous with his double-bladed sword, which was his most iconic MCU weapon.

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Surtur vs. Thanos: Who is stronger, and who wins? 

Surtur would likely win in a fight against Thano due to his more destructive powers and because he is simply on another level than Thanos. Surtur managed to destroy Universe with his fire, and his powers rival Odin’s, and Odin is far more powerful than Thanos. Naturally, if Thanos was to empower himself with Cosmic Cube, Heart of the Universe, or Infinity Gauntlet, he would have no trouble winning this fight, but base Thanos going against base Surtur equals a win for Surtur. 


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Who do you think would win in this fight? Let us know in the comments!

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