Sydney Sweeney Stuns Fans With Her Statement Regarding ‘Madame Web’ & MCU: “I’m So Excited”

Sydney Sweeney Stuns Fans With Her Statement Regarding Madame Web MCU Im So

‘Madame Web’ was released only a few days ago and the movie is already shattering unflattering records for Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. The movie is an obvious box-office flop earning only $6 million on its first day. Instead of competing with the likes of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. ‘ or at least, recently released ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ it’s going to be good if it manages to outperform ‘Morbius.’ There’s also the issue of critical reception, the movie is currently rated at 13% on Rotten Tomatoes by critics and 55% by the audience, making the movie “rotten.”

The story was highly criticized for being disjointed, and there’s also the issue of somewhat false advertising as the promo photos and trailers showed all three Spider-Women already having superpowers and fully costumed, but in the movie, we don’t even see their origin stories. Fans pointed out many possible reasons for a failure of such massive scope, among them being the unfamiliarity with the source material, and as the actors and the director are doing damage control, their statement leans in that direction as well.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Sydney Sweeney was asked whether she was excited to join the MCU with her new film, Sydney, well gave an interesting answer:

That I can’t talk about it. It’s so hard because I talk so much … It was amazing, It was incredible, I’m so excited … I’m just really honoured to be a part of this.

It appears that she is not exactly aware that ‘Madame Web’ has no connection to the MCU whatsoever, as Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is not set within the same continuity as the bigger, much more popular Marvel Cinematic Universe. Well in the technical sense ‘Madame Web’ also has no connection to the SSU if we are going by the director’s statement made a few weeks ago that ‘Madame Web’ will be a standalone movie.


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SSU has long been mocked for revolving around Spider-Man’s supporting characters but not having Spider-Man actually in it, there’s also an evident difference in the quality and the reception of SSU projects and MCU projects. This isn’t the first time that the cast of ‘Madame Web’ has been unaware that they are not part of the MCU, as even before the movie was released there were rumors going around that the actors signed on thinking they were joining the MCU, potentially for several projects.

There’s also that failure by Dakota Johnson to name a single Spider-Man movie.

While it’s by no means necessary for the actors to be familiar with the source material and pop culture surrounding their characters, the failure to know it may certainly reflect on the quality of the movie. There’s also the fact that comic book fandom can be really hung up on stuff like this.

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