Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol is a fictional team of superheroes that appears in DC comics. The team was created by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney, and Bruno Premiani and debuted in My Greatest Adventure #80 in 1960.

The original Doom Patrol was created by writer Arnold Drake and artist Bruno Premiani and consisted of Robotman, Elasti-Girl, and Negative Man, who were brought together by a scientist known as the Chief. Each of these characters had unique abilities and disabilities and used their powers to fight against various threats to humanity.

Over the years, the Doom Patrol has included a wide range of characters, some of whom are considered to be among the most unusual and offbeat superheroes in the DC Universe. Some of the more memorable members of the team have included Crazy Jane, a woman with 64 different personalities, each with its own unique superpower; Danny the Street, a sentient street who can transport itself to any location; and Flex Mentallo, a musclebound hero with reality-warping powers.