‘Doom Patrol’ Season 4 Episode 12 Release Date & Time

doom patrol episode release date and time

‘Doom Patrol’ is a superhero TV series based on the DC Comics team, primarily influenced by Grant Morrison’s comic run. The show features characters like Jane, Rita Farr, Vic Stone, Larry Trainor, Cliff Steele, and Niles Caulder as members of the Doom Patrol. Although some actors reprise their roles from “Titans,” the two shows exist in separate continuities. The series revolves around a group of unlikely heroes who gained their powers through tragic events and are now considered to be outcasts in the broader society. Dr. Niles Caulder, also known as the Chief, provides them with a place to operate in his mansion, and their name is a tribute to an earlier Doom Patrol team he formed. The initial members include Crazy Jane, Elasti-Woman, Negative Man, and Robotman, later being joined by Cyborg.

The second part of season 4 was highly awaited, and we finally have the dates when it will be released, so let’s review the release schedule. 

‘Doom Patrol’ Season 4 Episode 12 release date 

Episode 12 of ‘Doom Patrol’ will be released on Thursday, November 9. Following the premiere, new episodes will be released weekly every Thursday night. As for the time, across all timezones, the release schedule is as follows:  

  • Pacific Time (PT) – 12:00 a.m
  •  Central Time (CT) – 02:00 a.m
  •  Eastern Time (ET) – 3:00 a.m
  •  United Kingdom (GMT) – 08:00 a.m 
  •  Central Europe (CET) – 09:00 a.m


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How many episodes will ‘Doom Patrol’ Season 4 have?

‘Doom Patrol’ Season 4 is set to have 12 episodes in total, separated into two parts. The first part aired from December 8, 2022, until January 5, 2023. Now, with the second part releasing on October 12, we can expect the finale to drop on November 9. The following is an entire release schedule for Doom Patrol Season 4 Part 2:

  1. ‘Doom Patrol’ Season 4 Episode 7 – ‘Orqwith Patrol,’ October 12, 2023
  2. ‘Doom Patrol’ Season 4 Episode 8 – ‘Fame Patrol,’ October 12, 2023
  3. ‘Doom Patrol’ Season 4 Episode 9 – ‘Immortimas Patrol,’ October 19, 2023
  4. ‘Doom Patrol’ Season 4 Episode 10 – ‘Tomb Patrol,’ October 26, 2023
  5. ‘Doom Patrol’ Season 4 Episode 11 – ‘Portal Patrol,’ November 2, 2023
  6. ‘Doom Patrol’ Season 4 Episode 12 – ‘Done Patrol,’ November 9, 2023

Where to watch ‘Doom Patrol’ Season 4? 

The only place where you can stream ‘Doom Patrol’ is Max. You can find all previous seasons on the streaming service as well since it’s well known to be the home of DC-based content. 

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