10 Greatest ThunderCats Characters of All Time

greatest thunderCats of all time
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Throughout their history, the ThunderCats have battled the likes of Slithe and the Mutants, Mumm-Ra, Grune the Destroyer, Luna, Captain Shiner, and more. They’ve built impressive buildings, and machines that make the ground tremble, and have had to relocate and start over. The ThunderCats are a resilient bunch, who, no matter the circumstance they find themselves in, always do what’s right. And why? Because at the end of the day, each one of them is a hero and that’s what heroes do. 

I ask you, however, of all the ThunderCats to have existed, who are the ones that stand out? I mean, who are the ThunderCats that immediately come to mind when the word ThunderCats is used? Simple. I proudly present to you the 10 greatest ThunderCats characters of all time.

10. Pumyra 


Along with Bengali and Lynx-O, Pumyra was introduced during the show’s second season. Pumyra is the resident healer of the group and can often be found foraging the grounds of Third Earth for ingredients to make medicine from. She is the most compassionate of the Cats and although the world could always use more compassion, this causes her to clash with their way of life. 

Of all the Cats, Pumyra is arguably the most agile. She is an excellent leaper and this allows her to gain a safe distance from her enemies. Once the distance is gained, Pumyra is then able to unleash her devastating slingshot. 

9. Bengali 


Although he looks like Tygra, save for his blue color, Bengali is not Tygra. While Tygra is old, wise, and patient, Bengali is impetuous, quick to act, and impatient. He, along with Pumyra and Lynx-O, appeared in the second season of the show. 


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Just like Panthro is the builder and Tygra is the engineer of the group, Bengali is the resident blacksmith. As the blacksmith, he wields the Hammer of Thundera, and his ability with it is never called into question. This is so much to the point that when Tug-Mug broke the Sword of Omens into two pieces, it was Bengali who forged it back together. 

8. Wilykat


The brother to Wilykit, Wilykat is the older of the two. While the two are similar in size, appearance, age, and maturity level, Wilykat is the more cautious of the two. This means that when the two devise a plan, it’s often Wilykat second-guessing what they’re doing.

Like his sister, Wilykat is as agile and cunning as they come. This is so much that when Lion-O took part in the Anointment Trials, he had to face the two siblings in the Trial of Cunning. Wilykat utilizes special capsules in his belt as weapons. After the capsules are thrown, they explode and release an assortment of chemicals, mysterious fluids, or smoke. 

7. Wilykit 


Wilykit is the sister to Wilykat and the youngest of all the ThunderCats. Don’t be too mistaken, however. She, her brother, and Lion-O are relatively the same age. She, along with Wilykat, isthe most playful and adventurous of the group but their young age often prevents them from going on too many missions.

Wilykit is as quick and agile as any of the group. She is a skilled fighter, or at least for her age she is and uses a plethora of tricks and small devices in battle. Of the two siblings, I’d argue that she’s the braver one.

6. Lynx-O


Lynx-O is the oldest of the ThunderCats. When Thundera exploded, Lynx-O suffered irreversible eye damage. As a result of his eye damage, Lynx-O honed in on his other senses thereby allowing him to function as normally as the others on the team.

With his other senses dialed in, Lynx-O has developed an ability called “nerve pinch”. When used, the pinch enables him to instantly knock out his enemies with a single touch. Lynx-O is often looked upon for guidance and his calm demeanor is the perfect compliment to the others (Bengali and Pumyra) that he can often be found. 

5. Tygra 


As the scientist and architect of the group, Tygra has intelligence that rivals very few. He is the leader of the ThunderCats council and has the ability to turn himself invisible. Tygra is the one that Lion-O turns to if advice is needed and is often left in command if the leader is out. Tygra is armed with a bolo whip and is as proficient with it as Indiana Jones. 

As the architect of the group, Tygra is responsible for the creation of each structure the team uses. This includes Cats Lair and the Tower of Omens. Of all the members, Tygra is the most level-headed. Rather than rushing into battle or drawing an immediate conclusion, he often takes his time and thinks every outcome through before doing anything. 

4. Lion-O


Lion-O is the leader of the Thundercats. As such, it makes perfect sense he’s one of the greatest ThunderCats characters. He is responsible for their welfare, safety, and livelihood. While this may seem like a daunting task, understand that he leads with the help of the other adult Thundercats.

After being forced from their home planet of Thundera, the Thundercats each board a pod designed to carry them to a new planet. The pod, along with acting as a transportation device, also prevents the Cats from aging. Unfortunately, Lion-O’s, while keeping him safe, didn’t prevent him from aging. As such, when he awoke, he awoke as a man with the mind of an adolescent.


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Lion-O wields the most powerful weapons the Cats have the Sword of Omens and the Clawshield. With them by his side, he is almost unstoppable.

3. Cheetara


The fastest of all the ThunderCats, Cheetara is also the only adult female in the original group. In addition to her near-immeasurable speed, Cheetara also possesses the ability to see into the past and future.

Not only did Cheetara set into motion Lion-O’s time as leader of the Thundercats (she awoke him from his sleep) her speed has saved her team more times than I care to count. In fact, due to her speed, it was Cheetara who saved Tygra when he had inadvertently become trapped in a cave that caused accelerated aging. 

2. Panthro


Panthro is as much to the team as any. He is the strongest of all the Cats, their resident mechanic/engineer, and the one most likely to enjoy a good joke. Beware, however, if one is played on Panthro. Although he likes a good joke, he is also the quickest-tempered of the group. 

As the group’s mechanic and engineer, it is Panthro is responsible for building all of the vehicles the Cats use on Third Earth. These include the powerful Thundertank, the Feline, and the Thunderclaw. 

Panthro wields twin nunchaku that, when opened, release an array of chemicals. Further to this, his spiked armor can also be deployed as either a type of rappel line or as a projectile weapon. With so much to give the team, Panthro is one of the greatest ThunderCats characters.

1. Jaga 

Jaga ThunderCats

While alive, Jaga was the ThunderCat responsible for creating the lineage and heritage of the group. He was sworn to protect the Cats, specifically the son of King Claudus, Lion-O. Jaga is the one looked to for guidance should it ever be needed. After Thundera exploded and the group was placed into their safety pods, it was Jaga who piloted the ship to Third Earth. He did this knowing that he would not survive the flight. 

After they began their successful trek to Third Earth, Jaga requested that Cheetara wake Lion-O. Although now a ghost-type figure, Jaga appears before Lion-O and offers him guidance, advice, and anything else the young Lord might need.

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