Top 10 Most Feared ThunderCats Villains of All Time

Top 10 Most Feared ThunderCats Enemies of All Time

For every good hero, there’s almost always a better villain. We’ve seen this play out time and again in both DC and Marvel. For Batman, there’s Ra’s al Ghul. For Charles Xavier, there’s Magneto. Sometimes, however, as good as single villains are, the dynamic of good vs evil is better off when there are multiple villains. Enter the ThunderCats and their rogue’s gallery. Certainly, an argument could be made that Mumm-Ra is the antithesis of Lion-O and the Cats but the show works better when he isn’t the only one wreaking havoc.

In a show with as many ThunderCats enemies as their show had, it’s hard to decipher exactly who is the best. But we’ve done it and we’d love to know how you feel about it. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our list of best Thundercats enemies.

10. Jackalman 


Like the other Mutants, Jackalman hails from the planet, Plun-Darr. Unlike the other mutants, Jackalman can be seen as cowardly. More times than not, he errs on the side of caution and questions the plans of whichever leader he is following. As the smallest of the group, this makes perfect sense as he isn’t as likely to survive a big blow from battle. 

Jackalman is the comedian of the group. His remarks can and do give reprieve to many tense moments between the mutants. They do, however, come at a cost. Because he jokes too often, his sense of ability and power is often called into question. 

9. Luna

Luna ThunderCats

Luna is the leader of the Lunataks. As such, she commands a group of misfits who, for better or worse, do her every bidding. Don’t let her looks fool you. Luna is a capable strategist who has cooked up some of the best plans the Lunataks have ever carried out.

If those she commands fail to obey her, they face the wrath of her bodyguard, Amok. Amok is the strength and power of the Lunataks. Although he’s quite dimwitted, because very few can match his strength, he is a formidable adversary. 

With Amok and the Lunataks by her side, Luna is one of the best ThunderCats enemies to ever appear on the show.

8. Monkian


What Monkian lacks in smarts, he more than makes up in stealth. Monkian is the go-to spy for the Mutants. Because of this, he is often the one who gains information about their enemies, specifically the ThunderCats. This doesn’t mean that he gets the information from reputable sources, however. On occasion, his sources have proven to be less than desirable. Point in case, the time when he delivered information that was given to him by a female in a tree whom he had just met

Like a good soldier, Monkian rarely questions or goes against the wishes of his leader, Slithe. When he does, however, he is often left with the proverbial “egg on his face”. 

7. Slithe


As the leader of the Mutants, Slithe is just about as dangerous as any. Slithe doesn’t command the respect of the Mutants. Instead, through his impatience and physically imposing figure, he beats down his team into obeying him.

At first impression, Slithe doesn’t seem too intelligent. However, what Slithe may lack in intelligence, he more than makes up for in his relentless pursuit to rule Third Earth. Slithe does do Mumm-Ra’s bidding, albeit much to his own chagrin. As the leader of the mutants, he would like nothing more than overthrow Mumm-Ra as the evil ruler of Third Earth. 

6. Captain Shiner

Captain Shiner

If you had money to spend and an evil deed to carry out, Captain Shiner is your man. Captain Shiner is a mercenary for hire. Although he isn’t impressive physically, Captain Shiner is calm and through his calm, capable of getting the job done. This means that rather than rushing into battle, he creates as foolproof a plan as he can and then proceeds.


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Captain Shiner is neither good nor evil. Instead, he serves whichever side pays him better. While some may question his morals and ethics, what separates him from so many is that when he commits to a job, he won’t rest until it’s complete.

5. Safari Joe

Safari Joe

While Captain Shiner is a mercenary for hire, Safari Joe is an intergalactic bounty hunter. He travels the spaceways in search of the greatest Big Game he can find. When he does, he’s ruthless in his pursuit of it. After successfully bringing in the Big Cats, Aqua Cats, and Sky Cats, Safari Joe turned his attention to the biggest game of all … the ThunderCats. 

Safari Joe travels with some of the best technology in the ThunderCats universe. In addition to his Gatling Gun that holds just about every ammunition imaginable, he also flies around in an undetectable ship and uses the Holojector. The Holojector, for reference, is a piece of equipment capable of projecting a hologram of any prey he has taken down. 

4. Vultureman 


Vultureman is different from the other mutants in the sense that he didn’t arrive on Third Earth at the same time as them. This doesn’t change how evil he is. As the smartest of all the Mutants, Vultureman is often the one creating the plans that somewhat work. He is their resident engineer, mechanic, architect, and more.

As such, he’s responsible for the creation of many of their vehicles. Vultureman’s pitfall, if one could be made, is that because he’s more intelligent than the others, he often finds himself as the odd man out when the others have a disagreement.  For example, when Ratar-O briefly reappeared and assumed leadership of the Mutants, it was Vultureman who left Slithe to stand by his side.

3. Ratar-O


Ratar-O is a mutant who, on their home planet of Plun-Darr led the group. After they landed on Third Earth, Slithe, the former kitchen cook, took over leadership duties. After Slithe took over leadership, all of the mutants, save for Vultureman, were relieved. Each thought that Ratar-O was a ruthless leader and none enjoyed following him.

As the former leader of the mutants, Ratar-O is a skilled strategist, and field commander, and is proficient in putting together schemes to take down the ThunderCats. He can always be found carrying his twin sais called the Rat’s Eyes. Through his weapons, he can levitate his enemies and shoot powerful beams of energy. 

2. Grune the Destroyer

Grune the Destroyer

Grune is a ThunderCat, who, at one point actually led their armies. In fact, his Great Grandfather was the Lord of the ThunderCats. Grune changed from sworn protector of the inhabitants of Thundera to destroyer of it. This happened because Grune grew tired of the peace the planet had achieved and lusted for battle. The lust caused him to form a military coup against Jaga. The coupe was unsuccessful and after the battle, Jaga encased the disgruntled Thunderian in a crystal pod and sent him off to space.


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Eventually, the pod made its way to Third Earth where Grune found the ThunderCats. After attempting to steal the precious Thundrillium, Lion-O was forced to call upon Jaga for help. Together, the two defeated Grune and he disappeared. As a former ThunderCat, Grune the Destroyer is one of the greatest ThunderCats enemies to ever do battle with the felines. 

1. Mumm-Ra


It should come as no surprise to see Mumm-Ra make this list. He is unquestionably the most important and powerful villain that the ThunderCats have. Mumm-Ra possesses near immortality and has a knowledge base of evil and black magic that very few have. Mumm-Ra has two forms. The first and one he can be most often found in is his mummified form. In this form, he’s weak, open to various attacks, and nearly defenseless.

His other form comes after requesting that the ancient spirits bestow him with great power. In this form, Mumm-Ra balloons to 9’ tall, is capable of flight, shoots energy from his body, and so much more. Mumm-Ra will be forever linked as the greatest of all the ThunderCats enemies. Period.

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