‘The Authority’: A New Rumor Regarding the Movie’s Potential Casting and Director Has Surfaced

the authority

The last DCEU movie, ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,’ is less than four months away, and we still don’t have any official teasers, trailers, first looks, posters, anything! There are a good number of potential reasons why WB is stalling so much with the movie’s marketing campaign, but that’s a worry for another day. Why? Because we know that a new cinematic universe based on DC publications is currently in development, or rather, it’ll continue development as soon as the ongoing strikes in Hollywood are resolved.

James Gunn, co-CEO of DC Studios, announced the first five movies that will be set in his DCU. One of those movies is ‘The Authority.’ This movie will adapt the comic book series of the same name that DC Comics published under the Wildstorm imprint in 1999. The general audience has probably never heard of this team, but knowing James Gunn, he always does a great job of introducing less-known characters to the general audience. However, we officially don’t know anything about the upcoming movie except that it’s in development.

A new rumor claims to have some news about ‘The Authority’ casting and the director, but how truthful is it?

We always like to listen to The Hot Mic podcast with Jeff Sneider and John Rocha, who usually discuss the rumors and leaks about upcoming superhero projects. However, in this rumor’s case, Rocha warned that he heard it from a source that can be only 60% true, but he decided to throw it out just for the conversation.

According to the rumor, DC Studios has already found the cast for the upcoming movie, and here’s how it goes: Keira Knightley as Jenny Sparks, Alexander Skarsgård as Apollo, Sam Warrington as Midnighter, Keke Palmer as the Engineer, Riz Ahmed as the Doctor, Gerard Butler as Jack Hawksmoor, and Ken Watanabe as the villain Kaizen Gamorra. The same rumor also claims that the movie will be directed by Matthew Vaughn and written by Drew Goddard.

Again, Rocha warns you, and so do we, that you take this with a huge grain of salt. Rocha warned the fans again that this source can be around 60% right, and he said: “This is just for fun. If it does happen, you heard it here first. If it doesn’t, you can’t blame us.”


DC’s The Authority: Potential Release Date, Cast, Plot & More

If you want our opinion, well, if this proves to be true, this will surely be a star-studded movie. However, I still remember that Riz Ahmed once said that he didn’t want to star in blockbusters anymore after his experience with Sony’s ‘Venom.’ Of course, it’s not impossible that he changed his mind in the meantime, but this could be used as an argument that this rumor might be only half-true or not true at all.

‘The Authority’ still has no official release date. James Gunn recently said that no DCU projects except ‘Superman: Legacy’ and ‘Creature Commandos’ are written yet, and they surely won’t be written before the strikes are resolved.

Whether this rumor proves truthful or not, what would you think about this cast and crew for ‘The Authority’ if it really goes down like this? Let us know in the comments what you think about this.

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