‘The Boys’ Season 4 Critics Ignore Show’s Longstanding Parody of Right-Wing Politics


“The Boys” remains one of the world’s most popular superhero series, with its fourth season achieving great success since its June 13, 2024 premiere. Currently Certified Fresh with high ratings, the season has also seen a rise in viewership according to Amazon. However, despite its acclaim, a significant number of dissatisfied fans are review-bombing the season due to its heightened political undertones.

Yet, the show’s creators remain unfazed by the backlash, continuing to boldly critique various targets with each new episode. Season 4, in particular, has pushed its political satire to new levels, prompting us to question the sudden surge of criticism. Since its inception, “The Boys” has served as a platform for sharp political satire, leaving us perplexed as to why this aspect is now receiving such intense backlash. In this article, we delve into the possible reasons behind this shift in fan sentiment.

This opinion piece comes from a longtime fan of “The Boys”, offering arguments to foster a constructive discussion about the series and its significance. It’s important to note that these views are subjective and meant to provoke thought rather than provide definitive answers.

Firstly, one major reason for the series’ current controversy is its amplified political satire in this season. While satire has always been a strong element, this time the writers have pushed boundaries, critiquing various targets with unabashed fervor. This season’s approach leaves no doubt about “The Boys'” intent as a parody of right-wing politics, among other themes. This openness and directness may clarify any lingering doubts about the show’s context for viewers, emphasizing its primary focus on political satire, albeit not exclusively.

From this perspective, the show’s creators can also be held accountable for the backlash. They have openly criticized toxic fans and their online reactions, urging them to stop watching the show and move on. This stance has intensified animosity and provoked many viewers; review-bombing is just one manifestation of this reaction, exacerbating the overall issues with the current season.

Furthermore, the season premiered during a pivotal moment—just before the U.S. presidential election, where Trump was seeking re-election. The season unabashedly parodies aspects of Trump’s politics, life, and his supporters, contributing to the already heightened polarization in American society. Given this context, it’s understandable that some review-bombers used review sites as a battleground for their political disagreements.

So, we believe this is what has fueled the widespread backlash against this season. Ironically, the series has maintained this style since its inception, yet the backlash seems to have surfaced only recently—as if everyone suddenly realized that water is wet, despite it always being so. What are your thoughts on this? Do you share our perspective, or do you have a different take? We welcome your opinions in the comments below!

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