‘The Flash’ Director Confirms Who Killed Barry Allen’s Mother


Ezra Miller first debuted as Barry Allen in a minor role in 2016’s ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.’ They also had a cameo appearance in 2016’s ‘Suicide Squad’ before their first full-time appearance in 2017’s ‘Justice League.’ Even though the character was already established in the franchise, we didn’t revisit Barry Allen’s origin story until 2023’s ‘The Flash,’ which recently premiered in theaters.

The fans of the source material and those who watched ‘The Flash’ TV series on The CW are already familiar with Barry Allen’s origin story. As we know, his mother was killed while he was a child, and his father was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for her murder. Barry never stopped believing in his father’s innocence, which led him to become a forensic scientist, and after one night the lightning struck him in his lab, he became the fastest man alive.

One of the major plot points of ‘The Flash’ movie was Barry’s origin story and what happened that day when his mother was murdered. Still, unlike the TV series, the movie focused on Barry trying to save his mom and prove his father’s innocence, while the answer of who really killed Barry’s mother was put under a rug, so to speak. While we know that Eobard Thawne, aka Reverse Flash or Professor Zoom in some incarnations, is canonically the culprit, someone who had never encountered Barry Allen’s origin story before this movie might be a little confused.

Andy Muschietti confirms Nora Allen’s killer and teases the potential sequel!

During a recent interview for The Playlist’s podcast, The Discourse, the movie’s director Andy Muschietti was asked what villains would be like to bring in potential future installments, and Muschietti admitted that the next chapter for Barry Allen would be to encounter his arch-enemy Reverse Flash, considering he’s the actual killer of his mother.

“Well, Reverse Flash is the elephant in the room, right? It feels like you can’t make another movie without addressing the one that, in all accounts, is the murderer of Barry’s mom. So, it feels like the big villain. I have my own favorites, but that’s another story – I’d like to see The Turtle at some point. The slowest man on Earth. Gorilla Grodd, of course. And many more.”

Andy Muschietti for The Playlist


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However, there are plenty of questions, not just about Barry Allen’s future in the franchise but the franchise as a whole as well. As we know, ‘The Flash’ erased practically everything that happened in DCEU before, and now it’s time for the upcoming movies to set up a new, soft-reboot cinematic universe known as DCU.

Miller’s Barry Allen is still present in this new timeline that the movie created, but it’s hard to say the sequel will happen considering Miller’s legal problems and the fact that Muschietti recently signed to direct ‘The Brave and the Bold,’ one of the first DCU movies. The Flash is one of the most-known DC characters, and he’ll surely have some role to play in DCU, but given everything going around DC Studios at the moment, we aren’t daring to predict anything.

Directed by Andy Muschietti and starring Ezra Miller, Sasha Calle, Michael Keaton, Michael Shannon, Ron Livingston, Maribel Verdú, Kiersey Clemons, and Antje Traue, ‘The Flash’ is now playing in theaters worldwide.

Do you think ‘The Flash’ sequel will happen? If so, are you expecting to see Reverse Flash in it?

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