The One Below All vs. the One Above All: Who Is More Powerful?


In the world of Marvel Comics, two beings stand out as the most powerful: The One Below All and The One Above All. The former embodies the Marvel universe’s darkest and most malevolent forces, while the latter is often portrayed as the creator of the entire Marvel multiverse. While both are incredibly powerful, fans have long debated which of these god-like beings would come out on top in a fight. In a battle between The One Below All and The One Above All, who is stronger, and who would win? 

The One Above All and The One Below All are equally powerful because The One Below All is simply an aspect of The One Above All. While The One Above All has ultimate powers over creation, The One Below All manifests as incarnate destruction. TOBA cannot create anything, while TOAA uses love for creation rather than destruction. Since both TOBA and TOAA are simply two polar opposites of a single entity, we can’t say that either TOBA or TOAA would gain the upper hand over the other since balance in the Universe has to exist. 

Now that we’ve covered that TOBA and TOAA are two sides of a single coin, it’s time to analyze the powers and abilities of both entities and see how they compare against each other. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

In terms of powers and abilities, both The One Above All and The One Bellow All have nearly unlimited powers. This is because TOBA is simply a manifestation of the dark aspect of TOAA. TOAA uses love to create. TOAA is omnipresent, omniscient, and all-powerful. He is the source of all life, creation, and powers in the Universe. But this creation is simply one aspect of TOAA’s powers, as he also has a darker side called The One Below All.

Like The One Above All, TOBA rules his own domain, the domain of destruction, corruption, decay, and entropy. TOBA cannot create anything; he can corrupt already-created things, which angers him greatly. The One Below All is responsible for the mutagenic form of Gamma energy that creates Gamma Mutates. Additionally, this energy can defy scientific laws and perform extraordinary feats. As a result, all Gamma Mutates are linked to The One Below All either through direct or indirect creation. 

Green Door – Gateway to the Below Place, a domain of The One Below All

TOBA has been known to possess Gamma Mutates. Such was the case with the infamous TOBA Hulk, an incredibly powerful “version” of Hulk that threatened all of existence. 


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But, to sum everything up. TOAA and TOBA are two manifestations of the same entity, and due to this, their powers and abilities have to be complete opposites, and neither side can be more “powerful.” TOAA is responsible for the creation, and TOBA is responsible for the destruction. To keep the balance of all things, TOAA and TOBA are two aspects of a single entity locked in an eternal battle of creation and destruction. If TOAA or TOBA gained the upper hand over the other, the Universe would stop. 


Regarding comic book characters in general, we’re used to comparing durability. Still, this wouldn’t make sense when it comes to TOAA and TOBA, as both entities are invulnerable. The One Above All and The One Below All are entities outside the scope of terms such as “harm” and “dying.” But, both entities had likewise been defeated in the comics before. However, that was probably the original plan since nothing happens in the Universe without TOAA or TOBA being aware of it. Both TOBA and TOAA have their set of weaknesses. 

In the Infinity Conflict storyline, Astral Regulator Thanos defeated The One Above All. This was achieved by using the powerful artifacts of creation known as the Astral Regulators, which The One Above All created to prevent the universes from colliding with each other and causing destruction. These regulators possess significant power, akin to The One Above All.

Despite the Astral Regulators’ incredible power, Thanos gained control over them and subsequently used their power to defeat TOAA. This allowed him to absorb The One Above All’s powers and become the most powerful being in the multiverse. It’s important to note that this story is not considered canon, meaning it is not an official part of the Marvel continuity.

While the defeat of The One Above All by Thanos may not be considered canon, it still highlights the immense power of both characters and the potential consequences of such a battle. The Astral Regulators themselves are a testament to The One Above All’s power and the lengths that were taken to maintain the delicate balance of the Marvel multiverse. 

The One Below All has a weakness as well. TOBA’s biggest weakness is that the entity is a mindless beast composed only of impulses that crave destruction, decay, and entropy. TOBA cannot create a beautiful life. It is incapable of it.

It is forever locked, following in the steps of TOAA, attempting to perverse and mutate his creation to achieve its end goal – destroy everything. After TOBA is unleashed and manages to destroy the Universe, this is where TOAA enters again, rebuilding it from scratch. 

Origin & level of existence 

TOAA and TOBA were created at the same time. This is because balance had to exist from the earliest moment of existence. And due to them being two aspects of a single entity, they also share the level of existence. Still, this is perhaps the only aspect where TOAA has the upper hand since he is free to roam as he pleases, while TOBA is mostly locked away until TOAA is ready to rebuild the Universe from scratch. It’s important to mention that despite its role in the natural order of things, TOBA constantly tries to gain the upper hand over TOAA and plots to escape. 


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The One Above All vs. The One Below All: Who is more powerful? 

The One Above All and The One Bellow All are equally powerful and have infinite powers and abilities. However, the manifestation of their powers is different because TOAA creates and TOBA destroys. Both TOAA and TOBA are considered to be two aspects of a duality of the ultimate creator, and one can’t exist without the other. 

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