‘The Penguin’: Plot, Cast, Release Date & Everything We Know So Far

the penguin release date

There are plenty of DC-based projects currently in development, and while all eyes are on Gunn’s DCU and his upcoming ‘Creature Commandos’ & ‘Superman’ we occasionally forget that Elseworlds, which ‘The Batman’ film series and several other upcoming projects are a part of, are doing their own thing. The next big thing is ‘The Penguin’ live-action series.

‘The Penguin’ is set to be a spinoff of ‘The Batman’ film series, set in the alternative universe, distinctive from the DCU, and due to the release getting closer every day, we decided to summarize everything we know about the show.

The show takes place a week after the events of ‘The Batman’

Despite ‘The Penguin’ and ‘The Batman’ not being a part of the mainline DCU, they do have a shared cinematic universe. The upcoming show will take place a week after the events of the aforementioned movie. Following the events of the movie, Falcone is dead and The Penguin is desperately trying to fill the power vacuum left behind with the help of Sofia Falcone.

Farrell indicated that the series would explore the character’s complexities, including his awkwardness, strength, villainous aspects, and underlying heartbreak, building upon his cinematic portrayal. He also mentioned that the show will be extremely violent and dark.

Much of the cast has been revealed

Back when the show was first announced it was also revealed that some of the cast from the movie would reprise their roles, the cast is currently pretty extensive with Mark Strong, who previously portrayed Thaddeus Sivana in the DCEU being cast in an undisclosed role:

  1. Colin Farrell – The Penguin / Oswald “Oz” Cobblepot
  2. Cristin Milioti – Sofia Falcone
  3. Clancy Brown – Salvatore Maroni
  4. Michael Zegen – Alberto Falcone
  5. Michael Kelly as Johnny Vitti
  6. Rhenzy Feliz – undisclosed
  7. Shohreh Aghdashloo – undisclosed
  8. Deirdre O’Connell – undisclosed
  9. James Madio – undisclosed
  10. Scott Cohen – undisclosed
  11. Theo Rossi – undisclosed
  12. Carmen Ejogo – undisclosed
  13. François Chau – undisclosed
  14. David H. Holmes – undisclosed
  15. Craig Walker – undisclosed
  16. Jared Abrahamson – undisclosed
  17. Mark Strong – undisclosed

The show is aiming for a winter 2024 release

Principal photography for the series started on March 1, 2023, in New York City under the working title Boss. Darran Tiernan served as cinematographer for episodes directed by Zobel. Filming locations included Silvercup Studios North in Queens, with plans for shooting in Westchester County disrupted by picketers during the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike. Production paused until after the strike concluded in November, with filming resuming in the Bronx and Whitestone, Queens. Kelly completed his scenes by January 2024 and filming wrapped on February 17.

‘The Penguin’ is set to premiere on Max in late 2024, comprising eight episodes.

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