Yes, There Is a 7th Infinity Stone: The Power of Ego Gem Explained

Yes There Is a 7th Infinity Stone The Power of Ego Gem

For comic book readers, the Infinity Stones have been a mainstay of the Marvel Universe for decades; each Stone is imbued with incredible power that can alter reality itself. While most fans are familiar with the six stones that make up the Infinity Gauntlet, few may know about the seventh Stone, the Ego Gem. This elusive Stone has played a significant role in several comic book storylines, and its powers are just as potent as those of its counterparts. In this article, we will delve into the power of the Ego Gem and explore its place in the intricate tapestry of the Marvel Universe. But first, let’s answer the most basic question, what is the seventh Infinity Stone?

The seventh infinity stone is not a real infinity stone; it is, however, connected to the stones because it carries the remnant consciousness of the being whose destruction led to the creation of the infinity stones. Due to that, the “seventh Infinity Stone” is the weakest out of all accompanying gems. Although at one point, it presented itself as a danger to Earth-616, still it was eventually destroyed by the combined efforts of the Avengers and UltraForce.

Now that we’ve covered that the seventh infinity gem is technically not the same thing as the remaining six gems, it’s time to analyze why. If you’re interested in more, keep reading!

Is there a seventh Infinity Stone?

There is a seventh Infinity Stone, but the story behind it is much less exciting than what you would have assumed. The seventh Infinity Stone is not part of the canon as it was introduced during the Ultraverse crossover; hence it’s not part of the mainline canon of the Earth-616 universe. Still, it’s interesting enough, so we’ve decided to explore its nature in a bit more depth, but before we can do that, we need to explain the origin of the remaining six Infinity Stones.

The Infinity Gems are considered among the most powerful artifacts in the Marvel Universe. There are six of them, Mind Stone, Reality Stone, Power Stone, Space Stone, Time Stone, and The Soul Stone. Having even one Stone in the possession allows its wielder to acquire a complete master of a SINGLE aspect of reality.

Having all of them simultaneously allows the wielder to control reality itself. This is what Thanos accomplished in the MCU and the reason why he managed to destroy half of the universe’s life with a single snap. But now that we’ve covered the basics of Infinity Gems, it’s time to explore how they came to be since it’s the only way to understand the alleged seventh Gem, also known as Ego Stone.

Ego gem

The Infinity Stones were created when the omnipotent being known as Nemesis decided to destroy herself. She destroyed herself not from the lack of power but from loneliness. Her fading essence of omnipotence created the Infinity Stones, her spirit and powers split across seven Stones scattered throughout all of existence.

This means that all aspects of Nemesis’ power imbued a single gem as she faded. But there was a seventh gem, called the Ego Gem because it didn’t carry an aspect of reality or Nemesis’ power. Instead, it carried the consciousness of Nemesis, or more plainly; it carried the consciousness of all other Infinity Stones.


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When Nemesis committed suicide, the other gems scattered all across different universes, and they even landed on Marvel’s mainline Universe, Earth 616. However, that remaining seventh Infinity Stone landed in a different reality, Earth-93060, also known as Ultraverse. There it was lost until an opportunity presented itself.

How did the Avengers come into contact with the seventh Infinity Stone?

Avengers came into contact with the seventh Infinity Stone during the Ultraverse crossover event. The pod carrying Ego Gem crashed on Earth-616, and the Gem was immediately aware of the presence of other Infinity Stones, longing to reunite itself with them to revive the original Nemesis that had malevolent intentions. The Gem came into contact with mentally unstable Sersi, which allowed Nemesis to possess her of sorts. The remaining six Stones were at the time in Loki’s possession.

Ego Gem 7th infinity stone

Reuniting with the other gems, Nemesis realizes that she is not as powerful as she was before and that the other gems have sentience as well. Realizing that she has a weakness, the Avengers and the UltraForce attempted to fight Nemesis, but the Black Knight ultimately defeated her. The Seventh Gem – Ego Gem was destroyed when Black Knight destroyed Nemesis’ crown with a single blow of his sword. The remaining Infinity Stones caused an explosion powerful enough to blast the UltraForce back to their original universe from where they came from.


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Since Ego Gem held the mind and presence of the original Nemesis, her consciousness was split evenly across all the remaining Infinity Gems.

How powerful is the Seventh Infinity Stone?

We’re used to the fact that Infinity Stones are incredibly powerful, and once they were used as means to bring the Universe to its knees. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case for Ego Gem. It’s considered to be powerful simply because it was a vessel for Nemesis herself, that is, her consciousness, but other than that, the powers were never explained in more detail. It’s considered to be the weakest of Gems due to not having control over aspects of reality.

The seventh gem

Even though the Ego Gem held remnants of Nemesis’ consciousness, it was still ultimately overpowered by the remaining Infinity Stones and destroyed with a single blow from Black Knight’s sword.

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