Thor vs. Godzilla: Who Would Win in a Fight?


On one side, we have the Asgardian God of Thunder Thor, one of the most powerful beings and one of the strongest members of the Avengers. In the opposing corner is Godzilla, the King of Monsters. Godzilla is a massive creature from the sea who is more than a worthy opponent. Both of these characters are powerful in their own way but if Thor and Godzilla came face to face, who would win?

Despite being superior to Thor in terms of physiology and strength, Thor would come out as the winner thanks to his incredible speed, stamina, intelligence, and durability. Godzilla may be resilient to nuclear weapons but Thor possesses far much stronger environmental and physical powers that can greatly maim Godzilla.

This article will pit these two great supernatural beings against each other, comparing their powers and abilities to see who pound for pound would best their opponent. Let’s dive right into it!


Thor is of Asgardian descent and bears the form of a normal human being. However, nothing is normal about him. He is, after all, a celestial being and is thus imbued with numerous supernatural abilities. His bones, skin, and muscle tissue are often described as “metal fibers” and incredibly dense. This makes it impossible for him to incur any form of physical damage. 

On the other hand, Godzilla is a transitional form between aquatic and terrestrial vertebrates. Most of his time is spent at sea, only coming ashore to level cities or save the day. Most of what makes Godzilla a huge threat is his tremendous size and strength. He is approximately 603ft tall and weighs about 90,000 tons at least. His body is fueled by radiation and nuclear energy


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Godzilla’s skin is a form of battle armor that is impenetrable. He once took a meteorite to the face and was unfazed. Occasionally, he is bombarded by nukes and missiles and even then brushes them away. This must mean his body is capable of taking great punishment. He is a great fighter underwater as well as on dry land.

In terms of physiology, Godzilla trumps Thor. I mean, just imagine his sheer size.

Point: Thor (0:1) Godzilla


One factor that would greatly impact this battle would be speed.

When wielding Mjolnir, Thor can move at eye-blinding speeds. In some instances, Thor is described as not only one of the strongest characters in Marvel but also one of the fastest. How fast he is isn’t quite quantifiable but he can travel faster than the speed of light. At one point, he was able to subdue Quicksilver who’s one of the quickest characters.

On Earth, Thor once said he can move at supersonic speeds and that in space he can travel around the sun and traverse the universe in a matter of seconds. This is most likely due to Mjolnir’s ability to transcend both time and space. On one occasion, he traveled through time.

One of the biggest undoings of Godzilla’s size is that he isn’t quite as fast. Don’t get it twisted, while in combat Godzilla has been known to move swiftly and evade blows. But this isn’t nearly as fast as Thor moves. Godzilla would probably be much faster underwater.

In an all-out battle, at his top speed, Thor would be a blur against Godzilla.

Point: Thor (1:1) Godzilla


Thor is one of the strongest characters in the MCU. His strength level can only be described as being godlike. His strength varies in various comic books but is mostly described as being in the “Class-100” strength category. This means that he can lift upwards of 100 tons without much strain. This strength level could be increased if he used a magic belt of strength that doubles his strength temporarily. It could even be increased further using the Odin-Force.

By comparison, Godzilla boasts impressive strength. He’s been depicted lifting and tossing monsters like Mechagodzilla, King Ghidorah, Hedorah, and others who’re heavier than him. This is incredible considering Godzilla weighs 90,000 tons while Mechagodzilla weighs over 150,000 tons.

Strength-wise alone, Godzilla would overpower Thor.

Point: Thor (1:2) Godzilla


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Resilience and Regeneration

As an Asgardian/Elder God hybrid, Thor is extremely durable and resilient. As earlier mentioned, his skin has been described as being incredibly dense and capable of withstanding any type of damage. He’s immune to extreme heat and subzero temperatures. He’s withstood the weight of planets, survived flying into the sun’s center, and withstood blasts from Odin and Celestials. He also survived the blast from the Doomsday Bomb. He also has strong regenerative powers that allow him to instantaneously recover from injuries (if any).

Godzilla can withstand and resist injury. He has G-Cells that have regenerative qualities allowing his body to repair itself. The difference is that the injuries Godzilla sustains remain for the rest of the fight until he hibernates to regain his energy so he can heal.

Thor wins this round because of his stamina and because Godzilla cannot take multiple injuries at once. He has to regenerate and as such Thor would wear him out.

Point: Thor (2:2) Godzilla


Godzilla’s level of intelligence varies throughout the character’s history. Most of the time, he is described as a monster with some semblance of intelligence. In the beginning, he is depicted as having simplistic animal cunning. However, as the story progressed, he’s shown as having a high level of self-awareness and being capable of abstract thought.

Most people might suggest that Thor isn’t the smartest hero in the Marvel Universe. Most of the time he indeed relies on his muscles more than his wits but that doesn’t mean he lacks intelligence. When using his brain doesn’t work in a battle, he manages to outthink his foes, including his brother Loki. On other occasions, he comes up with smarter battle strategies than his Avenger friends can. Most battles he’s involved in require massive knowledge and intuition in addition to strength and since he emerges victorious in most of them, he can be described as smart.

Point: Thor (3:2) Godzilla


Thor’s physiology as an Elder God hybrid means he has extraordinary powers and abilities far much greater than other characters in the MCU. One thing Thor has in abundance is stamina. He can go toe to toe with challengers for days on end. He possesses superhuman stamina and he can significantly outlast most of his opponents. For example, his battle with the Frost giants lasted over nine months. Although he can fight for longer periods than most beings, he still needs time to rejuvenate.


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Godzilla’s stamina on the other hand isn’t quite up to par with Thor’s. True, he does have extraordinary stamina, being able to fight for hours on end. The only distinguishing factor of his stamina is that he requires time to recharge his energy levels before he can fight again. Without this recharge, he is virtually helpless and easy to defeat. This is where Hulk would have the upper hand.

Point: Thor (4:2) Godzilla

Thor vs. Godzilla: Who Comes Out on Top?

In a battle that would be drawn out and of epic proportions, Thor would trump Godzilla. Godzilla would no doubt use his nuclear breath but Thor could easily evade, block, and deflect the beam with Mjolnir and back to Godzilla. Strength-wise, Godzilla would best Thor but that wouldn’t help much as Thor’s godlike stamina would help him wear out Godzilla.

Godzilla’s most vulnerable body parts are his mind and heart. Thor’s environmental and physical powers would work a number on Godzilla. Regardless of his size and strength, Godzilla would be hard-pressed to defeat Thor. As a last resort, Thor could use God Blast which can destroy practically anything, including immortals. 

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