20 Strongest Versions of Thor (Ranked)

strongest version of thor

Thor is undoubtedly one of the most powerful Marvel superheroes of all time. The character first made his debut in 1962’s Journey into Mystery #83 and since then has fascinated fans the world over. Over the decades, the character has undergone immense alterations to fit into different storylines. We have also seen various versions of the character across the Marvel Multiverse. 

Some versions of Thor exist in the main Marvel Universe while others reside in alternate timelines and realities. This article explores all the variants of Thor, ranking them by order of their strength. By the end of the article, you’ll discover the strongest Thor there has been and will ever be in the Marvel Universe. So, be sure to stick around till the end to get the inside scoop of what is a guaranteed “shocker!”

20. Unworthy Thor

Unworthy Thor

If you remember well, the writers of the 2011 movie Thor toyed with the idea of an Unworthy Thor which led to Odin speaking the now-famous words “Whosoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

In the comics, we get to witness an unworthy version of the God of Thunder who is unable to wield the powers of Mjolnir. This is because Nick Fury lets him in on a secret and with this discovery comes another. Thor soon realizes his beloved Mjolnir won’t yield to him, its rightful master. He, therefore, losses all of his powers becoming just a mere Asgardian.


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While he was powerless, Unworthy Thor was still a force to be reckoned with as he wielded an ancient Asgardian ax, Jarnbjorn, and had millennia of experience in combat.

19. Throg


As crazy as it may seem, the writers of Marvel Comics are not ones to shy away from creating bizarre but fun versions of characters. If you’ve watched the Loki series then you’ve probably seen Throg, Thor in frog form, trapped in a jar labeled T365.

Throg made his first appearance in Thor #365. Thor was transformed into a frog called Puddlegulp, got his hands on Mjolnir, and was transformed into Frog Thor. Throg gained all of Thor’s Asgardian powers and abilities and would help in a war against rats in this issue.

Another version of Throg also appears in 2009’s Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1, which features animal versions of the Avengers team.

Throg, while still just a frog, can wield some of Mjolnir’s power, though this power is limited. All the same, Throg: Frog of Thunder is a cool addition to this list.

18. Roger “Red” Norvell

Roger Red Norvell

Roger Novell, known to his friends as Red, first made an appearance in Thor #273 but it wasn’t until Thor #276 that he became Thor. He was a human cameraman documenting the life of Asgardians when he met and fell for Lady Sif. However, Thor shuns him and his crew so they’re forced to leave.

Loki joins the crew and convinces them to go to Asgard to get the firsthand experience of living as an Asgardian. Unbeknownst to Red and his crew, Loki aided by Hela is actually setting up a plan in motion to bring about the destruction of Asgard. Loki smuggles Red into Asgard where he sends him on a quest to gain the power of Thor. Later on, Red acquires Megingjord, the Belt of Strength, and Iron Gloves that contain the essence of Thor. Red gains the power of Thor and challenges Thor to claim Mjolnir.

Eventually though, Red dies while battling Jormungandr, the Midgard Serpent. Red would go on to become Thor on two other separate occasions in the comics, after being resurrected by Odin.

17. Thor 2099

Thor 2099

This version of Thor emerged in Marvel 2099, one of Marvel Comic’s darkest timelines. Marvel 2099 is actually the future of Marvel’s main universe, Earth-616. In this timeline, Thor has a bunch of followers who are led by Reverend Cecil McAdams of the Church of Thor in Nueva New York. Cecil is Thor’s most devout worshipper but rather than follow in his master’s footsteps, he becomes an evil version after being imbued with powers similar to Thor’s by the Alchemax Corporation.

Cecil wields a hammer that is quite similar to the original Thor’s which grants him superhuman abilities. Instead of using these abilities for the greater good, he uses his newfound powers to battle future superhero versions like Spider-Man, Doom, and the Punisher. Eventually, in a battle of the ages, the hammer that grants him his powers is taken from him and tossed into the depths of Valhalla. Cecil is unwilling to let go of his powers and chases after it only for him to be killed in a mighty explosion.

While this version of Thor was strong, he was too power-hungry and villainous which is baffling since he was a stout believer in Thor Odinson.

16. Thor Girl

Thor Girl

This version of Thor first appeared in 2000’s Thor Vol.2 #22 and she had incredible cosmic powers. Thanos destroyed her home planet and in search of justice against him she teamed up with Thor to become a formidable duo against The Mad Titan.


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She would transform herself into an Asgardian deity and change her name to Tarene Olsen, Thor Girl. Most of her powers would become depleted when she fought Surtur but she retained her Asgardian powers.

15. Dargo Ktor

Dargo Ktor

In a future world that’s in ruins, specifically the year 2587, The Corporation rules over what remains of humanity. A group of rebels who are also followers of Thor is opposed to the way things are run. The rebels end up finding the mighty hammer Mjolnir and Dargo Ktor is the first to grab it. He becomes the new God of Thunder.

However, Mjolnir wouldn’t yield fully to its new master. So, while he had Thor’s powers, he had to work twice as hard just for the faulty Mjolnir to obey his commands. After leading a successful rebellion and restoring order to the world, he uses the hammer to open a portal and tosses it through so it can find its true master.

While he wasn’t Thor for long, Dargo deserves a spot on this list since he was able to wield a faulty Mjolnir and also because he was willing to abdicate the power of Thor.

14. Ultimate Thor

Ultimate Thor

Marvel’s Ultimate Universe gave rise to a powerful Thor character named Thorlief Golmen, a noteworthy political and social activist. He claimed he was an incarnation of the God of Thunder, but obviously, no one believes him. He’s labeled a loony and institutionalized in an asylum.

Fast forward and people are shocked to discover he wasn’t actually kidding. Wielding an ax that resembles Stormbreaker and later on the regular Mjolnir, this Ultimate Thor was one of the brave incarnations of the character but didn’t have the necessary skill set to be a more lethal version. For this reason, he ranks 14th on this list.

13. Ragnarok Thor

Ragnarok Thor

This version of Thor makes an appearance during the Civil War storyline. Ragnarok is a cyborg who was created from the original Thor’s DNA by two of the most brilliant minds in comic book history, Tony Stark and Reed Richards.

Though Ragnarok had most powers similar to Thor, he lacked the full extent of the real Thor’s strength. Because of this, he was easily overpowered by the Avengers. Ragnarok wielded a hammer, though it wasn’t mystical like Mjolnir. Instead, it was made of adamantium and vibranium, so still powerful.

The downside of having a clone Thor is that he was psychotic, murderous, and lacked the empathy and goodness of the original Thor.

12. Thunderstrike


Another version of Thor was Eric Masterson, who appears in 1989’s Thor #408. He would later on go by the name of Thunderstrike. You see, Masterson was mainly Thor’s supporting character in the comics before he was incapacitated in a battle between Thor and a villain named Mongoose. After seeing that Masterson is on the verge of death, Thor prays to Odin to rescue the mortal.

Odin obliges and merges Thor with Masterson as it’s the only way to save him. Eventually, Odin separates them and banishes Thor. Odin gives Mjolnir to Masterson, and he becomes the new Thor. The Enchantress later manipulates Masterson to go after Thor’s love Sif and this angers Thor who ends up returning to Asgard. Even without his powers, Thor battles Masterson and defeats him, regaining his powers.

After learning that it was the Enchantress’ mischief, Odin gives Masterson an enchanted mace that grants him incredible powers like superhuman strength, flight, heightened reflexes, and increased agility. He names the mace Thunderstrike and using it could switch back and forth between his human and godly forms. This final version, Thunderstrike, was powerful but not quite like Thor.

11. War Thor

War Thor Volstagg

Volstagg is a loyal friend of Thor and usually fights alongside him as one of the Warriors Three. As part of the Congress of Worlds, Volstagg goes to Nidavellir which is suffering Malekith’s invasion. An attack was carried out while he was there. He witnesses the death of the children of Alfheim and is struck by grief and anger.

Ultimate Thor had lost his Mjolnir that tore through the multiverse portals after the events of Secret Wars saw the Marvel Multiverse fold in on itself. The enchanted hammer finds its way to Marvel Universe’s Asgard. Volstagg picks it up and becomes War Thor. He goes on a bloodthirsty rampage but is eventually stopped by Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor and Thor Odinson. War Thor later picks up Ultimate Mjolnir again and is instrumental in helping Asgard defeat Mangog.

10. Storm Thor

Storm Thor

Storm is one of the most powerful X-Men and for a time she proved even more powerful when she became worthy of lifting Mjolnir. This was in 1985’s X-Men Annual #9, when Loki gave her a version of Mjolnir, Stormcaster.


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Other versions of Orora Monroe have also acquired the power of Thor. The most memorable is Earth-904 Orora Munroe. During 2015’s Secret Wars, God Emperor Doom gathers an army of Thors from various universes to help him stay in charge. There was all manner of Thors in his employ including Dino-Thor, Groot Thor, Storm, among others. Storm the weather witch and the God of Thunder were a perfect pair, creating one of the most powerful Thor incarnations ever.

9. Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill 1

Another being to hold the mantle of Thor was none other than the Korbinite alien Beta Ray Bill. Bill separated Thor, who was Donald Blake at the time, from Mjolnir, proving he was worthy. Beta Ray Bill is one of the most menacing creatures we’ve ever seen on comic book pages so it only makes sense that he would make a powerful Thor version.

After Thor was separated from his powers and Bill becomes the new Thor, Odin declares that the two battle to the death to determine who is the rightful owner of Thor’s powers. Bill would show just how much of a skilled combatant he is as he defeats Thor.

However, instead of killing Thor, he spares his life showing he wasn’t as evil as his looks may perceive. Odin is surprised by this decision as he expected Bill to claim Thor’s powers without hesitation. Odin forges a weapon called Stormbringer for Bill which gives him god-like strength, effective immortality, and other superhuman abilities.

Beta Ray Bill’s powers match those of Thor in almost every way. The two would end up being friends and allies.

8. Jane Foster

Jane Foster

Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor has recently been introduced in the MCU in the movie Thor: Love and Thunder.

In the comics, Thor became unworthy of the powers of Mjolnir in the Original Sin event. While Thor is on a journey to rediscover himself, Jane Foster takes up the mantle of Thor. She acquires all of Thor’s powers and sets out to become a hero.

However, her human side is battling cancer. What’s worse, transforming into her Mighty Thor form only worsens the illness. However, Jane still chooses to become Thor whenever she’s needed, despite the effect on her health. Her indomitable will, genius intellect, and willingness to do good at all times make her one of the most beloved Thor incarnations ever.

7. Thor Odinson

Thor Odinson

Thor Odinson is the original Thor and wielded Mjolnir, fighting for the nine realms ever since his first appearance. This is without a doubt one of the most powerful versions of the character, from whom other versions stem. As the original, he probably deserves a place higher than this on the list but 7th will have to do since there are definitely more powerful versions.

For millennia, Thor has seen and won so many battles making him one of the most formidable beings in the Marvel Universe. Sure, he’s had his rock-bottom moments when he was stripped of his powers and declared unworthy. However, he always finds a way to come back better and stronger both with and without Mjolnir. Even when he doesn’t have his powers he’s always ready to fight for what is right.

6. Iron Hammer Thor

Iron Hammer Thor

In the Infinity Wars event, the universe folds in on itself. This creates an entirely new universe that differs greatly from the main universe. For starters, the characters of this new Warp World are mushed together to create entirely different ones. This is exactly how the next version of Thor came to be.

Now imagine a being with Thor Odinson’s incredible powers and Tony Stark’s genius intellect. This was Iron Hammer, aka Stark Odinson in the new world. This version had a mystical hammer and an enchanted suit of armor to boot which made him incredibly powerful. This version is definitely one of the most powerful because he paired the brains of Tony and the brawn of Thor, making for an incredible power combo. If Thor’s might ever failed him, then he had the genius intellect of Tony Stark to fall back on.

5. Destroyer Thor

Destroyer Thor

In one of the most epic runs of the character in the comics, Thor #381 introduced The Destroyer Thor. This version of Thor wears The Destroyer’s armor. This enchanted armor amplified Thor’s already superhuman powers to unimaginable levels. He gained an additional boost of superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and invulnerability.


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It even granted him the ability to fire extremely powerful bolts of heat, electricity, plasma, anti-matter, and magnetic force. In addition to this, Destroyer Thor could manipulate matter, reforming it in ways that fit him.

The downside of donning the Destroyer armor is that it had a negative influence on Thor, making him progressively violent.

4. Thor-El

Thor El

In the 90s, Marvel and DC collaborated on several occasions, beginning with Amalgam Comics. In the Unlimited Access crossover between the two franchises, we encounter Thor-El who is a fusion of Superman and Thor. So what happens when you combine two god-like beings from different universes, with varying abilities, but insane power levels?

You get a supremely powerful being who is almost unbeatable. If we’re talking strength alone, Thor-El easily surpasses imagination. Both Thor and Superman can lift upwards of 100 tons easily, much more in some cases. So, it only makes sense that Thor-El is this high on our list.

At the time the two were fusing, Superman was in a blue form, giving Thor-El his distinct blue exterior. Thor-El was truly a force to be reckoned with.

3. Cosmic King Thor

Cosmic King Thor

Galactus is one of Marvel’s most powerful beings and is most famously known as The Devourer of Worlds. To satiate his hunger and replenish his power levels, Galactus usually consumes planets. To do so, he finds scouts he calls Heralds, imbues them with the Power Cosmic, and sends them to find and ready planets for his consumption.

At one point in the comics, Galactus chooses Thor as his Herald and grants him the Power Cosmic thus elevating Thor’s powers even more. Luckily, Thor uses this power to defeat Galactus even after the latter had devoured several planets and moons to attain full power.

Cosmic King Thor is truly one of the strongest versions there is.

2. Rune King Thor

Rune King Thor

What would happen if Thor enhanced his powers and strength? Then you’d get one supremely powerful being whose strength is at an unparalleled level. To augment his strength, Thor seeks out his late father Odin so that he can inherit the Odinforce, a mystical energy source. It is infinite and grants him nigh omnipotence and a whole host of other powers.

He also gains the ability to use the mystical Rune stones which augment his wisdom and also increase his strength to insane levels. This turns him into the invincible Rune King Thor who was able to destroy Yggdrasil, effectively ending the Asgardian Ragnarok cycle.

1. Old King Thor

Old King Thor

First on this list is Old King Thor. He’s technically from Earth-14412 but his life force is tied to the main Marvel Universe Thor from Earth-616. This version of Thor views Earth-616 Thor as his past self and remarks that if that Thor succumbs, so does he. Old King Thor is the last All-Father and the ruler of Asgard, existing in a future where Asgard is destroyed, all other gods are dead, and the Earth and heavens are destroyed.

Few in the Marvel Universe are as overpowered as this character. After losing his arm, he fits one of The Destroyer’s arms on himself increasing his power even more. You should also recall that he inherited the Odinforce which later on became Thorforce. What’s more, after the defeat of Gorr the God Butcher, he claims the Necrosword for himself. 

All these combined with his many battles and experiences make him easily the most powerful Thor there ever was. Add the Phoenix Force which he merges with and you have one of Marvel’s most powerful beings.

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