Is Thundercats Roar A Bust Before It Even Launches?

Thundercats Roar

Last week I took a trip down Nostalgia Lane and gave discussion to the reasons that the G.I. Joe Snake Eyes movie would and wouldn’t succeed. Before I could even stretch and rest my fingertips I caught wind of another 80’s cartoon set to receive a new treatment. This time Warner Bros. is in the works to take us back to Thundera with a reimagining of everyone’s favorite scantily-clad felines, the Thundercats.

To say that it has left the world divided is an understatement. Go ahead, check it out all over social media. 


Third times a charm?

In 2011 Warner Bros did the same thing when they unleashed an updated version of the classic show. Unfortunately, even with an outcry of support, the show only lasted one season. 

I ask you if it failed 7 years ago, why try it again? And if Warner Bros is trying to redeem themselves why is there so much hatred for the unreleased Thundercats Roar? 

Look, I get it that it’s not the same and you know what, if you are looking for it to be, don’t hold your breath because it never will be. But what’s with the anger? 

Newsflash for all the haters, the executives are looking for one thing, the money, and to do so they have to keep up with what’s current. And what’s current isn’t 1980’s animation, Teen Titans Go! animation is what’s current. 

The new Thundercats is drawing inspiration from what is working and it absolutely should be. Teen Titans Go! has found a way to entice new fans with its style all-the-while paying its respects to the fans of old. And for all it’s worth, good on it!

Sure the style may be a little too whimsical for long-time fans, the 2011 reboot was certainly more beautiful from an artwork perspective and the artwork of Roar feels rushed and very generic but aren’t we all taught to not judge a book by its cover?

For the sake of my parents and kindergarten teacher, I say we give it a chance. 

It’s not time to hit the panic button…yet

Remember, Thundercats Roar is still remaining true to the original. Lion-o is still the leader, Mumm-ra is still set to wreak havoc, the Thundercats Lair, Thundertank and Mumm-ra’s tomb all play an important role. 

Above that, Snarf, Tygra, Panthro, and Cheetara are still at the beckoning call of Lion-O. The Sword of Omens still grows like an erection when Lion-o needs it to and they haven’t found how to make pants.

So I ask you to put these fears aside because, in this regard, Warner Bros has stood firm. And if you can’t, look to Robot Chicken and the way that it has parodied just about everything in existence and thrived doing so. 

They still remained true to the original

Laughter is the best medicine

Aside from the book and cover thing, I learned two things as a child. First, laughter is the best medicine. While, like mentioned, the 2011 reboot was good, it wasn’t funny. It dwelled too much on the seriousness of the situation and didn’t bring enough light-hearted goodness the original had. Perhaps it would have lasted longer if it had. I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer but the world could use more laughter and less bombs, threats, and explosions. 

Second, change is a good thing. Imagine, for a moment, how dull the world would be if things didn’t change. 

For one, I would be working on a farm or hunting for my meals if it didn’t. Neither of which sounds anything close to wonderful. Personally, I like change. It brings a sense of adventure to life. 

And if that doesn’t convince you to give up the hate…

Don’t watch it. If you want your voice heard, just don’t watch it. I promise you that nothing cancels a show more quickly than poor ratings. 

  1. Thundercats 2011
  2. The DCEU (although we aren’t quite there)
  3. Firefly (my brother still cries about this one)
  4. The Flash (1990’s version)

All of these became a casualty of people not giving a shit (except for Firefly…Fox can be blamed for that). So rather than litter the internet with complaints about something non-existent, be patient and when the time comes, don’t watch it.

Anyway, until the 2019 release, everything is up for debate. 

What do you think? Will Thundercats Roar be a success or will it not even get off the ground?



Oh, and by the way I love the 1980’s version of Thundercats. If you wanna check out my homage to it, here it is. Thundercats Ho!

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