Top 10 Most Feared Moon Knight Villains of All Time


As one of the most underrated characters in Marvel Comics, Moon Knight has a history that many can only hope for. His character is one of the most interesting and along with it, has some of the most interesting enemies. From Bushman to the Human Fly, Moon Knight has a rogues list that most haven’t heard of. And that’s why I’m here. When I sat down to compile a list of the greatest Moon Knight enemies, I had a hard time picking just 10. But alas I did and I’d like to present them to you. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 greatest and most feared Moon Knight enemies in existence.

10. The Profile

Marvel The Profile

With a truly odd power set, The Profile has become one of the most feared Moon Knight villains…ever. But he isn’t an enemy in the traditional sense. The Profile has, over his publication time, been both an ally and enemy to Moon Knight. On one occasion, he helped him win back his girlfriend. And on another, helped The Hood track him down.

The Profile’s power allows him to put a quick gaze on anybody and gain all prudent information about them. The information includes but is not limited to their background, tendencies, and characteristics. This means that with a quick look he can figure out who you are and decipher exactly how you will react to any given situation.

9. Stained Glass Scarlet

Stained Glass Scarlet

Scarlet Fasinera was a nun who, after being forced to kill her own son, took up a life as a vigilante. Growing up, she came from a home that included an abusive father. Wanting to free herself from his evil, she purposely took a lit cigarette to his bed and set it on fire. Once the flames were extinguished and believing Scarlet to be innocent, she was sent off to live with her aunt and uncle. 

Eventually, she married and the two had a son named Joseph. When her husband, who was involved in crime, was killed, Joseph took to a life of crime. As much as Scarlet wanted to save her son, she was unable to and instead was forced to kill him. After the death of her son, she began hunting down all those who helped him turn down the path of crime. When Moon Knight stopped her, her vendetta against him began.

8. Bullseye

When the name Bullseye is uttered most think of Daredevil. This is only partly accurate because Bullseye is also an enemy of Moon Knight. As one of, if not the most accurate marksman in Marvel, Bullseye is capable of turning any object into a deadly weapon. Not only could he hit any target he wishes, but he can do so without even looking at it. Bullseye is one of Marvel’s most sadistic characters and as such, isn’t afraid to watch his targets suffer before dealing a lethal blow. What makes Bullseye such a formidable foe is that of all the villains in Marvel, he’s only half driven by money. The other half is his desire to be the best.


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7. Seth Phalkon

Seth Phalkon

As far as Moon Knight enemies go, Seth Phalkon is one of the worst. Not only is he immortal, but he’s also able to drain the life force from any who he touches. This means that when he touches his enemies, he has the opportunity to leave them as nothing but a skeleton. There is, however, a caveat to this.

Seth’s power does not work on his relatives and Moon Knight is one of his known relatives. In the case of Moon Knight, rather than relying on his powers to win his battles, he relies on his heightened strength and durability. 

6. The Human Fly

The Human Fly Marvel

Created by Len Wein, Bill Mantlo, and Gil Kane, The Human Fly first appeared inside the pages of Amazing Spider-Man Annual #10 back in 1976. As one of the more unique characters in Marvel, The Human Fly is capable of flight, spewing acid, has superhuman strength and agility, and can crawl up walls.

While he was initially considered a villain of Spider-Man, The Human Fly caught Moon Knight’s vengeance the day that he broke his back. Like Batman, his back wouldn’t stay broken forever but the damage had been done. Since that day, The Human Fly has been and will forever be a target of Marc Spectre. 

5. Werewolf By Night

Werewolf by Night

Jacob (Jack) Russoff is the son of Laura and Gregor Russoff. As their son, he inherited his father’s ability to transform into a werewolf under the full moon. Whereas his father could only transform under a full moon, Jack could transform whenever he saw fit. It should be known that if the moon were full, the control Jack had over the werewolf would wain.


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As a werewolf, Jack possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, and durability. He can also heal from practically any wound and has razorsharp teeth and claws. What’s most interesting about the characters is that when he first appeared, Moon Knight was actually the villain and the Werewolf the hero.

4. Black Spectre

Black Spectre

Carson Knowles or Black Spectre is one of the greatest Moon Knight enemies of all time. Carson Knowles is a former Vietnam War veteran who, after returning home, learns that his wife has left him and his son was killed. Couple this with the fact that when he returned he couldn’t get a job, and Knowles began to seek revenge against the city that betrayed him.

He was inspired by the costumed vigilante, Moon Knight but rather than doing good in the world, he began a life of crime. This, of course, wouldn’t work out too well for him as time and again, Moon Knight was there to put a stop to his plans. 

3. Taskmaster 


It should come as no surprise that Taskmaster is on this list. As arguably the most learned fighter in comics, Taskmaster is an enemy to just about everyone. And that’s just the beginning. Not including his Photogenic Reflexes, which allow him to perfectly mimic anything he sees, Taskmaster is one of the most dangerous opponents in Marvel.

And why? Simple. Taskmaster can be bought by anyone if the price is right. Basically, Taskmaster isn’t loyal to anyone and will betray whomever he’s working for if the next person offers him more money. 

2. Randall Spector 

Randall Spector

Judging by his name, you’ve probably figured out that Randall is the brother of Marc. Although the two are brothers, they are as different as they come. For some time a murderer known as The Hatchet Man walked the streets murdering nurses. To get the Hatchet Man into revealing himself, Marc used his girlfriend, Marlene as bait. The trap worked and The Hatchet Man showed himself. Marc gave chase and quickly learned that his enemy was his brother.

In addition to the Hatchet Man, Randall has also gone by the name Shadow Knight. This, however, doesn’t change the fact that he is Marc’s brother. And it’s precisely this that makes him such a worthy opponent. Imagine, just for a second having to do battle with your sibling. Imagine having to do whatever it takes to bring them down. And imagine, watching them fall to the ground after you’ve delivered a devastating blow.

That feeling right there is what makes Randall a lock for this list.

1. Bushman

Raoul Bushman

Of all Moon Knight’s enemies, none are as well known as Raoul Bushman. In fact, Raoul Bushman was inadvertently responsible for Moon Knight’s creation. While working in Africa, Bushman and Marc Spector stumble upon the dig site of Dr. Alraune. Without so much as giving it a second thought, Bushman kills the Doctor.

Horrified by what he had just witnessed, Marc jumps in and attempts to save the doctor’s daughter. Feeling betrayed, Bushman beats Marc to within an inch of his life. Now clinging to life, Marc pulls his way to and collapses in front of the nearby Statue of Khonshu. And the rest, as they say, is history. Even though he possesses no actual powers, Bushman still has a lot to handle. He keeps himself in peak physical condition and is a master with most weapons. 

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