Two Exciting Characters to Reportedly Make an Appearance in ‘Beyond the Spider-Verse’

Two Exciting Characters to Reportedly Make an Appearance in Beyond the Spider Verse

One of the most notable animated superhero projects in recent years is definitely the ‘Spider-Verse’ franchise. The first movie ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ was a massive success, with the second movie’ Across the Spider-Verse’ breaking all kinds of records.

The film, the first from Sony Pictures Animation to hit theaters globally since ‘The Angry Birds Movie 2’ in 2019, received positive reviews and set various box office records. It outperformed its predecessor, grossing a whopping $690.5 million worldwide and becoming the third-highest-grossing film in the U.S. for 2023. Notably, it secured the title of Sony Pictures Animation’s highest-grossing film and earned Best Animated Film at the National Board of Review. The American Film Institute also recognized it as one of the top 10 films of 2023.

Recently, we’ve gotten a confirmation from Chris Miller that the third installment ‘Beyond the Spider-Verse’ is well into being developed although little about the actual plot of the movie was being discussed. Now Alex Perez in his recent Q&A gave us an insight into what kind of character we can expect to show up in the movie:

Supaidaman and Leopardon will be in Beyond the Spider-Verse.

Supaidāman is a Japanese Spider-Man to put it in simple terms. Takuya Yamashiro, a motocross driver and son of astrophysicist Dr. Hiroshi Yamashiro, became his reality’s Spider-Man through Spider Bracelet and Spider Extract after nearly dying. Takuya Yamashiro rarely appears without his faithful robot Leopardon.

Miles Morales’ Spider-Verse already introduced plenty of alternative Spider-People, and we’re looking forward to seeing Supaidaman as well.

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