We Might See Mahershala Ali in the MCU Before ‘Blade’ & Here’s Where

We Might See Mahershala Ali in the MCU Before Blade Heres Where

The rumors that ‘Blade’ franchise will be rebooted and the titular vampire slayer will be introduced to the MCU started back in 2016. Despite the studio regaining rights to the character in 2011, Feige was the first one to point out that there is some interest in developing a project around him, be it a live-action TV series or a movie.

Then we learned that Mahershala Ali approached the studio, he wanted to play Blade and he had the script ready. The project was greenlit but this is when the development hell began and for the last 9 years little is known about the plot of the movie and its details, however recent rumors point in the direction of it being rewritten once again, with Michael Green hired as a writer.

The movie was supposed to come out back in 2023 until it was delayed for nearly two more years, now being scheduled to release in November 2025. Mahershala reportedly almost walked away from the project, due to the excessive work needed to finally bring the iconic character to the MCU.


Mahershala Ali Comments on ‘Blade’: “We’re Working On It That’s the Best I Could Tell You”

But if the most recent rumors are correct we will see Mahershala in the role of Blade sooner rather than later. He is set to reportedly voice Blade in ‘Marvel Zombies,’ a non-canon MCU series loosely based on the comic storyline of the same name.

This is not surprising considering that CanWeGetSomeToast, a notable leaker and scooper yesterday published on X that Blade will play a massive role in the upcoming animated show. Little is known about the overall plot of the series, but Iman Vellani also confirmed a few months back that Ms. Marvel is one of the main characters.

The first season of ‘Marvel Zombies’ will consist of 4 episodes and is set to arrive sometime in 2024. The show marks the first spinoff from the popular animated series ‘What If…?’ that recently released its second season.

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