Rumors: ‘Blade’ Still Aiming for “R” Rating as Michael Green Is Rewriting the Script

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Marvel has plenty of projects bound to be released in the next few years, and we know that most of these projects have been stuck in a sort of limbo due to the historic SAG-AFTRA strike that paralyzed the whole industry as a whole, causing plenty of projects to be both delayed or altogether canceled. 

One extremely anticipated Marvel Studios project that had problems way before the strikes began is ‘Blade.’ It is an MCU-based movie following Eric Brooks, the most notable vampire hunter in comics, and a reboot of the already highly popular ‘Blade’ trilogy that contributed to paving the way for the MCU that we know today

Next to nothing is known about the ‘Blade’ movie besides the fact that Mahershala Ali proposed the project and will be playing the titular vampire hunter. The movie was originally supposed to come out in 2023, but the release date was pushed all the way to 2025 (so far) due to Ali not exactly being happy with the script.  

A couple of months ago Yann Demange, ‘Blade’ director, confirmed that the movie will be R-rated, the second movie in the MCU to hold that rating behind Deadpool 3. Honestly, there’s really no way around it the movie had to have that rating.

Then a few days ago rumor was going around that Mahershala Ali dropped out of the project completely due to the movie facing delays once again. Now Daniel Richtman, a notable scooper and leaker chimed in with his sources and claims that Mahershala Ali is pleased with the story so far, even though the movie is going through a lot of changes story-wise. Apparently, Michael Green was hired to do rewrites and they are aiming to conserve the “R” rating under any means necessary, something that Demange stated even several months ago.

Just a few months ago Ali almost walked away from the project due to more delays. As a reminder, the idea for the ‘Blade’ movie was his and he came to the studio with the script. However many fans pointed out that Ali is 50 years old at this point meaning there are limited years left during which he can portray action characters convincingly.


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‘Blade’ movie was supposed to be released back in 2023, but after a series of production problems and the SAG-AFTRA strike it’s been delayed by over 2 years, with the estimated release date being November 7, 2025. Considering the rumor that the movie is undergoing more changes, it’s safe to bet that the movie will be delayed some more.

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